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Train with EC-Council

Cybersecurity professionals are often overworked and typically have less than funds available for training. EC-Council online learning is the perfect solution for the busy Cybersecurity professional offering the most flexible online training solutions.

World Class Training

EC-Council’s online learning solution is built 100% in-house. We select the best real world instructors available in the market. With an internal studio and development team we are able to focus on designing the highest quality online cyber security training programs available anywhere in the world.

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Cutting Edge Technology

EC-Council partners with the best technology providers to bring you the highest quality learning experience around. From our global content delivery networks for seamless, lag-free video training, to our fully automated robust online cyber range, your experience with EC-Council online learning is guaranteed to be top-notch.

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Trusted Certifications

EC-Council certifications are trusted across the globe. As a “go-to” certification for the United States Department of Defense, governments and corporations around the world trust EC-Council certifications to equip their cyber security teams with the skills necessary to defend their most important assets.

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Mobile Training Options

We offer our courses on various tablets to give students an offline mobile training option. The EC-Council STORM is our mobile security tool kit which is loaded with a custom Kali Linux OS & 100+ open source hacking tools. If that isn’t enough, we pre-load your certification course & ship it to your doorstep!

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Cyber security training available from anywhere, anytime, online or in person.

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Featured Product

Mobile Security Tool kit

​The Storm Mobile Security Toolkit is mobile training on a versatile, portable Raspberry Pi-based, touchscreen, tailor-made system. It is a customized, customizable*, fully-loaded pen test platform! The Storm comes equipped with a customized distro of Kali Linux and the course of your choice (or 2) on the device. Take your CEH training with you. Take your hacking by Storm!

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Come Experience the Newest Certified Ethical Hacker

Globally Recognized, ANSI Certified, Premier Ethical Hacking Certification!

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iLearn is an asynchronous, self-study environment which delivers EC-Council’s sought after IT Security training courses, such as Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), in a streaming video format.

All lectures are pre-recorded and delivered by one of our top, professional practitioners to assure you receive a real-world perspective on the course concepts by the people who do the job!


This solution is a live, online, instructor-led training course which means you can attend a course with a live instructor from anywhere with an internet connection. Our Virtual Classroom training combines our live, virtual cyber range, real-world instructors, content, exercises and peer collaboration to give you the best chance at certification and the biggest return on your investment.

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EC-Council iLabs allows students to dynamically access a host of Virtual Machines preconfigured with vulnerabilities, exploits, tools, and scripts from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our simplistic web portal enables the student to launch an entire range of target machines and access them remotely with one simple click. It is the most cost effective, easy to use, live range lab solution available.

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  • Evernote Hack : How 50 Million Accounts Were Compromised : A Step by Step Account
  • Tracking Hackers using HoneyDocs
  • Thwarting Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Recent Security Breaches

Who Uses EC-Council Online Learning


What our Clients Say

This is an exhaustive list of vulnerabilities, exploits and tools, and the sequence, CND, CEH, ECSA uses repetition, practice and depth of discussion that is amply sufficient for someone having a Security+ level of knowledge to complete CEH and attempt ECSA. I say “Attempt,” because the ECSA needs at least two weeks of 10-hour days of focused time, just to complete the first 15 lectures and labs. A very good program.

Paul L. Redd | Senior Regional Technical Trainer | New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Baltimore

The class was small, focused, and led by a phenomenal instructor, Joe Voje. (The instructor, the key to the whole experience in my opinion, was fantastic.) The materials were great. Student handbook and the slides were well done, cohesive, and easy to follow. The material itself is excellent in that it provides an excellent balance between the frameworks, the requisite knowledge of those frameworks, and the need to align with the business. While the CISSP is an extraordinary volume of material, essentially a carpet bombing of all things security, this course is focused in the much needed “how to run the program.

Matt Halsey, CISSP, PMP, CSM Proj Prog Mgmt Sr. Advisor, Support & Delivery Services Dell EMC | Dell Data Security

The Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI) certification has been instrumental in assuring both my company and our clients that my skillset is among the elite in the cyber security and response profession. The CHFI allows my company to readily identify to our DoD clients that our team is trained to perform the rigorous functions required of cyber threat response team. Our company can now better brand our capability to investigate cyber security incidents, perform computer/malware forensic analysis, identify active threats, and report our findings.

