How internet impact on society positively and negatively

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How internet impact on society positively and negatively

Vijay Sharma
December 8, 2016
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Internet impact on society

Practically Internet is building more powerful societies around the world. This is the biggest positive when it’s about awareness and unity. But at the same time, the power of the internet is misused by the groups, communities, companies. And people are concerned about the privacy of their uses and this the biggest negative impact of the internet on society. 

Globally connected online people are now more than a society. You can call it robotic society. Internet affects society as soon as it tries to meet the personal and business desires unethically. Those impacting societies in between personal, social, economic and political activities.

Society is influenced by educational resources, social media websites, web application, shopping sites, online business, internet marketing, research and automation of social skills positively and negatively. Many people can’t imagine a happier day without using the internet in their daily life. Why, because there are so many uses of the internet in our daily life.

That’s why the excessive use of informational resources on the internet without the basic knowledge of the best method to use technologies making societies physically and mentally unfit. That’s the biggest negative impact of the internet on our society and especially for a new generation.

Now WhatsApp and Facebook are the best places to connect and find friends. And most of the Facebook friends do not contribute to daily life problems and happiness, it means friendship on the internet are just artificial and not contributing to practical life.

But 15 to 20 years ago it was not the case.  Now Technically it means today people love robots and can’t live without it. Mobiles, Computers and all kind of websites on the Internet are not less than robots.

Nowadays people are investing in robots and trying to integrate and develop emotions.  But that’s the challenge for human intelligence from the artificial algorithms.

Yes, you can do various productive things on the internet. I always say and believe that wise, purposeful use of the Internet is a boon for the societies, businesses and for students.

Now let’s try to understand How it’s impacting the societies positively and negatively.

The positive impact of the internet on society

The biggest Positive impact of the internet on society is the popularity of social networks and social media websites. Societies around the globe are becoming stronger, developed and more intelligent because most technologies are interlinked with the internet.

But some of us are inspired to follow good habits after the internet, but most fall into bad habits.

Information on the internet that you receive can make you positive or negative. It is changing every second with the speed of technology.

On the Internet, every information looks important. That important-looking information, actually makes people positive and negative. And people connected to the negatives information and sources on the Internet, helped the producers to spread rumors knowingly and unknowingly without personal analysis and institutional judgment. And now It’s impacting everyone lives.

Internet impact on society is now making economic, social, and political changes around the globe. It’s obvious because billions user, communities, cultures using the internet in their daily life. And our actions, thoughts and communication skills on the internet is impacting society positively or negatively.

According to in  2016 approximately 3,424,971,237 people are using the internet. Internet developing the argumentative and rude communication skills and languages,  beliefs, behaviors and values in the society.

In the end, it’s easy to say that negative or positive uses of the internet are dependent on us. But if we will think socially then our each other’s actions and reactions creating the positive and negative uses of the internet.

Online communication is helping to build social relationships around the World.

The Internet has connected societies and its culture in a daily life communication and now creating relationships on the internet. Groups on social media are just an example of social interactions. The Internet is also developing a different cultures globally in the societies.

Internet added values in the people’s life and the way we introduce each other and communicate for shared life, career and business values.  The Internet removes the geographical barriers between people. Societies are getting inspired by each other. And the biggest positives that slowly but definitely societies breaking the Superstition, conservatism and cultural egos.  

Generally, this is not a new model of societies on the internet. The Internet is a big village in which there are so many different kinds of social networks such as Facebook, Linked IN, Google+, Pinterest etc. in which artists, writers, designers, programmers, students and common people get knowledge about the human capacities and increased in creativity after interacting with each other. It can be through social media posts, videos, blog, and business. And I think this is very positive for societies.


Uses of Computer and Internet are very important for the Society for consistent Social Development.

Internet added influence factors in social interactions such as trustworthiness, selfless guides, blogs and profile descriptions. More than this online shopping, online jobs, online marketing, online banking, mobile wallets helping societies to explore new heights using the internet. It’s increasing the living standard of society.

The Internet provides various communication methods and platform for societies. Today, social workers and social entrepreneurs able to influence a wider audience on social, personal, economic and environmental topics through blogs, social media, videos, podcast, ebooks, newsletters, infographics etc.

It was not possible before computer and Internet to execute lessons learned from one society to implement that in another society.

Internet provided freedom of options to share feelings and thoughts within society. and this is the positive advantages of the internet in evolving new ways for social development.


