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Causes and Effects of the Popularity of Fast food Restaurant and Fast …

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Home Cause and Effect: Home Cause and Effect: Fast Food

Cause and Effect: Fast Food

This is a cause-and-effect essay about fast food – how it become so popular and what its effects have been. It uses 4 paragraphs and a 3-7-7-3 layout (three sentences in the introduction, seven in the causes paragraph, seven in the effects paragraph, and three in the conclusion).

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In the past people in the United Arab Emirates used to eat healthy, freshly prepared food with their families in the home.


Today however, many people, particularly young people, prefer to eat fast food such as hamburgers, fried chicken, shawarma, or pizza.

Thesis Sentence

There are many reasons why this change has occurred, but this essay will also outline the serious effects of this move towards fast food on individuals and society.

Causes: Topic Sentence:

There are many reasons for the popularity of fast food.

Cause 1:

One of the main reasons is the change in lifestyle.

Example 1a

Many people in the UAE are working long hours, shifts, or extended school days. They don’t have time to find ingredients or prepare good food.

Example 1b

Women are now starting to work in the Emirates, and this can result in less time being available for preparing family meals.

Cause 2:

Another cause is the huge number of young, affluent people in the United Arab Emirates.


The rapid development of the country has meant that young people, who comprise over 75% of the population, have money to spend.

Cause 3:

A third reason is advertising.


The UAE is a modern, free-market country, with all forms of media such as the Internet and satellite television, and people like to try new products and different kinds of fast food.

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Topic Sentence:

However, this change in diet can have some serious effects.

Effect 1:

One effect is on health.

Example 1:

Many individuals in the UAE are becoming obese.These people will be less productive and have conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Effect 2:

Another result of fast food culture is the loss of the family tradition of eating together.

Example 2:

Children and adults rarely eat together now, and thus get less opportunity to talk.

Effect 3:

A further effect is on the economy.

Example 3A:

Although fast food is not very expensive, it is more expensive than cooking properly for yourself.

Example 3B:

Many of the fast-food companies are franchisees of foreign corporations, so profits leave the country.


In conclusion, fast food, although it is convenient and a tasty addition to a diet, can have serious health and social effects.

Future statement:

People should learn to choose fast food carefully and remember the pleasure of eating good food in good company.

Click to see the outline for this essay .

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    Fast Food’s Impact On Your Health, The Economy, And Ethical Values

    Some food for thought before heading out to McD or Wendy’s for your fast and convenient meal.

    Mariana Gaviria

    Mariana Gaviria

    Oct 22, 2016





    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “more than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) and approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese.” But, this alarming statistic is just an appetizer (pun intended) of how fast food affects to the American society. Eric Schlosser, a polemic writer known for his book Fast Food Nation, depicts the depravity of the fast food industry. While explaining the minutia about how the fast food industry is turning into a manufacturing industry, instead of staying a service industry, Schlosser gives a new meaning to fast food restaurants. He believes that manufacturing fast food is changing the American culture for the worse, by creating a society that wants everything now and wants it fast. Moreover, he expresses his concern for the behavior of an industry that does not realize the collateral damage it creates, for the whole purpose of profit. Although his book was written a number of years ago, I agree with Schlosser, and I believe that fast food has a negative impact not only on people’s health, but also on the economy and on the ethics of society.

    When it comes to our health, fast food detriments it in so many ways. With more than one-third of the population being overweight, obesity is in the race for being America’s number one cause of death, its sponsor being fast food. Fast food advertising, which in most instances targets children, promotes binging in meals that are more than a thousand calories, or portion sizes of 24 chicken tenders, when the recommended portion is less than two. With this in mind, when kids grow to adore this kind of food, their taste buds tend to abhor natural, organic, and slow-cooked foods, which results in the ingestion of more fats and sugars than protein and greens. When a person is overweight, there is an increased risk of developing numerous diseases, from diabetes to cardiac and pulmonary problems. Some people may argue that obesity already existed before fast food restaurants started to establish themselves in the industry, even before McDonald’s was in the picture. However, in less than fifty years, the ratio of overweight adults changed to more than one out three Americans. Moreover, genetically modified ingredients, such as the corn with which cattle are fed, provide fast food restaurants with food that looks thicker, richer, and more colorful, but in reality is full of toxins, antibiotics, and carcinogens.