Brad W. Beatty, Cyber Security Analyst, Booz Allen Hamilton, USA

I took my Certified Ethical Hacker exam this past Saturday and successfully passed! I found the online lectures to be extremely effective. They are organized and outlined in a perfect way and I found that every topic was explained comprehensively and from all angles making it very easy to learn and apply all the material.

Erik De Monte, Binghamton University

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Evolve e-Learning Solutions

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Computer & Network Security

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

$279.00 / Learner

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The Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH) training course enables students to identify, counter and defend hackers from penetrating networks and gaining access to vital information. This will allow students to deploy proactive countermeasures and in turn, stay ahead of information security developments and exploited vulnerabilities. With this certification, professionals will gain a valuable credential commanding an average salary of over $100,000 per year. This course is also the prerequisite for the CHFI certification which will expand on the hacking techniques and lead into the area of cyber forensics and investigation. Topics included in this course are: DDOS Attacks, Detection, Policy Creation, Social Engineering, Virus Creation and Buffer Overflows to name a few.

Course Syllabus

Course Introduction

Module 1: Intro
1.1 Intro- Part 1

1.2 Intro- Part 2

1.3 Intro- Part 3
1.4 Intro- Part 4
1.5 Intro- Part 5
1.6 Intro- Part 6
1.7 Intro- Part 7
1.8 Intro- Part 8
1.9 Intro- Part 9
1.10 Intro- Part 10
1.11 Pretest- Intro
1.12 Questions
1.13 Pretest- Summary
1.14 Intro To Ethical Hacking- Part 1
1.15 Intro To Ethical Hacking- Part 2
1.16 Intro To Ethical Hacking- Part 3
1.17 Intro To Ethical Hacking- Part 4
1.18 Intro To Ethical Hacking- Part 5
1.19 Intro To Ethical Hacking- Part 6
1.20 Intro To Ethical Hacking- Part 7
1.21 Intro To Ethical Hacking- Part 8
1.22 Intro To Ethical Hacking- Part 9

Module 2: Footprinting & Reconnaissance
2.1 Footprinting And Reconnaissance- Part 1
2.2 Footprinting And Reconnaissance- Part 2
2.3 Footprinting And Reconnaissance- Part 3
2.4 Footprinting And Reconnaissance- Part 4
2.5 Footprinting And Reconnaissance- Part 5
2.6 Footprinting And Reconnaissance- Part 6
2.7 Footprinting And Reconnaissance- Part 7
2.8 Footprinting And Reconnaissance- Part 8
2.9 Footprinting And Reconnaissance- Part 9

Module 3: Scanning Networks
3.1 Scanning Networks- Part 1
3.2 Scanning Networks- Part 2
3.3 Scanning Networks- Part 3
3.4 Scanning Networks- Part 4

Module 4: Enumeration
4.1 Enumeration- Part 1
4.2 Enumeration- Part 2
4.3 Enumeration- Part 3
4.4 Enumeration- Part 4
4.5 Enumeration- Part 5

Module 5: System Hacking
5.1 System Hacking- Part 1
5.2 System Hacking- Part 2
5.3 System Hacking- Part 3
5.4 System Hacking- Part 4
5.5 System Hacking- Part 5

Module 6: Trojans & Backdoors
6.1 Trojans And Backdoors- Part 1
6.2 Trojans And Backdoors- Part 2
6.3 Trojans And Backdoors- Part 3

Module 7: Viruses & Worms
7.1 Viruses And Worms- Part 1
7.2 Viruses And Worms- Part 2
7.3 Viruses And Worms- Part 3
7.4 Viruses And Worms- Part 4
7.5 Viruses And Worms- Part 5
7.6 Viruses And Worms- Part 6

Module 8: Denial of Service
8.1 Denial Of Service- Part 1
8.2 Denial Of Service- Part 2
8.3 Denial Of Service- Part 3
8.4 Denial Of Service- Part 4

Module 9: Social Engineering
9.1 Social Engineering – Part 1
9.2 Social Engineering – Part 2
9.3 Social Engineering – Part 3
9.4 Social Engineering – Part 4

