Gender Equality Essay Examples

Gender Equality Essay Examples

111 total results
Equality is Not The Key in Building a Better Human Society

1,709 words
4 pages
An Introduction to the Issues of Sexism and Male Hatred of Women in Sports

2,010 words
4 pages
Comparing the Equality of Men and Women in the Workplace and at Home

1,551 words
3 pages
Abigail Adams: Planting the Seeds of Women Rights and Gender Equality

313 words
1 page
The Improvements in Womens Rights over the Century

2,170 words
5 pages
An Argument Against the Male Domination and Patriarchy in Gender Equality

3,655 words
8 pages
How Can We Enhance Gender Equity Globally

323 words
1 page
An Argument on the Continuing Existence of Sexism

2,175 words
5 pages
How I Found Out That I Was a Feminist

1,119 words
2 pages
An Evaluation of Feminism and Gender Equality in the 1990s

2,147 words
5 pages
An Analysis of Bonnie Smith-Yackels Essay

777 words
2 pages
An Introduction to the Importance of the Equality Between Men and Women and the Importance of Womens Education in Oriental Countries

316 words
1 page
An Overview of the Violence Against Women Act in the United States Senate

1,062 words
2 pages
A History of How Media Took a Great Part in Campaigning For Gender Equality

2,157 words
5 pages
Gender Equality in the Ancient City of Pompeii

1,501 words
3 pages
Account of Feminism and Gender Equality in the 1990s

2,027 words
5 pages
The Growing Gender Diversity Issue is a Key Towards Gender Equality

903 words
2 pages
The History and Challenges Facing the Federal Republic of Nigeria

6,444 words
14 pages
How Gender Equality Has Been Bridged in Sports in American Colleges and Universities

802 words
2 pages
A Discussion on the Issue of Equal Funding for Womens Sports

2,359 words
5 pages
An Argument in Favor of Unisex Basic Training in Military

506 words
1 page
An Analysis of the Overall Rights and Status of Women in the United States During the Past Century

2,169 words
5 pages
Anne Hutchinson and Her Fight in the Antinomian Controversy

388 words
1 page
The Development of the Status of Women in the 20th Century

2,113 words
5 pages
A Review of Feminism and Gender Equality in the 1990s

2,058 words
5 pages
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gender equality

gender equality Essay Examples

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129 total results

The Role of Title IX in Providing Gender Equality in Collegiate Sports (1421 words, 2 pages)

Role of Title IX in Collegiate sports- Is It Truly Providing Gender Equity? According to Title IX, “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any educational program or activity … Read More

Argument in Favor of Gender Equality in Sports (1265 words, 2 pages)

The Gridiron is For Girls Too The roar of the crowd, the smell of the hotdogs in the air, and the loud crack of the helmets on the field, these are all things that football is made of. Now, do you find it unfair that women can not experience the … Read More

The Growing Gender Diversity Issue is a Key Towards Gender Equality (903 words, 2 pages)

Gender Diversity It’s not just a man’s world anymore. Gender diversity plays a major role in who runs our society. The roles of men and women vary greatly in the home and in the workplace. Although the roles of women in the business world have developed greatly, our society still … Read More

The Improvement of Gender Equality in Our Modern Day (490 words, 2 pages)

Nicholas D. Kristof is wrong in his quote about gender equality. It talks about the moral challenges in every century, which means the main problem each century is facing. Also, it is saying gender equality is the main issue we are facing in current day society as compared to slavery … Read More

The Different Factors Hindering the Achievement of Gender Equality in Society (838 words, 3 pages)

Despite changes in the law in the last 40 years it still cannot be said that gender stereotyping has ended and that equality between males and females has been fully established. Discuss the factors which have made it difficult to reduce gender stereotyping and achieve full equality between the sexes.Gender … Read More

The Quest for Gender Equality and Women’s Challenge in World Leader Opportunities (808 words, 3 pages)

The Western patriarchal society does not value women for their abilities other than reproducing. This creates women being held back from economic development and questions womans rights. Women should stop being viewed as invisible and become problem solvers in solving the disappearing natural resources that have been laundered by the … Read More

The Idea of Rejecting the Concept of Femininity to Achieve Gender Equality in Society (1464 words, 5 pages)