Every human want to connect to the Internet

Now people care more about online reputation and explored new ways of doing old things. Internet provided great benefits for students, job seekers, small business owners. Online business and remote jobs, online degrees and live classes or services from home are trending and such changes influencing societies positively.

Here you can learn more about Importance of internet in education at schools

The negative impact of the internet on society

The Internet is very important part of life a new generation in the society. Due to the new generation, a new culture is building. The culture of selfies, propaganda, stress, comparison, depression is growing faster online. Many people feel comfortable to share the point of views on the Internet but never implemented that in their own life.

On the internet, everyone is speaking but fewer people are listening and very few of them are implementing the tips. It means 1 student and 1000 teachers. It’s reducing the analysis power of people. And this is the biggest negative impact of the internet on society.

Today, people don’t care about their neighbors. They care about their online friends. It’s because societies are becoming comfortable. And no one cares about the problems practically such as environmental changes. The Internet is becoming the source of raising fund for a social cause. And in reality, only a few societies using that fund for the social and environmental development.

The Internet is creating robotic societies. A society with hybrid skills doing like, comments but doesn’t have feelings and own impact on his/her social shares.  This can be the negative impact of the internet on society.

The negative use of internet in society only possible then when people have lack of knowledge, how to use? When to use? What to communicate and what not.

And I thinks It’s really important to guide kids, students, and teens from childhood about the disadvantages of internet.

The Internet is a network of online connected servers, desktop computers, laptop and mobile phones. And societies are now inside this internet network.

Everyone wants to get out from the internet to able to spend some time with families, friends, and relatives with their moments. But most the of people are addicted to the internet. And it’s losing the connection and bond of having a family, friends, and relatives.

Without the practical internet and computer knowledge, it’s tough to get even a computer operator job after an MCA degree. That’s why schools around the world teaching students computer and internet skills. Even they are using the computer and the internet to teach.

The Internet is transforming the social transactions by the use of the internet. Best wishes, happy birthday wishes or happy marriage anniversary to gift cards such things are now sent by the using internet and this is nothing more than artificial care.

Impact of internet politics on the society

The Internet is also helping the politicians to infect the society by dividing the unity of people by producing communalism and casteism material on the internet. Producers of communalism and casteism in the society never develop the society. But they use it to get votes and favor of people in the election.

All kind societies, cultures are got affected around the globe by such kind of group of people on the internet. Society is bound to support Individualism. Society is in the trap of dilemma on the internet.  Societies will be becoming handicapped very soon if such political practices not ignored by people on the Internet and social media.


Society is living a digital life

Society is a group of cultures, objectives. humans, plants, animals, water, sun, everything that we see and touch is the part of society. But do you think girls are safe, do you see development in natural resources and most importantly do you care about plants, water, humanity. If not you then who will. You’re the society, you’re the leader.

But our society is living a digital life. Internet dazzled the eyes of society and in between this it’s very tough to decide right and wrong on the internet. And now you can think, how worse can be the disadvantages of the internet for the society.

Social and personal safety on the internet

There are so many inappropriate materials on social media sites and internet. Such material I don’t think will be good for children, teenagers. There are so many hacking information and data on the internet. Even children are hacking the websites today.

Privacy and Internet security of the society are the biggest concern for people very soon.

There is nothing about privacy on the internet. It’s very tough even for the government of various countries to protect user’s privacy.

We’re using various apps in mobile and you know that 90% of apps ask your permission or give access to use your photos, contacts and other data. You don’t have other option to install the apps on the phone if you don’t want to do that.

This is the biggest challenge for the society to do mobile banking and cashless transactions. Because the data is compromised by such companies and there is no guarantee that you’re safe or not. When government websites are hacked, when big companies websites are hacked then what do you think your data and privacy is safe. Any apps can influence to install in the mobile and you don’t have time to think what is behind the seen.

This is how privacy and security of people are comprised through the ithe nternet. It’s another biggest and most trending disadvantage of the internet.

It’s very easy for hackers to hack mobile, internet banking and money wallets. Because you don’t have options, you see various eye-catching links on the internet Facebook and Whatsapp etc.  

Not all links you click and access the applications on the internet are safe. When accounts of political parties are hacked then what do you think about the common people in the society.

So it’s very tough to be safe on the internet. But who care? No one has time, society is busy in the religion controversies and superstition activities instead of cleaning dust from their goals and that is Human Development and Environmental development.

Human intelligence versus Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent people of the society sitting at homes and fools are showing the society that they are intelligent and getting the votes. Ministers are busy in stakes in speeches.

Experts are busy in the debates on news channel. Completed degree students are busy in finding jobs.

