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                 Before I begin to expound this theme I want to define what is exactly tolerance. In the dictionary it is written down:willingness to allow people to do, say,or believe what they want without criticizing them.
    No two people in the world are exactly alike.Al people even identical twins,have their own experiences and their viewpoints.Do you have to agree with people to respect their right to have an opinion?No.But people with differing views and opinions can respect each other‘s right to differ.You do not have to like the same food or music as your friends, practice the same religion, or dress the same way.But you might want to be open to learn about those differences.An important part of growing is being willing to learn new things.Being open to see new things and learning about other people without negatively prejudging them is a form of tolerance.But does tolerance mean that all behaviours have to be accepted? No, of course not.Behaviours that disrespect or hurt others,should not be toleratad.Respect is about accepting people for who they are for their best selves.Tolerance also means treating others the way you would like to be treated.
    The basic right of every human being is the right for life.We should all be born to grow to study to share life and the world with people around us.If we cannot accept other‘s opinions,the proble‘m is not in the way they think,but it‘s in our attitude towards them.
    Many people don‘t get the chance to live a healthy and full life.If we handicapp them or if we just simply ignore them we don‘t consider them equals.As a result we divide the society instead of uniting it.

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    08 Feb 2010

    Sample Essay: Talk About The Positive And Negative Effects Of Tolerance In America


    Tolerance can be simply perceived as an individual’s appreciation of diversity, multiplicity and his ability to live and let others live. Tolerance is a lifestyle, an attitude and peoples way of thinking. It implies that one adheres to his personal convictions but at the same time accepts the fact that others have the right to also subscribe to their own convictions. It thus involves the rejection of absolutism and dogmatism.  Even then the appreciation of other people’s beliefs does not necessarily mean that one embraces those practices and opinions, it thus all about harmony in difference. Americans should understand that the concept of globalization makes universal many distinct ideas, customs, political ideologies, behaviors and even economic models and they should be encouraged to abolish thoughts that do not condone differences in order to give every person the right to act according to or practice their culture. To lay a foundation for tolerance in America the only requirement is that individuals comprehend that their freedom solely ends where other person’s rights begin and being conscious that they are not the only people alive in the world or the community.

    Society without tolerance

    Many people tend to hold the perception that in this century particularly in the United States intolerance and prejudice has been eliminated or rather educated out of the country’s system. It is however unfortunate that tolerance is still an elusive virtue for the American people as evidenced by negative statistics of innocent citizens that become victims of acts of intolerance. It is clear that the society is yet to be tolerant of those minority groups and members that reflect differences in terms of their religious affiliation, age, race, political affiliations, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status.   There is unarguably a great difference regarding how Americans put tolerance on paper and how it is manifested in practice. Although the society can be credited for making some steps towards encouraging tolerance as indicated by the acceptance of for instance gay rights movements, feminist movements, political correctness, women’s suffragette movement their is still more that needs to be done.

    The most profound effect of intolerance in the American community has been the increase in hate crimes.  Hate crimes are those atrocious crimes that are committed, with their motivation being dissidents’ intolerance of their targets sexual orientation, religious or political attachment, gender, socio economic status or disability. FBI (2009) recent figures show that hate crime and intolerance in the year 2007 was responsible for more than nine thousand offenses reported. Fifty percent of those incidents were racially motivated; approximately seventeen percent resulted from sexual orientation intolerance, one percent resulted from targets’ disabilities, thirteen percent occurred courtesy of national origin bias while sixteen percent were blamed on religious bigotry.

    Unfortunately the effects of societal lack of tolerance are said to linger and stay on for longer periods of time than the implications that result from violent criminal activity. The stress, resentment, despair and anger after an individual is exposed to acts of intolerance may last for even more than four years.  Living in a society that does not accommodate distinct lifestyle aspects makes minority group members to continually live in fear, perceive themselves as vulnerable, endangered and powerlessness. The consequence of such feelings in victims includes poor self image and self esteem, psychological damage making them less productive in society.

    Positive effects of tolerance

    In light of the implications that intolerance has in the society today then tolerance must generally have enormous and desirable effects to the community. Generally promoting tolerance in the presence of the diversity and differences in the general public is central to ensuring sustainable development. Sustainable development is development that would not only be beneficial to the present American generation but also the future generations.  The environment provided by tolerance makes it easier to simultaneously achieve economic and social development.

    It is imperative to note that where intolerance exist then resentment, conflict and violence is imminent.  Such an environment thus gives room for moral and social evils to occur.  The economic cost of these evils to society is greater than can be fathomed. In a scenario where for instance those from rich suburbs are unable to tolerate those that stay in the low cost housing units on the grounds of their socio economic status it would not be surprising for the local enforcement agencies to consistently called in to deal with cases of social unrest, that would result from the poor people complaints of unfair treatment from their rich counterparts. It would moreover not be strange for cases of the rich property thefts or destruction to be common. This means that the time that would have been used to carry out society development activities is diverted towards implementation of unproductive activities. The community thus spends more time and invests more in putting out social fires instead of coming up with strategies that would enhance the welfare of every individual and thus that of the nation in general.

    Tolerance therefore fosters unity, cooperation and the much needed peaceful environment crucial for prosperity in the country. Tolerance makes it easy to reduce the gap between the poor and the rich as everyone directs efforts to support the vision of equity within a stable society.  Supporting tolerance means that no one will have reason to be intimated since everyone will be free to exercise and enjoy their rights as stipulated within federal or state laws.  All community members will as a result feel motivated to rigorously participate in the creation of strategies that would be geared towards eliminating impediments to social equivalence and other challenges that for example face the criminal justice, health care and education systems.

    If America is identified as a tolerant society and one that observes universal principles of equality, human rights and fundamental freedoms then the chances that entrepreneurs from other countries  will be motivated to make investments in the country become higher. This is since all investors are interested in doing business in communities that will accept them with their opinions and practices and subsequently not judge their businesses in light of their characteristics such as disability, age, gender, sexual orientation, social economic status, religion or even health status. On the same note entrepreneurs or businessmen that do not judge their clients or employees on the basis of their affiliations or personal characteristics definitely experience more returns on investment, enjoy sustained competitive advantages, have reduced legal challenges, enjoy more reputation benefits, increased employee morale, and are able to easily penetrate new markets.


    In conclusion the negative effects of tolerance are hard to find or come up with.  Nonetheless in some circumstances if tolerance does not observe limits then immorality may have chance to dominate. For example if the society chooses to be tolerant of the opinions of people that promote pornography, homosexuality, unnecessary abortions, sexual harassment, and environmental pollution among other vices then it may be impossible to maintain sanity in society. Therefore intolerance when applied rationally may not be inherently evil.  Actually tolerance in particular situations may also not be inherently good! In fact if it is applied on the wrong things then it instantly becomes a great evil.  Generally since we live in a social environment then it is imperative that certain levels of tolerance be exercised with regards to the distinct moral standards and characteristics that different citizens harbor. However in case of perceived evils then it may not be rational to remain silent but rather the society will be expected to speak out and act in a show of intolerance.

    Works Cited

    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (2009). Hate crime statistics. Retrieved on 13th October, 2009 from

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