Throwing Like a GirlIn the essay “Throwing like a Girl A Phenomenology of Feminine BodyComportmentMotility and Spatiality,” Young critiques and connects the concept of a”feminine essence” and Merleau-Ponty’s philosophy of embodiment. She pointsout that Simone de Beauvoir’s analysis of the feminine essence fails totake into account the role the environment … Read More

Gender Equality in Supergirl, an American Television Series (1119 words, 5 pages)

The Rise of a Female SuperheroAside from the one and only Wonder Woman, TV, films, and comics have largely focused on male protagonists like Superman, Batman and Spider-Man. Supergirl, a show that has just released, and is taking a big leap in the portray of gender roles in what superheroes … Read More

Gender Equality and the Lack of Education of Women in A Vindication of the Rights of Women, a Book by Mary Wollestonecraft (987 words, 3 pages)

Throughout the years, the people that inhabit this Earth we call home have done remarkable things. Some are considered negative while others are considered positive, but there is no doubt that these actions created an impact. These actions all have different impacts, and its important that we take these impacts … Read More

The Differences in Gender Equality Between Men and Women (311 words, 2 pages)

Gender EqualityGender equality requires equal enjoyment by women and men of opportunities, resources and rewards. Where gender inequality exists, it is generally women who are excluded or disadvantaged in relation to decision-making and access to economic and social resources.Women and men have had different roles in the community since the … Read More

The 1970s Feminist Movement in America and Its Fight for Gender Equality (616 words, 2 pages)

Stephen Kings work can be shown to evolve alongside his personal experiences. Born in 1947, King has been through more than those my age have in a million different ways. King lived through the days where women were barely gaining freedom for ones self. Although women got the right to … Read More

The Issue of Gender Equality in Leadership Opportunities and Positions in Organizations (1196 words, 5 pages)

Leadership is defined by Northouse (2016), as a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal (p.6). In todays world, there are leadership opportunities, even if not equal, for both men and women. Both genders have been given an equal prospect to be the … Read More

Gender Equality Among the Mesoamerican People in the Book Mesoamerican Voices (563 words, 2 pages)

The Progressive Social Life of the Mesoamerican TribesWhile reading, Mesoamerican Voices I was amazed to learn how complex a culture existed among the different tribes of Mesoamerica. They had an incredible political infrastructure before the arrival of the Spanish colonizers and even after the Spanish had arrived and taken over … Read More

The Influence of Media, Friends, Family, and History on Gender Equality in Society in the Articles The Gender Blur, Two Ways, and The Gender Trap (945 words, 4 pages)

The Media TrapThe commercials and ads blare their messages loud and clear. The jokes from family and friends make their presence known. Human beings have treated each other poorly for as long as they have existed, but does there seem to be any signs of halting? Illegitimate gender theories and … Read More

The Goals and Ways of Achieving Gender Equality (2243 words, 8 pages)

Also known as gender egalitarianism or sex equality, gender equality is a standpoint that every individual should be treated equally in all life aspects (health, education, employment, leadership) without any discrimination on the basis of gender(Jayachandran, 2014). Under the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, one of the key objectives … Read More

A Movie Review from a Sociological Perspective: Brave, a Symbol for Gender Equality (1437 words, 6 pages)

That is not very ladylike. That simple phrase is packed full of sociological significance. For quite literally ages, femininity has been carefully constructed by societies, oftentimes with little or no acceptance of any form of deviance from what was considered proper conduct of a lady. For many women, the social … Read More

The Use of Gender Quota to Promote Gender Equality in America (2725 words, 9 pages)

Over the last century we have seen, slowly but surely, women globally gaining their rights and moving toward ending their oppression. Nations around the world have struggled with how best to tackle this persistent gender inequality, some doubting that it is an issue to be dealt with at all. Despite … Read More

The Position of Women in the American Society and the Struggle of the Women’s Rights Movement for Gender Equality in the 1960’s (684 words, 2 pages)

Dinner Parties and DichotomyIn the 1950s a perfect woman was described to be pretty, well-mannered, an excellent housewife, and to assume their position gratefully as a stay-at-home mother. Woman rights activists had been present for many decades, but it wasnt until the 1960s that they rose eyebrows addressing the basic … Read More

The Evolution of Gender Equality in the Arts (889 words, 3 pages)

The progress made for gender equality has been talked about for longer than we think. The progression of women in art began very long ago but they may not have been acknowledged or talked about as much. During the Renaissance and later, gender roles became very well-known and talked about, … Read More