    The fast food industry also denigrates the economy. McDonalds, for instance, has a reached a point where they are no longer part of the service industry; they are now part of the manufacturing industry. There is a systematic line of production, both in the factory and in the restaurant, that is still run by human beings; yet, the need to speed up the production process even more and get the cheapest labor available to make the most profit may soon be replacing those human beings with machines. Schlosser talks about the interests of McDonalds, for instance, on becoming part of the manufacturing industry. If the fast food giants become part of the manufacturing industry, it would seem that our country is a strong manufacturer to the eyes of the global economy. This might benefit the country, yes, but at the same time those fast food giants will be enjoying the tax breaks of the manufacturing industry, which are supported by their friends in the Republican Party.

    Now, let’s take a look at fast food’s ethical impact on our society. First, fast food chains target children when advertising. McDonalds, for instance, not only awards children with a toy for eating their Happy Meal, but also hypnotizes them to believe that the clown’s food tastes better than their mother’s home-cooked food. In most fast food commercials, there is a kid enjoying a meal with their parents at the establishment; for small kids, who may not realize that what they see on television is fiction, eating at these places is the thing to do. The American Psychological Association further explains that children not only cannot differentiate between programming and advertising, but also may not understand that the goal of advertisement is to convince them to do something. This contributes to the growing culture of wanting things fast and cheap. Kids can be experts at demanding things immediately, and their parents usually please them. However, parents are no different, since they are always looking for ways to feed the whole family with what requires the less effort: fast food. With fast food restaurants at hand, families start to believe that it is faster, easier, cheaper, and better to feed themselves on these establishments rather than to cook at home.

    With this new popular wave of healthy eating and veganism, fast food chains are forced to modify their menus. McDonalds and Wendy’s, for example, offer low calorie salads in moderated sizes that could somehow be better than the three-portion in a plate size served at diners and independently owned restaurants. Ultimately, however, the only ones responsible for the negative consequences is the consumer and society. A society that is not educated enough and fails to see that a smaller portion size and a salad cannot make up for the unhealthy consequences that genetically modified ingredients have on people’s bodies, such as antibiotic resistance.

    Schlosser adds to his argument that the main goal is to have food that will look and taste the same all around the globe. The industry looks forward to reaching every American home, with careless thought of what this massive movement may cause. The consequences are devastating: human health is jeopardized, the economy is burdened, and the values and morals are exchanged for money. The way fast food restaurants provide food is no longer providing a service, but providing manufactured goods. Even though food looks like it was a generation ago, it is not the same at its core, and mass-producing it has proven detrimental to society, bringing too much negative effects on life. Food is no longer natural or local; on the contrary, it is manmade and global.

    Cover Image Credit:
    Fast Food Nation

    Mariana Gaviria

    Mariana Gaviria

    Oct 22, 2016

    At Berkeley, California

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    Every LaCroix Addict Went Through These 17 Stages First

    Home is where the LaCroix is.

    Nicole Borneman

    Nicole Borneman

    Oct 30, 2017





    Most people fall into three categories: 1) Those who love LaCroix 2) Those who hate it and 3) The few who live in ignorance, having never tasted it.

    This one goes out to the LaCroix lovers–the few, the bold, the strong. The ones who rose amongst the ranks, from the moment they first tasted the crisp bubbles and hated it, to proclaiming their love from the rooftops. Cheers to us.

    1. You see everyone drinking LaCroix and become curious

    What is this mysterious, colorful beverage that I see people drinking everywhere? At work, at school, on the bus, at Target…if that many people are drinking it, it must be good.

