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Importance of good manners

We have always been taught good manners. Certain attributes are drilled into us since we learn to stand and talk, and later on, we instinctively know that going against these rules is not good manner. Most of us look at good manners as a set of rules, ad very few of us actually stop to think why we are told to follow these rules. After all, what difference would it really make if we let our manner slip every now and then, or at least once in a while? And truth be told, we all are tempted every now and then to do the exact same thing. In the pressures and turbulence of modern life, our nerves are mostly high strung, and it is very easy indeed to let go and vent our bottled feelings on a deserving or unsuspecting person.

importance of good manners

However, that is not a very good idea. Good manners are, whether we like it or not, something that needs to be practiced at all times. In this article, let us find out why.

Keeps you presentable

When you have good manners, you are someone who is always presentable. It would be very difficult for a person to suddenly spruce up and be at their best behavior for a single day when they have to be at a job interview, or meet the girlfriend’s parents. Practicing good manners all your life, on the other hand, will always keep you prepared for any such event, and you will not require any special grooming. You will always be well and appropriately dressed, and there will never be the chance that you will be overdressed or underdressed for any occasion. Your ease with politeness and good manner swill show through any interview- personal or professional, and you will likely win hearts without trying too much, or at all.

Good impression

A person with good manners never fails to make a good impression. It is often told that the first impression is the last, and in case that is true, good manners will indeed take you a long way. When you are well dressed, well groomed, and speak easily, slowly, and confidently people will naturally be drawn to you. A very simple test for this would be to imagine yourself lost in a strange country. You see someone who is obviously a local, but inappropriately dressed, quite unkempt, and talking in a loud voice into their cell phone . Next to him you see someone of rather ambiguous ethnicity, well dressed, quietly speaking into their cell phone. Chances are, you will approach the second person for directions, despite the possibility that he might also be a tourist and might provide you with incorrect directions without any malicious intent. Such is the power of good manners.

You are better company

When you have good manners, you are automatically preferred in any social group. All social groups have a certain set of protocols, be it a formal or an informal setting. And since you are practiced in good manners, you will be able to pick up these protocols without being coached. You will know how to dress for any occasion and for any group, and you will never be impolite. You become a good listener, and are not quick to pass your judgments or impose your opinions on others. You will not burp or fart at the dinner table, and any slip on your part will always be followed by an apology.

Professional advancement

Being a well mannered person has untold advantages in the professional scenario. First of all, it becomes easier for you to secure a job by making a good impression in the job interview itself. Your good manners enable you to listen carefully and comment insightfully on topics, which make you an invaluable part of any team. Plus, you are naturally the first choice when it comes to important meetings, because there is no chance that you will embarrass anyone from your organization with your behavior. Your practice at being polite enables you to adjust easily to any situation without losing your cool, and that makes you the perfect employee for any workplace.

Your manners reflect who you really are. More often than not, they provide an insight into your upbringing and the company you currently keep. More than clothes, it is manners that can really make or break a man or a woman. If you are well mannered, you will automatically be more likeable than the rest. What’s more, you will also be labeled as a reliable person, both in your personal and professional spheres. Work hard on your good manners, and you will find that securing your position in the workplace and earning your peers’ respect will all become relatively easier.


importance of manners essay

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This assignment will show the cognition and apprehension of why it is of import for all staff to be consistent and just when using boundaries and regulations for kids and immature people. Besides sketching the deductions that inconsistent application of regulations may hold and using the regulations and boundaries in conformity with the policies and processs. Detailing the benefits or promoting and honoring positive behavior and supplying illustrations of the types of behavior that should be referred to others and to whom these should be referred.

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Assessment Criteria 1. 2

Why it is of import for all staff to be consistent and just when using boundaries and regulations for kids and immature people and sketching the deductions that inconsistent applications of regulations may hold.

All staff in school should cognize and utilize regulations systematically and behaviour should be monitored closely by the schools senior direction. Children and immature people should be shown just and consistent boundaries at all times they respond good when they know what is expected of them. if all members of staff use the same schemes when pull offing behavior. If behavior is non managed good this could blow lesson clip and children’s acquisition could endure. Children should cognize the countenance and wagess and the order in which it will be applied no affair who talks to them about their behavior. If they are consistent and fair the kids get to understand rapidly what id acceptable and what’s non.

