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Are you starting your first online college class?

– OR –

you tried online learning, and it didn’t go well?



You’re in the right place!

Ace Your Online Class is an online course designed for college students taking ‘for-credit’ coursework for post-secondary degrees in Associates, Bachelors, Graduate, and Certificate programs.

Ace Your Online Class is particularly helpful for students who struggle with learning difficulties, such as issues with paying attention, memorization, and focus/concentration. It is also a great option for students returning to school later in life for a second degree, and have never taken online classes before.


How will I benefit from taking your course?

Become familiar with common terms and key components of online college classes

Become familiar with common terms and key components of online college classes

Understand how to navigate around your online class, or where to get help if you struggle.

Ace Your Online Class is for students who:

  • Are unsure of what to expect when it comes to online learning
  • Feel intimidated about taking classes over the Internet
  • Struggled with time management and procrastination issues in the past
  • Are willing to put in the hard work, but just need a blueprint for success!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included?

  • 30 HD-Quality, closed captioned videos totaling over 3.5 hours broken out into small,easy-to-watch chunks
  • Overview sheet containing a short summary of topics for each video
  • ‘Challenge of the Day’ for each video, for those looking to maximize their online success
  • Resource links for select areas in order to learn more
  • Chapter Quizzes and Video Transcripts coming soon!
  • That’s a lot of content! Won’t it overwhelm me just like the class I’m trying to ace?

  • Nope! This course is structured very simply to make it super easy to approach, working through it a little bit at a time.
  • What do you mean? Tell me more about how the course is structured.

  • The suggested instructions are to watch one video every day for 30 days, You’ll also read the 1-page Overview sheet that goes along with that day’s video. That’s it!
  • For better/faster results, complete the daily Challenge of the Day, also listed on the Overview sheet
  • How long are the videos?

  • The shortest video is 3 min, 42 seconds long. The longest one is 10 minutes, 43 seconds. The average video length is approximately 7 minutes.
  • Why did you create Ace Your Online Class?

  • I’m a University Instructor who has seen too many good students struggle with online learning in college, and wanted to do something for them. After searching around for a great resource and coming up empty, I decided to make something myself!
  • © Copyright 2016. ACE Your Online Class, LLC

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