Module 10: Snffers
10.1 Snffers – Part 1
10.2 Snffers – Part 2
10.3 Snffers – Part 3
10.4 Snffers – Part 4
10.5 Snffers – Part 5
10.6 Snffers – Part 6

Module 11: Session Hijacking
11.1 Session Hijacking – Part 1
11.2 Session Hijacking – Part 2
11.3 Session Hijacking – Part 3
11.4 Session Hijacking – Part 4
11.5 Session Hijacking – Part 5
11.6 Session Hijacking – Part 6
11.7 Session Hijacking – Part 7

Module 12: Hacking Web Servers
12.1 Hacking Web Servers – Part 1
12.2 Hacking Web Servers – Part 2
12.3 Hacking Web Servers – Part 3
12.4 Hacking Web Servers – Part 4
12.5 Hacking Web Servers – Part 5

Module 13: Web Application Vulnerabilities
13.1 Web Application Vulnerabilities – Part 1
13.2 Web Application Vulnerabilities – Part 2
13.3 Web Application Vulnerabilities – Part 3
13.4 Web Application Vulnerabilities – Part 4

Module 14: SQL Injection
14.1 SQL Injection – Part 1
14.2 SQL Injection – Part 2
14.3 SQL Injection – Part 3

Module 15: Hacking Wireless Networks
15.1 Hacking Wireless Networks – Part 1
15.2 Hacking Wireless Networks – Part 2
15.3 Hacking Wireless Networks – Part 3
15.4 Hacking Wireless Networks – Part 4
15.5 Hacking Wireless Networks – Part 5

Module 16: Evading IDS, Firewalls & Honeypots
16.1 Evading IDS, Firewalls & Honeypots – Part 1
16.2 Evading IDS, Firewalls & Honeypots – Part 2
16.3 Evading IDS, Firewalls & Honeypots – Part 3

Module 17: Buffer Overflows
17.1 Buffer Overflows – Part 1
17.2 Buffer Overflows – Part 2
17.3 Buffer Overflows – Part 3
17.4 Buffer Overflows – Part 4
15.5 Buffer Overflows – Part 5

Module 18: Cryptography & Steganography
18.1 Cryptography & Steganography – Part 1
18.2 Cryptography & Steganography – Part 2
18.3 Cryptography & Steganography – Part 3
18.4 Cryptography & Steganography – Part 4
18.5 Cryptography & Steganography – Part 5
18.6 Cryptography & Steganography – Part 6
18.7 Cryptography & Steganography – Part 7

Module 19: Metasploit for Penertration Testing
19.1 Metasploit for Penertration Testing – Part 1
19.2 Metasploit for Penertration Testing – Part 2
19.3 Metasploit for Penertration Testing – Part 3
19.4 Metasploit for Penertration Testing – Part 4
19.5 Metasploit for Penertration Testing – Part 5
19.6 Metasploit for Penertration Testing – Part 6
19.7 Metasploit for Penertration Testing – Part 7
19.8 Business Process – Part 1
19.9 Business Process – Part 2
19.10 Business Process – Part 3
19.11 Business Process – Part 4
19.12 Business Process – Part 5
19.13 Business Process – Part 6
19.14 Lab Suggestions

With ITU’s e-learning courses, certification has never been simpler!  You can be starting your IT career or taking your current IT skills to the next level in just a few short weeks.
The ITU award winning learning courses give you all of the benefits of a live class at just a fraction of the cost. We’re so confident that our materials will produce results; we guarantee you’ll get certified on your FIRST attempt or your money back! 
ITU’s courses include:

Expert Instructor-Led Training

ITU uses only the industry’s finest instructors in the IT industry. They have a minimum of 15 years real-world experience and are subject matter experts in their fields. Unlike a live class, you can fast-forward, repeat or rewind all your lectures. This creates a personal learning experience and gives you all the benefit of hands-on training with the flexibility of doing it around your schedule 24/7.

Visual Demonstrations & Multimedia Presentations

The courseware includes instructor-led demonstrations and visual presentations that allow students to develop their skills based on real world scenarios explained by the instructor.  ITU always focuses on real world scenarios and skill-set development.