The Struggles of Women to Achieve Gender Equality (844 words, 3 pages)

Burning of the BraThe establishment of the United States as a country was a result of counter-hegemony, defined as a resistance against existing status quo in order to effect changes in social and political norms. Throughout the course of American history, similar counter-hegemonic movements were organized, among them the womens … Read More

A Discussion on the Effects of Sexual Discrimination and Gender Equality (520 words, 3 pages)

The Effects of Sexual Discrimination Gender Equality Kofi Annan believes that gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenges of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance. All around the world, women are being discriminated day after day. From … Read More

A Discussion on Childcare Gender Divide, Gender Equality and Paternal Leave (2036 words, 8 pages)

The Childcare Gender Divide Gender Equality and Paternal LeaveIn Western society there has been a huge expansion in what women can do. An excellent example of this is the rising number of women entering the workforce. Supporting the family was once seen as a male only activity, yet many women … Read More

Changing of Title from Feminism to Equalism in Achieving Gender Equality in Our Culture (1087 words, 4 pages)

Equalism. Not Feminism. Gender equality has always been an issue. It’s easy to point thefinger at the opposite sex to blame for the inequality that some women mayface. However, men aren’t always the ones to blame. Understanding thatadmitting that women are also a part of the problem, is the first … Read More

The Issue of Gender Equality and Access to Health Care (1725 words, 6 pages)

Womens Need for EqualityThe issue of gender equality has been a very popular topic in our lives for quite a while now, and it has a lot to do with the state. The state plays a large role in womens health care such as what kind of and how much … Read More

An Annotated Bibliography on the Dilution of the Ideas of Female Empowerment and Gender Equality in the United States (758 words, 3 pages)

Diluted Empowerment Bibliography Declaration of Rights of the Women of the United States. The Selected Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. Ed. Ann D. Gordon. New Brunswick, N.J. Rutgers University Press, 2003. Web. Written by the National Woman Suffrage Association on July 4th, 1876, one-hundred years after … Read More

A Comparison between the Civilizations of Egypt and China in Regards to Gender Equality and Centralization of Power (428 words, 2 pages)

Comparative Civilization EssayEgypt and China were two of the first civilizations to develop. They beganto develop shortly after the advancement of agriculture. Agriculture gavesocieties an abundant and reliable food source. It allowed them to settledown in one area instead of moving from place to place hunting andgathering. Even though both … Read More

Gender Equality and the Status of Women in the Play Othello by William Shakespeare (1184 words, 5 pages)

In a majority of societies, men are the dominant sex. Gender roles are placed to state the expectations that are held for men and women in the society. In a division of labor based on gender, women are generally assigned child-care and domestic duties. Men are often charged with providing … Read More

A Discussion on Gender Equality in Abend’s and Rosenberg’s Articles (1187 words, 5 pages)

On the Issue of GenderIssues of gender equality and gender expectations are ones that many people deal with all across the world every day. From transgendered people fighting to be seen as equals to others fighting to erase gender roles and make for a more gender neutral society. It is … Read More

Gender Equality, Homosexuality and the Struggles of Iranian-Americans as Presented in Shahs of Sunset (791 words, 3 pages)

After watching two episodes of Shahs of Sunset, I quickly understood some of the deepest struggles of Iranian-Americans who are trying to balance their social lives and careers while dealing with their demanding and traditional families. The first episode I watched was focused on Reza Farahan, who was born in … Read More

The Huge Step Towards Gender Equality (1022 words, 3 pages)

Sexism was prevalent when we founded our country and it has shaped or sexism in a negative way. The community segregates by gender indirectly. Thoreau writes about feeling uncomfortable with the people in his community that are disrespectful towards gender equality. I felt as if I alone of all my … Read More

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Published: Friday 25th of January 2013

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Gender Equality Essay Example

Gender equality has been one of the hottest topics of discussion throughout humanity’s entire history. It has been argued in the literature, politics, philosophy, mass media, etc. It is one of those topics where literally everyone has something to say – with or without necessary expertise. Today, gender equality is unanimously considered an integral element of a developed democratic society. It should be observed in all spheres of life, and when it is not observed, we see it as a problem.

The principle of gender equality stems from several ethical theories. To comprehend this principle fully and to know why it is necessary and how to practice it, one should be at least briefly familiar with those principles. These theories are utilitarianism, virtue ethics, and feminine theory. They all view the issue from different perspectives. This diversity is what can enable us to handle gender equality most efficiently.