If you are inconsistent they become baffled and may go frightened or withdrawn as they are diffident of whether their actions are taking them into problem or non. If you treat kids otherwise and respond to single children’s behavior otherwise you can be accused of favoritism. prejudice and exploitation. You can project an image on person who lacks control and doesn’t know what they are making and hence lose authorization and regard. The school should work as a whole to be consistent in-line with policies and processs so staff. students and parents have an apprehension of the regulations. boundaries and behaviour outlooks every bit good as countenances that result from evildoings this consequences in a calmer. drum sander. twenty-four hours and easier twelvemonth group to group passages.

Reasons why it is of import to hold behaviour boundaries: –

To make a positive environment. which encourages independency and development of ego – of regard to enable all kids to care for themselves. be responsible for their ain safety and take ownership of their ain action and take pride in their accomplishments. To halt all signifiers of intimidation. racial and sexual torment all incidents will be exhaustively investigated and all kids involved will be counselled and parents will be informed and involved in all determination devising. When kids are being bullied in school we may non ever recognise that they are being bullied or likewise they besides may misconstrue the nature and label one incident as intimidation.

All incidents will be recorded and in instances or racial and sexual incidents the schools governors will besides be involved. When pull offing pupils behavior. all staff will necessitate to be cognizant of schools policies. The bulk of kids / immature people do non show Challenging behavior. and they attend arrange of educational scenes in environments which are conductive to larning appropriate behaviors. . it is indispensable to guarantee that behavior which does non run into school scenes outlooks. is responded to throughout direction schemes that do non trust upon and signifier of physical or opprobrious intercession. The purposes of this process is: –

To advance positive behavior direction in schools and instruction scenes and to assist schools and educational scenes to understand what the jurisprudence means for them in practical footings and supply staff with advice on good pattern. To protect the involvement and good – being of kids and immature people’s for whom staff have a shared duty and to protect staff in fulfillment of their responsibility’s to kids and immature people and reduced the likeliness of actions by staff being challenged in the tribunals. Protecting the local authorization who finally has duty for the actions of its staff.

Examples of using these regulations and boundaries in conformity with policies and processs

All grownups who work within the school environment have a duty to themselves and to the schools. to pattern a high criterion of behavior. both in their traffics with the kids and with others grownups within the school as their illustrations of behavior has a important influence on the children’s behavior. Good strong teamwork between grownups will promote good behavior in kids. Each school has a behavior policy that staff should be cognizant of and adhere to all staff ; all new staff follows an initiation programme to vouch a reliable attack to behaviour direction.

Classroom administration and learning methods have a major influence on children’s behavior in schoolroom environment. kids are cognizant of the grade to which they and their attempts are valued. A good relationship between a instructor. learning helper and the kids promotes positive schemes which are used together with schoolroom shows that the kids have done by themselves all have a bearing on the children’s behaviour behavior.

Assessment standards 2. 1

The benefits of encouraging and honoring positive behavior.

All kids are given expressed guidelines on their expected behavior within the schools premises and all outlooks are given in clear and precise mode paying attending of the relevant age scope. All kids will be encouraged and trained to the day-to-day modus operandis and duties for their ain actions when in school. Positive and appropriate behavior is rewarded with particular choosing activity and positive attending and privileges. A whole category spine chart possibly implemented to promote more positive behavior in which the category will be rewarded with a dainty. The best manner to honor good behavior and promote more is positive support. Good behavior consequences from parents and grownups honoring the kid with encouragement and positive words. If a kid feels good about something that they have did and achieved they are more than probably to reiterate the good behavior.

Childs are of course born pleaser’s and you can honor good behavior with a simple smiling. a laugh. congratulations or a go oning merriment activity. Children will be encouraged to reiterate good behavior because each clip they are holding more merriment and enjoyment. Good behavior agencies that they get to reiterate the merriment things that they like to make and this encourages them to hold good behavior. Honoring good behavior with regards kids like to experience more adult up so they are and this encourages the kids to go on with good behavior and will besides do them experience more independent. State the kids with good behaviors that they are moving a certain age older. Another manner to honor good behavior is to state the kid or kids how pleased you are with something that the kid has done. The kid will be encouraged to maintain up with the good behavior. Most significantly reward good behavior and promote more with forbearance and sort words.

Assessment standards 3. 2

Examples of the types of behavior that should be referred to others and to whom these should be referred to.

There will be times when kids might non demo a positive behavior. There could be many grounds for any type of inappropriate behaviors shown sometimes kids and immature people are merely proving the bounds of their boundaries or sometimes their could be far more serious grounds behind it. However in a state of affairs like this instructors and learning helpers need to recognize that when the kid needs to be referred to others. Sometimes children’s behavior could demo some marks that they need some excess support.

