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How to Write Standard Essay Format

Author: Deborah Croft | Designation: Product Manager at EA | Date Published: 14, June 2010

An essay is called an essay because it follows some basic essay formats. Every writer who tries to write an essay should understand and follow a standard essay format. Most teachers consider the format of the essay equal to the content of it. Often students are required to develop their essays in various styles like MLA style, APA style, Harvard, Chicago, AMA, oxford and few more. The essay format decides the entire structure and organization of the ideas. A standard essay form decides the title page, table of contents, main page and sub sections, introduction and conclusion and appendix.

Basic Standards of Essay

If you are to consider basics of a standard essay format , your essay should have an introduction, a body consists of three to twenty main points depending on the requirements, and a conclusion. Even though various essays demand the body to be extended or keep it short, you should have a minimum of three points. The introduction in a standard essay form should let the reader know what the subject of the paper is. You should also inform the reader about how your organized your paper is. This part should give a brief about your main points or evidence that proves your thesis statement. The last sentence of the introduction should be your thesis statement. The thesis statement should clearly state your argument or points you are going to prove in the essay.

Body of Essay

The body of the essay should also be clearly following the standard essay format and body is everything between your introduction and conclusion. Your body should have separate paragraphs for your supporting points and there are no strict rules on organizing your points. Some say you must describe the most important point last in order to keep the reader interested. In each paragraph you should have an introduction to each of your points and an explanation to it. You should also provide supporting evidences to your points like quotes and examples. The last part of your every point should tell the reader how you can relate it to the argument of the essay.

Essay Conclusion

The conclusion of the essay should restate the thesis of the essay. You should also prove the thesis using the points mentioned in the body part of the essay.

There are a number of other parameters to be considered when following a standard essay format. You should use good quality white paper and only one side is to be written. The page should be given margins according to the citation style you adopt. In case of title pages if instructed by your teacher, follow the instruction or you can write the title on upper one by third portion and leave the middle of the page empty. You should use the name of the professor and date on the bottom part of the page. When numbering the page, it is recommended to use your last name just before the number on the upper right hand corner of every page. You should not use a period after the number. There should be double spacing between the lines on your entire paper thus enable comments from your teachers. You can leave a single space between every word and two spaces between sentences, however there is no need of a space before a punctuation mark. The names of books, novels and plays should be underlined and quotation marks are to be used before and after the titles of shorter works.

Making your Essay Easier to Read

The capitalization should also be minimized only to necessary and only the first letter of each word in the title should be capitalized. If you are writing a long essay, you should include a table of contents which makes reading easy. It should go in the order of introduction, body, conclusion, works cited etc. you don’t require any special characters to end the essay with, just a simple period will do.

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Welcome to the RGO Library’s guide to writing academic essays. This guide presents tips, methods, and strategies for writing a good research paper or essay with a 5 step process:

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An essay is a "short formal piece of writing..dealing with a single subject" ("Essay," 2001). It is typically written to try to persuade the reader using selected research evidence ("Essay," 1997). In general, an academic essay has three parts:

  1. An introduction that gives the reader an idea of what they are about to learn and presents an argument in the form of a thesis statemen
  2. body, or middle section, that provides evidence used to prove and persuade the reader to accept the writer’s particular point of vie
  3. conclusion that summarizes the content and findings of the essay

Argumentative or Persuasive Essay

An argumentative or persuasive essay takes a strong position on a topic through the use of supporting evidence. It:

  • Requires thorough research and investigation of the topic 
  • Includes a clear, strong thesis statement that is debatable
  • Considers and refutes alternative arguments with cited evidence, statistics, and facts
  • Uses fair, objective language with a well-rounded understanding of the topic
  • Argumentative Essays – Purdue OWL
  • Types of Papers: Argument/Argumentative – Roane State Community College

Comparative Essays

A comparative essay requires comparison and/or contrast of at least two or more items. It:

  • Attempts to build new connections or note new similarities or differences about the topic(s)
  • Typically focuses on items of the same class, i.e. two political systems (i.e. democracy or communism) or two theories (i.e. behaviorism versus constructivism)
  • The Comparative Essay – Thompson Rivers University
  • The Comparison Essay – Langara College
  • Types of Papers: Compare/Contrast – Roane State Community College

Expository Essays

The purpose of an expository essay is to describe or explain a specific topic. It:

  • Uses factual information
  • Is written from the third-person point of view
  • Does not require a strong, formal argument
  • Expository Essays – Purdue OWL
  • Crafting a Thesis for an Expository Essay – Scholastic

Narrative Essays

A narrative essay tells a story or describes an event in order to illustrate a key point or idea. It:

  • Uses descriptive and sensory information to communicate to the reader
  • Are often subjective rather than objective
  • Usually written from the first-person or third-person point of view
  • May be entertaining or informative
  • Narrative Essays – Purdue OWL
  • The Narrative Essay – Patrick Henry Community College


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