Thesis statement: Feminine theory gives the most comprehensive answers to questions related to gender equality. These responses represent the most consistent and practical solutions to all the possible issues that may arise in regard to gender equality. The feminine theory is also the most moral and ethical in its approach to gender equality, comparing to other theories that tackle this issue.

Background Information of the Issue

Whenever we start talking about equality between different groups of people, it always poses a great ethical challenge, and finding an appropriate solution requires expertise that can only come from thorough research and investigation. Gender equality is no exception. It is closely tied to general human values and their cultivation within our society. One of the most illustrative instances is the fact that the gender equality movement in Western countries had an undoubted influence on all sorts of other emancipation movements within other minorities, guiding and inspiring them.

Arguably the most notable theoretical pieces on gender equality are works of the 19th-century suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Specifically, her lecture “Subjection of Women” defines a list of concrete social reforms that can ensure gender equality and complete emancipation of women within a society. Stanton insists that the main focus for all women should be their independence in all decisions about their lives’ aspects, including their relationships with the opposite sex, and whatever form these may take. These ideas have proved quite topical since most feminist activists still list Stanton as one of their prime influences even up to this day.

When it comes to bringing gender equality principles to life, it is one of the most crucial responsibilities for the political authorities. American philosopher Marilyn Friedman focuses primarily on this aspect. In her book Autonomy, Gender, Politics, for instance, she describes numerous examples when governmental rulings have marginalized women into a cultural minority within the society, thus, violating their rights by rendering them unequal to the rest of community. She claims that such democratic principles as equality and justice, liberty, and rights are open to interpretation by the politicians. This is why, she argues, it is up to them to ensure a kind of interpretation that provides for gender equality, alongside the equality of other minorities that may be subject to discrimination.

However, enforcing gender equality is not the task for political authorities alone. There are plenty everyday situations where specific gender stereotypes are present. The video Gender Stereotypes in Media highlights a number of such instances, where women get different treatment than men in a variety of everyday life situations as pictured by the media. Media has the power to shape people’s attitude to all sorts of issues, including gender equality. So, one can argue that all the possible instances of gender inequality are sanctioned or advocated by our own media. This includes enforcing gender roles and suggesting solutions to all sorts of everyday life issues in accordance with these roles. Through media, stereotypes about gender roles find their way to working places, schools, homes, etc. There are even figures of speech that simultaneously dwell upon and further enforce gender stereotypes – phrases like “I can’t expect you to think straight, you’re a woman,” “Your job is to do what you are told, little girl,” etc., – anyone can name at least a few of such examples. The situation has improved drastically over the past few decades, but we can still observe these stereotypes in the media and see how they promote gender inequality, mainly in advertising, cinema, and television. Disney is one of the companies whose media products get the most criticism for their angle on gender stereotypes. For examples, their celebrated feature film Beauty and the Beast transparently teaches girls that they have to accept and endure the man’s domination in a relationship, even when it becomes violent, and they will be rewarded for it handsomely.

The Three Approaches to Gender Equality

There are various ethical theories that tackle gender equality issue. The most wholesome and comprehensive ones are utilitarianism, virtue ethics, and feminine ethics. They all approach equality issue differently, and this diversity of strategies makes it evident how grave an issue gender equality is, and how drastically it needs comprehensive solutions to the related problems that may arise.

Utilitarianism puts forward forecast consequences of given issues and, thus, determines its rightness or wrongness. One can also state that utilitarianism is less concerned about the morality of each issue, instead focusing on its purely practical value alone. If we apply this principle to gender equality, then we need to assess possible results of constant gender inequality. As far as a woman is concerned, gender inequality will always have negative outcomes for her, because it imposes unnecessary limitations on her rights, independence, and life in general.

Virtue ethics focuses on character traits and their role. It claims that any possible laws or other generally accepted rules, as well as some actions with consequences that each given person may have committed, are secondary to a person’s character traits. In particular, it argues that all human actions exist objectively and, as such, cannot be subject to moral judgment – but particular character traits are. In other words, actions and decisions themselves are morally neutral, but character qualities that cause people to act in a specific way are not, so they can be assessed in terms of their morality. In this theory, character traits are agents that can be either good or bad. Same as other ethical theories, we can apply virtue ethics to gender equality principle. As such, we can claim that imposing and promoting gender stereotypes are morally neutral actions caused by a person’s bad character qualities.

