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2018 Florida Adult Learner

Essay Book

The Florida Literacy Coalition is proud to announce the launch of the 14th Annual Adult Learner Writing Campaign!  Students from throughout Florida are invited to submit original short stories, poems, or autobiographical narratives to be included in a published book that will debut at the 2018 Florida Literacy Conference.

The goal of this book is to allow adult learners the opportunity to build confidence while also improving their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.  Organizational representatives can use this book as a way to promote how their programs are having a positive influence within their communities.

Adult learners and their tutors/teachers are encouraged to work together in writing, typing, editing, and submitting a written piece. We ask that completed essays be submitted along with the completed online form.

We are excited to announce several new essay topics this year! We recommend students choose from one of the following topics:

List of topics:

  • New! My Bravest Moment
  • New! The Best Advice I Have Ever Received
  • My Experience in Adult Education
  • A Turning Point in My Life
  • My Goals and Ambitions
  • My Favorite Place
  • Why Voting is Important to Me
  • How Life in my Home Country Differs from Life in the US
  • Someone I Admire
  • What the American Dream Means to Me
  • Personal Story
  • Original Poetry
  • My Favorite Day

Submissions should be no longer than 475 words. Space in the book is limited and entries will be edited for readability. Authors can choose to remain anonymous or have a short biographical paragraph included with their submission. Please limit to one submission per adult learner. Each author who is included will be invited to the Florida Literacy Conference and will also receive a free copy of the book. Free copies of the book will also be made available to all participating adult education and literacy programs. Please feel free to distribute this announcement widely throughout your program. 

Eligibility: FLC welcomes essays from current or recent students enrolled in adult basic education, GED, adult literacy or family literacy programs located in Florida.

Submission Deadline has been extended to February 16th, 2018.

Once the essay has been completed to the satisfaction of the student, please follow these steps:

  1. Follow this  link  to the online form. 
  2. Complete the form and attach the completed student essay and bio in a Microsoft Word document. This is done by using the Browse Button to find the essay document on your computer and then selecting the upload button.
  3. Once completed, click the submit button.
  4. A confirmation page will appear, confirming that we have received your submission.

For sample lesson plans, activities, and webinars on integrating writing into instruction, please visit FLC’s Writing Resource Page .  

To read previous editions of the adult learner essay book, visit our Essay Book Page .


Selecting the “Write” Tools and Strategies for New or Reluctant Writers
Presented by Jayme Adelson Goldstein
Date: December 14, 2017
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

If you have any questions please contact Karina Jimenez:  [email protected] .

This project is brought to you by the Florida Adult and Family Literacy Resource Center, a program of the Florida Literacy Coalition.

Made possible through the generous support of the Florida Department of Education, Division of Career and Adult Education .





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Application Essays for Florida’s State Universities

Start Braintstorming Today!

Posted on May 10, 2018 2:55:43 PM



girl typing college essay on bed - andrew-neel-609844-unsplash

If all of the schools in Florida’s State University System (SUS) accepted the same application with the same essay requirements, life would be so much easier for applicants. But they don’t — so it isn’t.

In fact, SUS schools accept a variety of application types, including their own institutional application, the Common Application, and the Coalition Application. While many schools accept the same application – Common or Coalition – some schools still have differing essay requirements. What we’ll do here is reduce the confusion caused by these variables.  

The Common Application is accepted by these four SUS colleges:

  • Florida Poly 
  • New College
  • UCF
  • UNF

However, essay requirements differ. Florida Poly and UNF require no essay, while New College requires the Common App’s Personal Statement. To complicate matters, UCF requires three essays if the Common App is used (but not the Common App’s Personal Statement), and only two essays if the school’s own application is used.

The Common App’s Personal Statement must be between 250 and 650 words, and the seven prompts from which to choose can be found here , but we’re going to focus on only one of them, #7, because it incorporates all of the others. It reads, “Share an essay on any topic of your choice. It can be one you’ve already written, one that responds to a different prompt, or one of your own design.” We consider it to be the applicant’s equivalent of a get-out-of-jail-free card or no-need-to-wrack-your-brain option — since you can write about anything meaningful you like, as long as it’s about you.