Professionals are always near to deadlines. People like you and me working on daily wages and living a city life far away from village and parents. We’re busy in earning money to able to pay rent to house owner each month. Then it’s obvious that who have time for environment and nature and social development.

We are showing our DESH BAHKTI on the internet. In the public view on the internet we’re ultimate with our professional profiles but in real life. You know that. Sharing Desh Bhakti and inspiring other people is good, but if you plant one tree in a year, it can be more than good for the country.

Everything is controlled by the internet in the society. And who have control have more power and money to change the lives of people in the society. Such as social media network almost deleted the offline social activities.

The Internet makes up the societies and after that, it’s looking modern.  But at the end of the day when internet makeup on the society is clear then everyone come back to his family and friends and real life problems. And then try to live a life of the human in which he/she struggle to find a piece of mind and happiness.

The society is in the loop of codes on the internet

Internet impacted everything in the society from students to teachers, Entrepreneurs to clients, sellers to buyers and human to robots. No one is remained untouched without a technology. Even when a 3-month child cries his/her mother play songs or videos in the mobile, kids stop crying and start smiling. This is amazing. You can say it’s positive or negative.

But I have to say that it’s a necessity in this time. And I consider only productive uses of the internet. And I am more in the favor of environmental and nature development than the internet. But we all need to think seriously about our nature in which we can plant a new trees and care existed one’s and improve water sources etc.


Read more from Dr. Deepak Garg: Ideas Galore-Execution missing … Criticism Galore-Respect missing that can also help you in the analysis of internet impact on society.

So, it’s true that internet affected the society negatively by the use internet.

The bright side of the internet in such negative social impact. But this is not the case with the all the people on the internet. Some societies developed new uses of the internet in daily life for human desires. There are so many websites, blogs, search engines where people help each other in career and business development. Communities, forums, freebies and open source are live on the internet by the people for the people.

Solutions to protect society from the negative impact of the internet

Society is not that much internet and computer literate. They need to learn to get the benefits of internet safely. The common people of society don’t take too much burden to think about it. They are influenced and hypnotize by the few communities. And they never able to influence the society if you ignore and do not respond.

But what are the solutions that help society to live again actually? How we can redirect the society on correct domains. What things if we do each other that can make a change, a change that is innovative, environment-friendly and based on trust.

In which there is no casteism and egoism between each of us! Earth is not only for rich and V VIP’s to enjoy life and it’s a place also for common people of India or world. We can make the world in which every person can live their life with happiness.

Do you think this is possible! If you think this is possible then what we can do? If someone read this article then I want the views in comments for the development of the society by using the internet.

I am no one, I am not important and but learn what I think about it that can help each of us because we’re society. People like you and me and our family friends, relatives, neighbors and their friends etc. each of us is connected with each other for something that I call society. We all are society and we have to think about it. You can be disagreeing and it’s your right.

We can do following things on the internet for the development of society by using the internet:

  • We have to help each other when someone need and when we’re capable of helping. It can be according to your profession. You can do it free or paid choice is yours. But if you’re taking money from someone then give them good product and services and provide those all people value for their money, when they need something from you. Such social practices can be possible by the use of the internet.
  • We need to become a good citizen. Good citizens are not only valuable asset for the country but also the blood of the society. Related:   16 ways you can follow to be a good citizen.
  • We have to follow good habits. Such habits to save water, electricity, plantation of new trees in empty places, participation in social development activities. We can lead by example.
  • Providing learning environment at home and in schools for children.
  • We need to guide our kids and showing them an example of doing good work.
  • Helping neighbors, friends, and relatives in various situations when you’re capable.
  • Creating new opportunities for job seekers on the internet or offline.
  • Teaching people and sharing wisdom on social media or blogs.
  • Creating products that provide great values to consumers. Working with the team for goals. Working hard and smartly for human development. We can become a good private and government employee.
  • Stopping comparison based on religion and treatment of people based on poor and rich terminology on the internet and in the society.
  • No need to spend time all the time alone and on the social networking sites but also sit with elderly people and parents.
  • Learn and educate others about internet privacy and security.
  • etc.

Conclusion: – Life is possible without the Internet (Learn: Life without Internet ) but it is challenged by Artificial Intelligence. Maybe they think we’re robots but we’re capable of doing the things that can help the society, people in their business and career development.

No matter how bad society is influenced by the internet, but people like you and me can play our role. The role is not defined by algorithms, it is defined by our parents, teachers and after self-analysis.

Believe in God and keep growing on the natural foundation.

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