3.1 Solving Quadratic Equations by Taking Square Roots

Algebra 2


Algebra 2 (Volume 2)

Chapter 12

Sequences And Series

Are You Ready?p.582
12.1Sequences and SeriesExercisesp.584
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.591
12.2Geometric SequencesExercisesp.599
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.605
12.3Geometric SeriesExercisesp.614
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.622
Study Guide Reviewp.630
Ready to Go On?p.631
Module 12 Mixed Reviewp.632

Chapter 13

Exponential Functions

Are You Ready?p.634
13.1Exponential Growth FunctionsExercisesp.636
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.643
13.2Exponential Decay FunctionsExercisesp.652
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.661
13.3The Base eExercisesp.668
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.674
13.4Compound InterestExercisesp.682
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.689
Study Guide Reviewp.698
Ready to Go On?p.699
Module 13 Mixed Reviewp.700

Chapter 14

Modeling With Exponential And Other Functions

Are You Ready?p.702
14.1Fitting Exponential Functions to DataExercisesp.704
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.713
14.2Choosing Among Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential ModelsExercisesp.722
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.731
Study Guide Reviewp.740
Ready to Go On?p.741
Module 14 Mixed Reviewp.742

Chapter 15

Logarithmic Functions

Are You Ready?p.744
15.1Defining and Evaluating a Logarithmic FunctionExercisesp.746
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.754
15.2Graphing Logarithmic FunctionsExercisesp.762
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.770
Study Guide Reviewp.778
Ready to Go On?p.779
Module 15 Mixed Reviewp.780

Chapter 16

Logarithmic Properties And Exponential Equations

Are You Ready?p.782
16.1Properties of LogarithmsExercisesp.783
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.790
16.2Solving Exponential EquationsExercisesp.800
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.804
Study Guide Reviewp.814
Ready to Go On?p.815
Module 16 Mixed Reviewp.816
Unit 6 Mixed Reviewp.817

Chapter 17

Unit-Circle Definition Of Trigonometric Functions

Are You Ready?p.824
17.1Angles of Rotation and Radian MeasureExercisesp.826
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.833
17.2Defining and Evaluating the Basic Trigonometric FunctionsExercisesp.841
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.847
17.3Using a Pythagorean IdentityExercisesp.854
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.858
Study Guide Reviewp.866
Ready to Go On?p.867
Module 17 Mixed Reviewp.868

Chapter 18

Graphing Trigonometric Functions

Are You Ready?p.870
18.1Stretching, Compressing, and Reflecting Sine and Cosine GraphsExercisesp.872
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.881
18.2Stretching, Compressing, and Reflecting Tangent GraphsExercisesp.891
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.898
18.3Translating Trigonometric GraphsExercisesp.907
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.915
18.4Fitting Sine Functions to DataExercisesp.924
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.930
Study Guide Reviewp.938
Ready to Go On?p.939
Module 18 Mixed Reviewp.940
Unit 7 Mixed Reviewp.941

Chapter 19

Introduction To Probability

Are You Ready?p.948
19.1Probability and Set TheoryExercisesp.951
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.956
19.2Permutations and ProbabilityExercisesp.962
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.966
19.3Combinations and ProbabilityExercisesp.974
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.978
19.4Mutually Exclusive and Overlapping EventsExercisesp.986
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.989
Study Guide Reviewp.998
Ready to Go On?p.999
Module 19 Mixed Reviewp.1000

Chapter 20

Conditional Probability And Independence Of Events

Are You Ready?p.1002
20.1Conditional ProbabilityExercisesp.1004
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.1007
20.2Independent EventsExercisesp.1015
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.1021
20.3Dependent EventsExercisesp.1032
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.1037
Study Guide Reviewp.1044
Ready to Go On?p.1045
Module 20 Mixed Reviewp.1046

Chapter 21

Probability And Decision Making

Are You Ready?p.1048
21.1Using Probability to Make Fair DecisionsExercisesp.1049
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.1054
21.2Analyzing DecisionsExercisesp.1059
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.1063
Study Guide Reviewp.1072
Ready to Go On?p.1073
Module 21 Mixed Reviewp.1074
Unit 8 Mixed Reviewp.1075

Chapter 22

Gathering And Displaying Data

Are You Ready?p.1082
22.1Data-Gathering TechniquesExercisesp.1084
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.1088
22.2Shape, Center, and SpreadExercisesp.1096
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.1103
Study Guide Reviewp.1112
Ready to Go On?p.1113
Module 22 Mixed Reviewp.1114

Chapter 23

Data Distributions

Are You Ready?p.1116
23.1Probability DistributionsExercisesp.1118
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.1123
23.2Normal DistributionsExercisesp.1132
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.1136
23.3Sampling DistributionsExercisesp.1143
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.1149
Study Guide Reviewp.1158
Ready to Go On?p.1159
Module 23 Mixed Reviewp.1160

Chapter 24

Making Inferences From Data

Are You Ready?p.1162
24.1Confidence Intervals and Margins of ErrorExercisesp.1164
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.1172
24.2Surveys, Experiments, and Observational StudiesExercisesp.1180
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.1187
24.3Determining the Significance of Experimental ResultsExercisesp.1194
Evaluate: Homework and Practicep.1200
Study Guide Reviewp.1212
Ready to Go On?p.1213
Module 24 Mixed Reviewp.1214
Unit 9 Mixed Reviewp.1215

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Algebra 2

Algebra 2

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Algebra 2

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