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New customers can sign up for a 2-week trial  period in which to try out a class with no obligations during that time. 
After the trial period, a full semestral commitment is required in order to continue.
Our full year classes provide a unique and powerful learning option to parents looking for the best education for their
children.  Sometimes, children reach a certain point in their learning where parents feel uneasy about their ability
to provide quality instruction in math. Sometimes they just need to hear a different voice. Whatever the situation, LIVE Online
Math offers a variety of classes to meet the needs of upper elementary, middle school, and high school students.

Outsourcing the teaching of math.

Learning situations that just need a different voice.

Families on the go.

Parents looking for an interactive, structured learning environment.

People who don’t have time to drive all over town for a class.

Attend class sessions at home
Students can talk with the teacher and each other in real-time
Uses interactive whiteboard
Recorded sessions for absences or review
U.S.-based teachers

Work in small groups with other students to enhance learning
Low student/teacher ratio
Classes are transitioning to being bookless. Stay tuned!
Feedback on student progress from teacher
Tests and quizzes (corrected by the teacher or the My Classes system )

Classes meet 3 times each week, which facilitates a strong student/teacher rapport. At approximately $5.09 per class session,

Quick Comparison with Other Online Math Class Providers

‘, FONTSIZE, ’18pt’, TEXTALIGN, ‘center’, CENTERMOUSE, true)” onmouseout=”UnTip()”>no other online math class provider offers more for less .

Classes are perfect for:


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For parents to manage the “business” side of things…

Enroll in a Class, register for a Video-Plus Course, sign-up for a Video Course, track tutoring time, view tutoring comment history, and more.

For students enrolled in a Class or Video-Plus Course…

Access the virtual classroom, take online quizzes, download course documents and tests, check the online gradebook, and more.

For students in a Video Course…

Parents/Teachers: Manage the course and check student progress. Students: Access all aspects of the video course you’re in.

For accessing a tutoring session…

Prior to entering the session, please be sure your headset/mic. is working and you’re ready to go with any questions you have.

For accessing the Infinite Math™ practice system…

If you’ve signed up for the Infinite Math™ practice system, just login and have at it!

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We are always looking for

high-quality and affordable

educational resources for

our son. Although we didn’t

have previous experience

with online courses, we

thought we would give it a try. We have been very

satisfied with LIVE Online

Math. Our son’s interest

level, achievement, and

commitment remain high.

We are very pleased with

his progress, and with the

evaluation, parent feedback

and communication from

the teacher. We hope to

see these courses continue

for a long time!
~ Andrea in Massachusetts
See a detailed comparison  of the LIVE Online Math programs:
Classes , Video-Plus Courses , and Video Courses .


Full access to the Infinite Math�

practice system

Fill-in-the-blank notes templates provided ( Sample )

minimum level of notes a student should be taking during the lesson. Extra space is provided for other notes
the student deems important or more examples. This allows students to take more complete notes and gives
lots of examples of how to organize information. Additionally, students will be able to better concentrate on
the content of each lesson, instead of thinking about what should be in their notes and how to organize them.
Finally, having the students fill in the template (instead of providing them a pre-filled-in copy) will help them
retain knowledge better and also gives them the opportunity to enhance their note-taking skills.’)” onmouseout=”UnTip()”>

In place of a traditional text book, there is now a searchable glossary/reference tool and
online lesson assignments. Please select one of those course pages for more details on
how those systems work.

Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus still have a book associated with them. Keep in
mind that the role of the book is not instructional. Instruction happens via LIVE sessions.
The book is used for doing assignments and occasionally looking at a sample problem.’)” onmouseout=”UnTip()”>

Teach Beside Me

Educate Creatively- Hands-on teaching ideas

Curriculum Homeschooling Math Product Review

Live Online Math for Homeschool

This post may contain affiliate links.


Do you have a child learning upper grade math?  This is the part of homeschooling that has always scared me. I have had the chance this past month to try out a live online math program with my son. He is in 6th grade this year, and we have been using the pre-algebra program from Mr. D’s Math . (I received this products for free and am being compensated for my time in writing this post. All thoughts are my own.)

mr d's live online math for upper grades


Math has kind of been a bad word for most of my life. It was not until I started teaching my kids that it became a little more interesting. However, I have always been a bit afraid of having to teach my kids upper level math. Without a lot of extra studying and refreshing myself, I do not remember most of the things I learned from WAY back when.

I am so incredibly grateful to have options like Mr. D’s Math to help me teach my kids the more advanced levels of math. This program is really well done and is so much more personalized than most of the other options available.

live online math for upper grades

Who is Mr D?  His full name is Dennis DiNoia.  He has a masters in education and started his teaching career in 1988. 10 years ago he left teaching in the public school to develop his online teaching programs. He has done some great things in his teaching career!

What’s Available in Mr. D’s Live Online Math Programs?

Mr. D’s Math  website has a lot of course options for upper grade math including:

Pre Algebra 
Algebra I
Algebra II
SAT or ACT Math Bootcamp
& Summer Programs
Each program has the option to have a self-paced math course or a live online math course. There are definite benefits to each style. Since we jumped in mid-semester, we tried out a live class, but since then, have been working through the self-paced curriculum.

The self-paced class is all pre-recorded and you can do it at your convenience. Obviously the live class has a set time. There are a few time options to choose when you register.

My son really enjoyed being part of the live class. You get to see the other students and there is some interaction, questions to answer and conversation happening. It is a lot more personalized. Mr. D. was really friendly and made him feel welcome and included right away.

A typical lesson includes a 15-20 minute video to watch. The lengths vary. Mr. D is talking, writing and describing the concepts with visuals. He is interesting and not dry at all. MY son never minded watching and doing his assignments.

Once they finish the video there is a quiz to complete with questions from the lesson they just learned. The quizzes are not super long 10-15 questions.

Then the kids grade themselves. He gives them the formula for figuring out their grad percentage based on how many they got right.

My 12-year-old gives Mr. D’s Math a big Thumbs Up!  He really likes the format and says it is a fun way to learn!  I agree with him. I loved sitting in and watching to see how things were going.  I was always really impressed with his teaching style and his ability to keep you engaged in the lessons.

If you need math help for your older students, definitely check out his website!

Find Mr. D’s Math on Facebook , Twitter and YouTube , too!  The You Tube channel is great because you can check out some class samples and see what he is like.

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  1. Check out instead. Three times weekly, live classes, and comparable pricing to Mr. D but more teacher interaction with three vs one live class a week, and very thorough curriculum. Also has a recorded option that’s cheaper. They offer tutoring as well. One of my sons requires extra help so this is an inexpensive option to add on a half hour session once a week. We’ve used them for three years. Four different teachers so lots of different class times avail to fit your schedule.


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