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Magic Skills


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Magic Skill Tree 1

Magic Skills are skills/spells for “mages” and are commonly used with staves or magic devices . Magic skills are characterized with being very useful in a variety of situations, but often has a long cast time, or start up.

Like Brawler skills for knuckles, magic skills can be used with any weapon, but without a staff or a magic device equipped, the damage will be reduced and/or it will take longer to cast.

The most widely used skills in the magic skill tree are MP Charge (the only skill in the game that can be used to quickly recover MP without needing to attack an enemy) and Magic: Impact, for it halves the MP cost of the next move used.

Skills Edit

Courtesy of  Argo’s   Skill Tree Guide

Lv.1 Magic Skills Edit

  • Magic - Arrows

    Magic: Arrows being used on the Boss Colon.

    Magic: Arrows – (MP Needed: 100) No Weapon Restrictions – The first skill in the Magic Skill book. This spell casts a “Cast Circle” in front of you that shoots small magic arrows like an automatic turret. The amount of arrows fired increase as the skill levels up.

  • Magic - Javalin

    Magic: Javelin being casted on the Excavated Golem Boss.

    Magic: Javelin – (MP Needed: 200) No Weapon Restrictions – The first skill that is on the top row of where it stems from Magic: Arrows. This spell casts a large magic javelin to drop apon the target. You have a chance to inflict a status ailment. The status ailment depends on the element.
    Stems from Magic: Arrows

  • 2B Magic - Wall

    Magic: Wall activated Knockback against Golden Coryn Mini Boss.

    Magic: Wall – (MP Needed: 200) No Weapon Restrictions – The first skill that is on the bottom row of where it stems from ​Magic: Arrows. This spell casts a magic circle around you that forms at your feet and acts like a wall.. It deals damage and will knockback enemies.
    Stems from Magic: Arrows.

  • 0A Magic - Mastery

    Magic: Mastery – Restricted for Staff/Magic Devices – This skill is located under Magic: Arrows. Get more efficient at using Staffs and Magic Devices. ATK of Staffs and Magic Devices increases.

  • 0B MP Charge

    MP Charge being used to recover mana during the battle against the Minotaur Boss.

    MP Charge – No Weapon Restrictions  This skill is at the far bottom of the skill book. This spell restores MP by charging magic power. The charging time reduces as the skill levels up.

Lv.2 Magic Skills Edit

  • 3A Magic - Lances

    Magic: Lances casted upon the Minotaur Boss.

    Magic: Lances – (MP Needed: 300) No Weapon Restrictions This spell shoots magic lances one after another. The lances increase in damage as the skill levels up.
    Stems from Magic: Javelin.’

  • Magic: Blast – (MP Needed: 300) No Weapon Restrictions – Set off a blast by concentrating magic power. You have a chance to inflict a status ailment. The status ailment depends on the element.
    Stems from Magic: Wall.


  • 01 Chain Cast

    Chain Cast No Weapon Restrictions  Efficiently cast magic. The cast speed of the magic skill used after “Magic: Arrow” increases.
    Stems from MP Charge.

Lv.3 Magic Skills Edit

  • Magic: Impact(MP Needed: 200) No Weapon – Attack enemies around you with a shock wave. Halves MP cost of the next skill. The effect will become weak if you consecutively use this skill.

Stems from Magic: Lances.

    • This skill becomes faster the more points you put into it.
    • At Magic: Impact level 7, the skill becomes an instant-cast skill.
  • Magic: Storm(MP Needed: 400) No Weapon Restrictions – A magic to generate a storm. Enemies will be sucked into it. Strong monsters may not be sucked into it.
    Stems from Magic: Wall.
    • Using Magic Devices can widen the range of Magic: Storm.
  • Power WaveNo Weapon Restrictions – Widens the range of normal attacks. You can attack from further than the weapon range. Reduces damage except when Staffs and Magic Devices are equipped into 1st slot.
    Stems from Chain Cast.

Skill Names Edit

Unique to magic skills is when the weapon equipped has a different element, it not only has a different animation, but also has a different name when used (although the shortcut button remains unchanged). Also, the status ailments of both Magic: Javelin and Magic: Blast can change.

Element Magic: Arrows Magic: Wall Magic: Javelin Magic: Lances Magic: Blast
WaterWater ArrowsAqua ScreenIce JavelinIcicleAbsolute Zero
FireFire ArrowsFire WallFire JavelinVulcanExplosion
EarthEarth ArrowsEarthquakeRock JavelinRock CannonGeo Impact
WindWind ArrowsGale ZoneWind JavelinWind ThrustAero Blast
LightLight ArrowsHoly Wall*Holy JavelinVanishmentShining Blast
DarkDark ArrowsEvil GateDark JavelinEclipseEvil Blast

*Holy Wall used to be named Sanctuary, which has been changed due to a support skill of similar name.

Status Ailments Edit

All elements except fire cause Magic: Javelin & Magic: Blast to give Flinch, interrupting the target’s current move and causing a 1 second stun. Fire inflicts the status ailment Ignite, which will quickly deplete a set percentage of the target’s health.

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