Beginning Ballet: Learn the structure and distinct parts of ballet class

Beginning Ballet: Learn the structure and distinct parts of ballet class

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Classes you have time for! Online ballet class videos

Online ballet class videos to help you improve on your own.


The purpose of online ballet class videos

Instructional online ballet class videos make learning classical ballet more accessible to you.  The purpose of my blog is to share my knowledge and experience. However, I do not believe that ballet class videos should replace studio ballet training but should be used as a supplementary learning tool. Frankly, sometimes we may have to miss class and having an online class series available can be very helpful!men adult ballet

Private lessons are not accessible to everyone. It is in this setting where my students really grasp the concepts the most quickly. The ATTENTION is tailored to their body, mind, and spirit. I mention this because most of my videos have been inspired and directed by my private lessons with various students. They are constantly challenging me and vice versa.


  • Beginning Ballet Barre Class 1
  • Beginning Ballet Center Class 1
  • Beginning Ballet The Complete Class 2
  • Intermediate Pointe & Pirouette Class 1
  • The Bluebird Pointe Variation Learn at Home
  • Ballet Floor Barre 1  
  • Ballet Floor Barre 2
  • Beginning Pointe Class
  • Ballet Conditioning Workout with mini-bands

The Beginner’s Ballet Toolbox

                            and The Intermediate’s Ballet Toolbox

Online ballet video previews

  • YouTube Ballet Floor Barre 1 Preview
  • YouTube Ballet Floor Barre 2 Preview
  • YouTube Beginning Ballet Complete Class 2 Preview
  • You Tube Beginning Ballet Center Class 1 Preview
  • You Tube Beginning Ballet Barre Class 1 Preview
  • You Tube Intermediate Pointe & Pirouette Class 1 Preview
  • You Tube “Get Strong & Beautiful Ballet Feet” e-book Introduction

online ballet class videos

Who will benefit from these courses?

  • late-starters in ballet
  • dancers with injuries
  • adult ballet students
  • pre-pointe students
  • beginning pointe students
  • beginning ballet students of any age
  • ballet teachers
  • intermediate pointe students
  • any dancer pressed for time and convenience

What can I learn from these ballet class videos?

All my ballet tip videos are designed to aid in your understanding of difficult topics like:

  • turnout
  • foot strength
  • barre steps
  • center steps
  • pointe work
  • ballet conditioning
  • flexibility
  • jumps
  • turns
  • ballet vocabulary and concepts
  • for most people, VISUAL is easier than print!
  • and build confidence!

Ballet-at-home classes can be watched anytime.

These are videos will be available to purchase and watch as many times as you wish! The price is extremely reasonable since you can take the class as many times as you wish, in the convenience of your home or studio.

Nationwide, studio ballet class prices run from $16-20. My private coaching is much higher per hour.  I recommend repeating each class at least six times before progressing onto another class. The course includes online assistance as I will answer your technique questions via e-mail and on my  Facebook page.

Can I purchase the videos as a package?

Yes, you can buy the ballet videos as a package geared to your level or individually. Individual prices range from $10-20 each. These classes are also available as packages for Beginners and Intermediate Ballet levels are a bundled discounted price.

Beginning Ballet Video Program
For the Beginning or Intermediate full program with extra perks, click image to find out more!
Intermediate Pointe Pirouette Class
Click on this image to purchase this video!


Preview on youtube

Click on the image below to check out my free ballet tip videos on You Tube! Here is my Ballet Class playlist with excerpts from my Ballet-At-Home video series.

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