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Copy Editor Resume Sample

Drafting a resume that clearly communicates you are perfect for the job is not always an easy task. Hiring managers expect to see your skills and attributes nicely laid out, and they are looking for a professional and polished resume that shows you are the best choice over the other candidates. By carefully crafting your resume with the best you have to offer, you can ensure you draw attention to what makes you unique. You can use the copy editor resume sample below as inspiration. In addition, the resume builder is a great tool if you need help walking through the writing process.

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Jennifer Hunter

100 Broadway Lane
New Parkland, CA, 91010
Cell: (555) 987-1234
[email protected]

Professional Summary

Dedicated Copy Editor with a degree in journalism and a strong eye for detail. Developed a strong understanding of how to make words work together, cutting down articles before publication and editing work on different topics. Some experience in both writing and researching facts prior to approving articles.

Core Qualifications

  • Trained Journalist
  • Editing Various Topics
  • Background Research
  • Fact Checking
  • Writing on Many Topics
  • Microsoft Office Suite


Copy Editor, August 2012 – March 2015
Los Angeles City Paper – Los Angeles, CA

  • Edited obituaries and lifestyle pieces before moving to the news desk
  • Removed extraneous words and sentences to make articles fit within the space allotted
  • Worked on first drafts submitted by authors, made edits and returned the work to authors before receiving a second draft
  • Ensured articles were free of grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Conducted research to fact check information listed in articles

Copy Editor, September 2010 – May 2012
University of California – Los Angeles, CA

  • Checked the resources given by writers to ensure all information given was valid and truthful
  • Helped design the layout for the school paper and determine the placement of images, text and advertisements
  • Followed the newspaper style guide to ensure all articles fit with the general style of the paper
  • Responsible for transferring articles from the paper to the newspaper’s website
  • Edited news stories and articles on sports, movies and other topics


2012 Bachelor of Science, Journalism
University of California – Los Angeles, CA

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Why Is This a Good Copy Editor Resume Sample?

As a copy editor, you need a strong grasp of the English language and an ability to create written pieces that shine. The copy editor resume sample showcases this, which makes it an outstanding reference to use as you write your own resume. You can easily see how the most important points stressed throughout the resume are what a hiring manager will be looking for.

The summary statement is a concise and well-worded section displaying the most important attributes the applicant possesses. She makes sure to point out her ability to work on a variety of projects while also drawing attention to her dedication to a job well done.

Moving into the skills section, this concise list defines important characteristics and skills a hiring manager would want a copy editor to have, including a strong writing background and research skills. It is scannable, too, allowing the hiring manager to smoothly move to the next section.

The experience section goes a step further than the previous sections by giving details and exact examples of how the applicant used the skills and characteristics she has mentioned. This section gives a nice overview of her experience at past positions and ways she tackled her assignments with precision.

She ends the copy editor resume sample with a strong education section. It provides proof of her journalism training and includes only relevant information.

A hiring manager looking over this resume would find it easy to read and understand. The formatting is fluid and naturally leads from one section to the next. It pulls a reader’s attention to the most important attributes of the applicant due to organization, and it also provides details about her abilities. A hiring manager may want to learn more and set this applicant up for an interview after reading the copy editor resume sample.

Why You Need a Strong Copy Editor Resume

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that copy editor jobs are on the decline, as much as by 5 percent by 2024. This means that jobs will become more competitive as the job market saturates with applicants, and that you need to shine among everyone else.

The best way to land a copy editor job is to have solid experience as a writer and training in the field, and your resume must stress these points. Competition for the limited job openings is tough, so you need to make your resume standout by keeping it concise, including only relevant information, and following the copy editor resume sample.

Costly Copy Editor Resume Mistakes To Avoid

There are many errors that could get your resume thrown out. A common error is trying to include too much. Generally, your resume should only be one page in length. If you try to go into too much detail or include information that is irrelevant, then you may run into this problem.

Another common mistake is not identifying what makes you unique and what skills you have that can contribute to the company, such as a journalism background or exceptional research skills. A hiring manager wants to be able to see right away what your valuable attributes are. If you don’t stress these throughout the resume, the hiring manager may pass you over.

Not proofreading can cause problems for your application, since a hiring manager will see the typos, misspellings, and grammar mistakes that you are supposed to be able to fix. When writing your resume, make sure to use the copy editor resume sample as a guide to avoid common mistakes that could cost you the job.


Writing your resume should not be a stressful process as long as you refer to the copy editor resume sample and adhere to resume best practices. By carefully including only the most valuable information about your skills and experience, you can impress a hiring manager and move one step closer to landing the job. Start writing your resume today.


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