Quizzes & Exam Simulators

ITU’s custom practice exams prepare you for your exams differently and more effectively than the traditional exam preps on the market. You will have practice quizzes after each module to ensure you are confident on the topic you have completed before proceeding.

This will allow you to gauge your effectiveness before moving to the next module in your course. ITU Courses also include practice exams designed to replicate and mirror the environment in the testing center. These exams are on average 100 questions to ensure you are 100% prepared before taking your certification exam.

Flash Cards & Educational Games

ITU knows that education is not a one size fits all approach. Students learn in different ways through different tools. That is why we provide Flash Cards and Education Games throughout our courses. This will allow you to train in ways that keep you engaged and focused. Each course will have dozens of Flash Cards so you can sharpen your skill-sets throughout your training as well as educational games designed to make sure your retention level of the materials is extremely high.

Navigation & Controls

ITU’s self-paced training programs are designed in a modular fashion to allow you the flexibility to work with expert level instruction anytime 24/7. All courses are arranged in defined sections with navigation controls allowing you to control the pace of your training. This allows students to learn at their own pace around their schedule.

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Training Courses

  • Professional Skills
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Medical OSHA
  • Medicare Fraud and Abuse
  • Employment Law
  • OSHA Safety
  • Microsoft
  • Project Management
  • Security

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Master of Business and Science Degree

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Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v9

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v9

Center for Continuing Professional Development

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) program is the core of the most desired information security training system any information security professional will ever want to be in.  The CEH, is the first part of a 3 part WE.net Track which helps you master hacking technologies.  You will become a hacker, but an ethical one!  As the security mindset in any organization must not be limited to the silos of a certain vendor, technologies or pieces of equipment, this course was designed to provide you with the tools and techniques used by hackers and information security professionals alike to break into an orgainzation.  As we put it, “To beat a hacker, you have to think like a hacker.”  This course will immerse you into the Hacker Mndset so that you will be able to defend against future attacks.  It puts you in the dirver’s seat of a hands-on environment with a systematic ethical hacking process.

Here, you will be exposed to an entirely different way of achieving optimal information security posture in their organization, by hacking it!  You will scan, test, hack and secure your own systems.  You will be taught the Five Phases of Ethical Hacking and taught how you can approach your target and succeed at breaking in every time!  The ve phases include Reconnaissance, Gaining Access, Enumeration, Maintaining Access, and covering your tracks.  The tools and techniques in each of these five phaces are profided in detail in an encyclopedic approach to help you identify when an attack has been used against your own targets.  Why then is this training called the Certified Ethical Hacker course?   This is because by using the same techniques as the bad guys, you can assess the security posture of an organization with the same approach these malicious hackers use, identify weaknesses and X the problems before they are identified by the enemy, causing what could potentially be a catastrophic damage to your respective organization.


The Certified Ethical Hacker exam 312-50 may be taken on the last day of the training (optional).  Students need to pass the online exam to receive CEH certification.


Certified Ethical Hacker v9 course and ebook after 12 months
CEHv9 Video + eBook – $199.00

Certified Ethical Hacker v9 iLabs after 6 months
CEHv9 iLabs – $125.00

# of Hours60
FormatDistance education – online 


Outline – In the 18 comprehensive modules below, the coure covers 270 attack technologies, commonly used by hackers.

  • Introduction to Ethica Hacking
  • Footprinting and Reconnaissance
  • Scanning Networks
  • Enumeration
  • System Hacking
  • Malware Threats
  • Sniffing
  • Social Engineering
  • Denial-of-Service
  • Sesion Hijacking
  • Hacking Webservers
  • Hacking Web Applications
  • SQL Injections
  • Hacking Wireless Networks
  • Hacking Mobile Platforms
  • Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cryptography

All materials are provided within the course, eBook, Voucher, Lecture Videos, iLabs and Exam Pass Guarantee

About the Program

The Master of Business & Science degree at Rutgers is a hybrid degree combining courses from an MS in a science area and business courses. This program is a part of the  School of Graduate Studies – New Brunswick , Rutgers Graduate School – Newark , Rutgers Graduate School – Camden .

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