    2. You buy your first case of LaCroix

    Deciding on a flavor is overwhelming: there are so many! Where to start? (I started with Orange.)

    3. You taste LaCroix

    You don’t know what you expected, but it definitely wasn’t this…It’s so fizzy!

    4. You hate LaCroix

    How do people drink this?!?! It tastes absolutely horrible. It tastes like nothing…but also like ass, all at the same time.

    5. You vow to never drink LaCroix again

    That case was a waste because I’m never drinking it again. I swear, I will pour the cans down the sink.

    6. You try LaCroix again

    Okay, I must be doing something wrong. Everyone loves it. I’ll give it another go.

    7. You force yourself to drink LaCroix

    Okay, just take another sip. You can do it. Now another. Get to the bottom of that can!

    8. You start to like LaCroix

    Okay, it isn’t that bad. Plus, it’s zero calories, zero sweeteners, zero sodium…just carbonated water and natural essence! It’s GOOD for me.

    9. You buy at least one case of LaCroix every time you go to the store

    If it’s in the fridge, I’ll avoid reaching for a can of soda or another sugary drink. Plus, it’s a healthy mixer for alcoholic beverages.

    10. You tell your family and friends about LaCroix

    “Mom, you’ve got to try this! It’s so good.”

    11. You laugh when they say it’s disgusting, because you know they’re missing out

    Ah, ignorance is bliss. “I used to think so too. Trust me, it grows on you.”

    12. You drink LaCroix every day

    If I don’t have a can of LaCroix with my lunch, I feel like I’m missing something.

    13. You have become *THAT* person who is always drinking a can of LaCroix

    I take it to class, on the bus, in my car, while I’m shopping…It’s basically attached to my palm.

    14. You consider investing in LaCroix stock

    I mean, I drink it so much, I might as well.

    15. You panic when the store is out of your favorite flavor

    What?! How they can be out of Tangerine? And Cran-Raspberry? The audacity.

    16. You want to cry when you crack open your last can

    Looks like it’s time to go to the grocery store.

    17. You cannot imagine your life without LaCroix

    LaCroix, my friend, it was a perilous journey, but I have fallen completely and hopelessly in love with you.

    I think we can all agree:

    Cover Image Credit:

    Nicole Borneman

    Nicole Borneman

    Oct 30, 2017

    At University of Minnesota Twin Cities

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    Our planet is beautiful, please keep it so!!!!!


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    11 Meals You Can Make In A Mason Jar Because Who Needs To Be Bothered With Real Dishes?

    It’s time to ditch the bowls and plates.

    Cheyenne Mobley-De Rosalia

    Cheyenne Mobley-De Rosalia

    Sep 4, 2018





    Food in jars is all the rage, and it’s easy to see why. There’s no messy clean-up, and let’s be honest, they’re aesthetically pleasing. It’s all I see scrolling through Pinterest. So here is a list of my favorite food recipes that can now be truly Instagram worthy. Jar not included.

    1. Cinnamon Apple Pie Overnight Oats

    Cinnamon Apple Overnight Oats

    Cinnamon Apple Pie Overnight Oats {Oatmeal}

    Do you love Apple Pie but not the extra sugar and calories? This is your perfect breakfast! Recipe here.

    2. Strawberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats

    Strawberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats

    Strawberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats

    Another dessert for breakfast recipe and I love how healthy it is! The greek yogurt has tons of protein and the chia seeds are basically a superfood-great source of antioxidants, omega-3, calcium, iron, and even more protein! Recipe here .

    3. Birthday Cake Overnight Oats

    Birthday Cake Overnight Oats

    Birthday Cake Overnight Oats

    You’ll have to run to your local GNC or even scroll through Amazon for two of the ingredients, but this yummy treat is less than 250 calories. With Sprinkles! Recipe here .

