Alcohol Advertisements Promote Underage Drinking

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    The effects on alcohol and tobacco adverising

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                 Alcohol and tobacco are among the most heavily advertised products within the media industry, including magazine, newspaper, broadcast, and outdoor advertising (Pfleger Pp). According to a 2001 report, the six major tobacco companies spend approximately $6 billion annually on advertising and promotion in the United States alone (Pfleger Pp). Measured media is roughly $800 million a year for beer, $321 million for liquor, and $120 million for wine, and if sponsorships and promotions were added, these numbers would likely increase (Pfleger Pp). Despite legislation to curb tobacco and alcohol advertising, especially to youths, the companies are still getting their messages across to their targets.
    Following the broadcast ban on tobacco advertising in 1971, magazines have become an important medium for tobacco companies, who in 1999 is reported to have spent approximately $443 million on magazine advertising (Lancaster Pp). Research suggests that because magazines are targeted specifically to particular demographic groups, it is easier for advertisers, especially tobacco companies, to reach various segments of the population, including women and children (Lancaster Pp).
    As tobacco advertising campaigns became more targeted, smoking rates among targeted groups tend to increase, for example, tobacco companies began targeting women in the mid 1920's as more women began smoking and this trend strengthened in the 1960's when tobacco companies developed special marketing campaigns designed specifically for women (Lancaster Pp). Many believe that this same logic can be applied to targeting youth, as young people who report being aware of tobacco promotions are likely to be more susceptible to using tobacco products and begin smoking (Lancaster Pp). Moreover, cigarette ads use images of adventure, risk, and recreation, all of which tend to diminish perceived risks of smoking (Lancaster Pp). A 1998 study of the association…

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