Virtue ethics focuses on character traits and their role. It claims that any possible laws or other generally accepted rules, as well as some actions with consequences that each given person may have committed, are secondary to a person’s character traits. In particular, it argues that all human actions exist objectively and, as such, cannot be subject to moral judgment – but particular character traits are. In other words, actions and decisions themselves are morally neutral, but character qualities that cause people to act in a specific way are not, so they can be assessed in terms of their morality. In this theory, character traits are agents that can be either good or bad. Same as other ethical theories, we can apply virtue ethics to gender equality principle. As such, we can claim that imposing and promoting gender stereotypes are morally neutral actions caused by a person’s bad character traits.

Choosing the Most Comprehensive Ethical Theory

Each of these ethical approaches to gender equality that listed above has its advantages and disadvantages. In case we want to choose the most wholesome and comprehensive ethical theory we need to scrutinize each theory’s advantages.

First of all, utilitarianism ethics has two fundamental advantages. The first one is that it is universal, and one can apply it to any issue whatsoever. The second one is that it allows making morality less abstract and more feasible. Both these advantages are due to the fact that utilitarianism focuses on how practical any given action is.

If we talk about virtue ethics, it also has its undeniable advantages. Its fundamental advantage is that it signifies personal integrity. Moreover, it does not suggest any artificial limitations to a person’s decision making. This empowers people whom virtue ethics sees as strong and independent individuals.

Of course, feminine ethics also has advantages of its own. First of all, it stops seeing traits and values that are traditionally related to women as something secondary to men-related ones. Instead, it promotes all sorts of women experiences and applies the principles of independence, liberty, and equality to them.

With all these advantages listed and at hand, it is possible to detect the most wholesome and comprehensive ethical approach to gender equality. Given all the benefits of the three different ethical strategies mentioned above, I can state that feminine theory is the most satisfactory one. It puts forward many practical and physical aspects of the issue by underlining the importance of eliminating gender inequality instances at offices, schools, homes, and other places. Moreover, it inspires other emancipation movements among all sorts of minorities by solidifying the importance of diversity on all levels. Its directness in tackling particular equality problems that women may have is what makes this ethical theory the adequate approach to gender equality problem.

Choosing the Least Adequate Ethical Approach

If we want to detect the least adequate ethical theory that addresses gender equality, we have to list all the disadvantages of every ethical theory that we are discussing. The fundamental weakness of utilitarianism is that it presupposes equal access of all people to resources and, as such, equal responsibilities for their use, which is – unfortunately – not the case in real life. The fundamental disadvantage of virtue ethics is that it leaves a person with little to do about negative events that – according to this theory – are objective. What’s more, this approach can even lead to new problems. The fundamental disadvantage of the feminine theory is that it only tackles a very specific set of problems, which are related to the discrimination of women, ignoring possible instances of discrimination towards other people (men, for example). Having listed all the limitations of the ethical theories under our discussion, we can determine the least adequate ethical approach to gender equality.

Virtue ethics is an approach that bases solely on character traits, ignoring the actions. As such, it enables a person to see any particular character quality as either good or bad, regardless of the actions to which this trait may lead. This is possible due to this theory ignoring any set of rules regulating human actions, such as laws, duties, rights, etc. This is why, while virtue ethics can certainly deal with a variety of issues, gender equality is not one of them. It can hardly be applied to gender equality in a satisfactory manner. This theory refuses to give any moral assessment to actions and decisions, qualifying them as neither right nor wrong. As far as human lives and their particular aspects are concerned, virtue ethics is of no use. Gender equality issues are heavily focused on particular actions of specific people, which are outside the scope of this theory.


As we know, one can apply different ethical theories to assess the morality of different aspects of human lives and various issues within these aspects, including gender equality. Being a very specific issue, it demands to tackle through an ethical theory specifically designed for this issue. This is precisely what feminine theory is. It promotes the ideal of complete gender equality by criticizing any instances of women discrimination and inequality and claiming them as unjust and immoral. Moreover, it offers an ethical system which renders such cases impossible. This is why feminine theory offers a much more adequate ethical approach to the issue of gender equality than utilitarianism and virtue ethics do. Love what you’re reading but not sure you can write something like this yourself? No problem – our professional team of writers is always ready to offer you a helping hand. If you lack time to write an essay yourself, we are here for you!

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