UCF_logoLet’s turn to UCF: If you use the school’s own application, you’re asked to select two of the following four prompts and write essays of up to 500 words combined (or 7,000 characters —which allows for lots more than 500 words):

  • If there has been some obstacle or “bump in the road,” in your academic or personal life, please explain the circumstances.
  • How has your family history, culture or environment influenced who you are?
  • Why did you choose to apply to UCF?
  • What qualities or unique characteristics do you possess that would allow you to contribute to the UCF community?

In addition, you’ll have four text boxes into which you can copy select sections of your résumé:

        Extracurricular activities

        Community service

        Talents and awards

        Programs or activities that helped you prepare for higher education (i.e. University Outreach, Talent Search, Upward Bound, Junior Achievement, 4-H, etc.)


If you use the Common App to apply to UCF, three essays are requested – but not the Common App’s Personal Statement. Each of the three has a 250-word maximum. Here are the prompts:

  1. Elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences.
  2. Why are you interested in UCF?
  1. Discuss your reasons for pursuing the academic program (major) selected above

In addition, you’ll be able to upload your résumé when you use the Common App to apply to UCF.

Note that UCF’s essays are all optional, regardless of which application platform you choose – but students are strongly encouraged to write all of them.

UF GatorThe Coalition Application is required by UF, and is accepted by FSU in lieu of its own application. The prompts for the five Personal Statement choices can be found here , including a get-out-of-jail-free alternative in prompt #5: “Submit an essay on a topic of your choice.”

The recommended maximum for the Coalition App’s Personal Statement is 550 words, but UF has a strict limit of 2,500 characters, including spaces. The 2,500 character limit is almost certain to allow fewer than 500 words, so that 2,500-character limit has to be kept in mind as one crafts the Personal Statement for UF.

Additionally, UF has the following supplementary questions, each with a 950-character limit, though “Not applicable” might apply for some of them:

  1. Description of your community service activities, including your role and level of responsibility in each
  2. Description of your work experience, including dates of employment, job titles, and time commitment
  3. Employment or family obligations that limit your participation in extracurricular activities
  4. Programs or activities that helped you prepare for higher education, such as University Outreach, Talent Search, Upward Bound, etc.
  5. Additional information you’d like the Admissions Committee to consider when reviewing your application

FSU logoApplicants who use FSU’s own application must choose one of five prompts — which are exactly the same as the five Coalition Application options, and can be found here (scroll down the page) — and write a 550-word maximum essay in response to it.

Regardless of which application you use to apply to FSU, you can upload a one- or two-page résumé.

FAMU has a required 500-word-maximum essay in response to this prompt: “What qualities or unique characteristics do you possess that would allow you to contribute to the university community?”

SUS schools that don’t require application essays for non-Honors College admissions are listed below, though the latter two do allow for an optional essay:

  • FAU
  • FGCU
  • FL Poly
  • UNF
  • USF
  • UWF

FIU requires two essays for Honors College applicants, a 500-word essay responding to one of three prompts, and a 300-word personal statement responding to this: “Why I want to join the Honors College.

While FAU doesn’t require an essay from its Honors College applicants, application instructions on its website read, in part: 

“To strengthen your Honors College application for admission and scholarship consideration, we encourage you to submit a résumé and academic research paper.

  • Résumé: Include extracurricular activities, community involvement, work experience, honors and awards. 
  • Academic Research Paper: Recent academic paper that shows research and critical thinking. Paper should be typed, at least 500 words, with teacher comments and a grade if available.”

While this blog couldn’t possibly cover everything related to application essays and SUS schools, we think that it delivers salient information, and we encourage you to contact us by phone (561-241-1610) or email if you’d like our help in crafting winning application essays.

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