Children biting: – Most kids stop biting by the age of three. It is common in yearlings and is linked to defeat as they can non speak and show their feelings and happen it hard to command their emotions. If older kids are still seize with teething they may necessitate to be investigated to find what is doing them to act in this manner.

Aggression: – While most kids will quibble and younger kids will hit out older kids should be more controlled. Aggressive Acts of the Apostless such as hitting another kid for no ground should be referred.

Change of behavior: – If children’s behavior alterations on certain yearss or who were all right earlier may necessitate extra support. There could be many grounds of sudden alteration in their behavior such as maltreatment. household separation. or a mourning in the household.

Many behavioral jobs can be solved by a instructor or instruction helper but sometimes the more serious jobs needs to be reported on to people higher up in the school system.

These include: –

Hearing a kid stating something about another person’s race. Which the instruction helper at first study to the instructor. so the caput and if necessary they would inform the parents of the kids involved.

Verbal maltreatment to another to another individual. First this would be reported to the instructor and so the caput and if necessary the parents of the kid.

Stealing from other kids or around the school e. g. schoolroom etc – study to teacher and the caput. parents of the kid or kids will be informed and constabularies if necessary.

The types of behavior that are unacceptable and should be referred to others include: –

Using your power. strength and authorization to intimidate others. Abusive linguistic communication. and racialist. homophobic. sexist linguistic communication. Possession of and taking drugs or intoxicant and illegal substances or come ining the school premises after holding taken intoxicant or any drugs. combat and violent behavior may ensue to damage of school belongings.

We besides need to mention the undermentioned types of inappropriate behavior: –

Behaviour that is inappropriate for the child’s phases of development e. g. a kid over four old ages old who continues seize with teething an older kid who hits other kids or is physically aggressive in other ways. Self harming behavior. and the common type of behavior is strong-arming: – Other professionals who may be called upon aid to all those involved. It is utile for senior members of staff to go to meetings in which allows everyone to lend information about a kid. these will assist to make an overview on the advancement. development and behavior of the kid and its here that recorded observations will be particularly utile.

Professionals who may go involved include the followers: –

Health Visitors

Plants chiefly with kids up to five old ages and their households. look intoing for healthy growing and development.

Play Therapists

Play healers have specialist preparation and work with kids through drama to assist them experience emotionally secure.

Baby doctors

Baby doctors are physicians who specialise in the attention of kids and immature people up to the age of 16. to look into for normal development and diagnose troubles.

Educational Psychologist

They assess kids and immature people who have particular demands and give advice. peculiarly for those with emotional and behaviour troubles.

Child Psychologist

They are physicians who specialise in naming and handling behavioral and thought upsets in kids. striplings and sometimes in grownups. They use there cognition on many factors including biological and psychological factors. in order to invent a intervention program for a kid with behavioral and thought upsets. This program may include medicine to assist command or understate certain behaviors or ideas.


We have learnt that all members of staff should be consistent and just when using boundaries and regulations for kids and immature people and to why it is of import to make so. Besides to use these regulations and boundaries within the schools policies and processs. We have besides detailed the importance of encouraging and honoring positive behavior and the ways these can hold affect on the kids and immature people. we have provided illustrations of the types of behavior that possibly found in kids and immature people and who they may be referred to in different state of affairss sing to the different behavior forms.

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two people having a conversation


Introduction > Table Manners > Telephone Manners > Professional Manners > Conversation > Social Skills > Conclusion

Conclusion: Getting Along With People

How you express yourself shows the kind of person you are – rude or considerate, selfish or generous. The really polite person is tuned in to other people’s feelings and can put themselves in another person’s place. They can understand how it would feel to be new to the neighborhood or job, or what it’s like to be the shortest person in the class or the shyest person at a party. They react with understanding and with the kind of manners that matter because they come from the heart.

Treating others the way you would like to be treated is the easiest rule to follow and encourages others to treat you in kind. Even the most polite people in the world can occasionally say the wrong thing or make mistakes, but being kind, considerate, and generous on a daily basis shows true manners. We can’t police ourselves all the time, but before you say or do something, ask yourself how you would feel if others said or did that to you. The more you practice this rule, the more natural and easier it becomes.

Good manners show the best you have to offer and encourage others to be their best. Practicing these manners on a daily basis makes for a more pleasant life.

Take the Test again and see how much you have learned! or return to the main Skills Development page .

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