Essay on Friendship

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Essay on Friendship

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Friendship is a feeling of mutual trust, support and affection between two people. A friend can be a companion, work-mate, class-mate or any person with whom our feelings of affection are attached. There is a mutual exchange of emotions, trust and supports among friends.

It is said that “ birds of a feather flocks together “. Just like birds, friendship grows between people of same age, because they have similar interests, passions, emotions and sentiments. For example, students of the same age group have shared vision towards their future goals and they come closer to help each other. Similarly, people in business organizations work together to achieve the organizational goals. They work together for the company and make new friends. In some cases, we make our best friends for life at our workplace.

Benefits of making friends:

Friendship is both good and necessary. The benefits of making friends are given below in points.

  • We cannot spend our days alone. Our pleasure grows greater in the company of friends.
  • They do not feel the rigors of life. In distress, friends help one another. They help us to overcome any depressive situation and build our self-esteem.
  • We share happiness and love with our friends.
  • If we are confused, we can discuss our problem with our friends and get honest opinions.
  • We confide our secrets to a friend, and can trust him in everything we hold dear.

Thus, a friend is the sharer of both joys and woes.

Real and false friends:

Real friendship is rare. Many people gather around people in power to serve their own selfish ends under the garb of friendship. They remain with their friends as long as their selfish needs are met. They leave their friends when their power and pelf are gone. Such selfish friends are many in this world. Such friends are more dangerous than enemies and people should be cautions of such friends. It is difficult to find a real friend.

A real friend helps his friend in need. He stands by him in the day of his adversity. The proverb that says, “ A friend in need is a friend indeed ” is true. True friends always always helpful.

This is why it has been said that, “Fortune brings friends but adversity tries them”.

Caution in selection:

People should be very cautious about selecting friends they should cultivate friendship with men of character, so that there may not be a split when friendship has sufficiently advanced. It is very bitter and painful to cut off connections later, on account of bad blood between friends. True friendship lasts till death and does not fluctuate from time to time.

Friends imbibe the modes of thoughts and habits of each other. Thus, a person of bad character should be avoided at any cost. Therefore, we should choose our friends with care and caution.

10 Qualities of good friends

The essential qualities of good friends is given below:

  1. Good friends are trustworthy, loyal and honest.
  2. They listen and pay attention to what we are saying.
  3. They easily forget and forgive us for our mistakes.
  4. They do not judge us on the basis of our material possessions, success, power, or money.
  5. They do not hesitate to give us valuable suggestions for our benefits.
  6. They share their moments of joy with us.
  7. They are ready to help us any-time. At the same time, they freely ask us for help when in need.
  8. They support in our personal and professional life.
  9. They encourage us to do what we really love to do.
  10.  Most importantly, Good friend value our presence in their life. They give us immense love and accept us the way we are.


Friendship is based on love, sacrifice, trust and consideration of mutual welfare.  True friendship is a solace and a boon. Those men and women are fortunate indeed who have got really true and sincere friends.