    4. Sausage, Spinach, & Pepper Omelette In A Jar

    Sausage, Spinach, & Pepper Omelette In A Jar

    Sausage, Spinach & Pepper Omelette In A Jar (Low Carb)

    No oats here, let’s change it up! This one is made of yummy sausage, cheese, spinach, peppers, and mushrooms. You can substitute any veggies you want, but this specific concoction clocks in at around 300 calories! Recipe here .

    5. Salted Caramel Iced Coffee

    Salted Caramel Iced Coffee

    Salted Caramel Iced Coffee

    Okay, okay. It’s not food. But save that trip to Starbucks and make your own delicious start to the day! Recipe here .

    6. Bacon & Eggs, Topped With Avocado, Tomato & Basil

    Bacon And Eggs In A Mason Jar Topped With Avocado, Tomato, & Basil

    I’m biased to this one because I loved all of the ingredients. This combo won’t only be tasty, it’ll keep you full! Recipe here .

    7. Cereal Yogurt Parfaits 

    Apple Jacks, Froot Loops, and Frosted Flakes Yogurt Parfaits In A Jar

    Cereal Yogurt Parfait – Breakfast Recipe & Tutorial

    This has busy mornings with kids written all over it! Just grab your favorite cereal, yogurt, and fruit! How to here .

    8. Chicken Pot Pie (In Mason Jars!)

    Chicken Pot Pie In A Mason Jar

    Making these cute little pies in the jars makes portion control easy! Recipe here .

    9. Pizza In A Jar

    Pizza In A Mason Jar

    Pizza in a Jar

    Mamma mia! What can’t you put in a glass contraption? Recipe here .

    10. Roasted Tomato Caprese Salad

    Caprese Salad In A Jar

    Roasted Tomato Caprese Mason Jar Salad

    Mozzarella, tomato, and oregano make this salad perfect for lunch or dinner! Recipe here .

    11. Chili With Cornbread Topping

    Chili In A Jar With Decor


    For cold winter nights, or pretty much anytime you want! Recipe here .

    Cheyenne Mobley-De Rosalia

    Cheyenne Mobley-De Rosalia

    Sep 4, 2018

    At Millennials of New Jersey

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    • causes and effects of fast food consumption Essay

    causes and effects of fast food consumption Essay

    707 Words
    Dec 4th, 2013
    3 Pages

    Show More

    Leticia Jackson

    The Causes and Effects of Fast Food Consumption
    Often times many wonder what drives an individual to eat fast food. Thinking about the numerous amount of calories sin each fast food meal one would choose not to eat such a thing. There have been studies that have shown that the amount of fast food consumption has grown tremendously in the last couple of years. There are many causes of people eating such foods; such as, lack of knowledge on what people are consuming, lacks of time to cook, and stress eating. Some effects include obesity, health problems, and in severe cases death.
    When talking about what causes an individual to consume such food one really has to determine whether or not people actually know what

    …show more content…

    Many people find themselves consuming certain things when they are stressed out such as fast food. There is one specific case that is very personal. I know an individual who consumes food when he is stressed or is unhappy. Many people have made food their happiness. Food is good in moderation and in the right portion sizes. Most individuals do not take this into consideration when they are consuming food.
    Stress eating directly relates to three effects of fast food. These are obesity, health problems, and if very severe even death. There have been many instances that obesity has been known to come from over consumption of fast food. Many people do not realize until damage is done what they are doing to their bodies. Supersize me is a great example of how badly you could be effected by the fast food you consume and tremendous levels. Childhood obesity has become greater because of the vast consumption of these fatty foods. A study done by Robert W. Jeffery, scientifically proves that eating at fast food restaurants is associated with childhood obesity. This source also states that fast food restaurants were negatively associated with vegetable consumption and physical activity.
    Many individuals have developed health problems as a result of consuming fast food. Some include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and even heart disease. Many of the foods that are eaten from fast food restaurants are high in , cholesterol, sugar and trans fat.

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