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Minimum Wage Essay

Should We Increase Minimum Wage?

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The topic on whether the minimum wage should be increased our untouched has been a hot topic in the media and political scene lately. Both the republicans and democrats have spent some big bucks lobbying their insights on the matter. There has been a lot of subjective and objective arguments that are reasonable on both the pros and cons of increasing our national minimum wage. To add to the drama associated with this topic, President Obama endorsed a bill proposing a nearly 40% rise from $7.25 to…

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Same Minimum Wage for All Citizens

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Whether minimum wage should be state or federally mandated is the question that state representatives all across the nation are questioning. The minimum wage law changes by each job, every state, and people who get the short end of the stick are wondering ‘why?’ There is no doubt that minimum wage should be the same for all citizens. All employees should be treated and paid the same depending on the department and their position. It is extremely unethical that ordinary people obtain a larger salary…

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The Minimum Wage War

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Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA) or otherwise known as the Wages and Hours Bill. This new law created a maximum forty-four hour workweek, guaranteed “time-and-a-half” for overtime hours in certain jobs, banned oppressive child labor, and established the nation’s first minimum wage. By definition, a minimum wage is the lowest wage permitted by law or by a special agreement (such as one with a labor union). Throughout the years, the minimum wage has been a central debate topic for the socioeconomic world…

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History of Minimum Wage

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definition of Minimum Wage is “an amount of money that is the least amount of money per hour that workers must be paid according to the law” (Minimum wage). Minimum wage, like other laws, are used to keep the economy in line. Minimum wage laws were invented in Australia and New Zealand with the purpose of guaranteeing a minimum standard of living for unskilled workers. (Linda Gorman) Minimum wage puts a price on the services one offers. Many different principles can be used to explain Minimum wage and explore…

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Benefits of Raising the Minimum Wage Essay

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employee who works year-round is less than $16,000 (about $15, 080) according to the current federal minimum wage (Rebuilding). To put into retrospect how out-dated the federal minimum wage is, consider that the minimum wage of 1956 amounted to exactly $7.93 in 2009 (Henderson). How progressive is it that our nation’s workers being paid less today than workers from the 50’s? The federal minimum wage should be raised in order to assist families out of poverty, to ensure the effort and loyalty of workers…

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The Minimum Wage Must Be Raised Essay

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to boost the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020, the largest city to try to help its lowest-paid workers survive amid the nation’s growing income inequality.”
— Michael Winter, USA TODAY May 19, 2015

Understanding the potential of an increase in today’s minimum wage is the key to understanding the above statement. As a financial mechanism in American society, the minimum wage has helped to sustain generations of workers. Yet, there are two sides to the debate over minimum wage increases. One…

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The Effects Of Higher Minimum Wage Essays

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The Effects of a Higher Minimum Wage
When I was eleven years old my parents told me that they could not afford to buy me new school clothes that year. So, in my desperation for some new school clothes I started working. I did odd jobs on farms for family and friends, as well as babysitting. I worked that whole summer of my 6th grade year, and I continued to work every summer up until my senior year in high school when I started to work full-time. I started helping pay my parents rent when I was…

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The Minimum Wage Must Be Raised Essay

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amount of time and effort that goes into a daily job, these workers are making minimum wage and are fighting to survive in the current economic state. It is close to impossible for most families to survive without spending paycheck-to-paycheck, as most do. There is a seemingly simple fix for this problem: Raise the minimum wage. Although raising the minimum wage will cause some commotion in this economy, a raise in this wage will help benefit all aspects of our economy and the people who work and support…

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Effects of Increasing Minimum Wage Essay

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The idea of having a federal minimum wage is a good one. The idea is to protect low and unskilled workers from discrimination and allow all workers to earn a living wage. The recent debate on the floor, though, is whether or not to raise the minimum wage from the current $7.25 per hour up to $10.10 per hour. President Barack Obama made this proposal during his annual State of the Union Address on January 28, and following this there were many hot debates about it. The debates focused not only on…

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Macroeconomics: Should Minimum Wage Be Raised?

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Case for More Than the Minimum Wage, written by Peter Coy on February 13th, 2014. The article starts with talking about President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union address calling for an increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour. There was also a reference in the 2013 State of the Union address, but at that time it was to raise the minimum wage to $9.00 per hour. Where do these numbers really come from? Are they arbitrary or is there an economic rationale?
The minimum wage has been on political…

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The Minimum Wage Should Be Eliminated Essay

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“The minimum wage is something that F.D.R. put in place a long time ago during the Great Depression. I don’t think it worked then. It didn’t solve any problems then and it hasn’t solved any problems in 50 years.”
— John Raese

In the United States, the federal government maintains a national minimum wage to protect the purchasing power of ordinary workers. It seems good that the government protects your purchasing power by adjusting the minimum wage with respect to the inflation rate. Its…

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The Minimum Wage Debate

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The minimum wage debate has recently made a large comeback in United States politics. Contemporary studies show over 3.8 million Americans are paid at or below minimum wage (Dickinson 33). Many have looked skeptically back on past wage systems and have questioned wage’s relationship to current market inflation. In response to this inquiry, a large majority of the general population, relatively unrelated to their degree of income, support legislation to increase the minimum. However, the issue has…

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The Effects of a Minimum Wage Law

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What are the Effects of a Minimum Wage Law?
A minimum wage is the lowest amount of money per hour that the government of the country assigns employers to pay their employees. The minimum wage is based on an idea that the employers have a responsibility for their employees to live in a reasonable standard of living. The minimum wage laws have directly effect to most industries because of the potential of decreasing their budget. As a result, the minimum wage is still an issue that people research…

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Should The Minimum Wage Be Increased?

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large scale over the State of Michigan’s plans to increase the minimum wage from seven dollars and fifty cents to ten dollars. Although increasing the minimum wage may seem beneficial to some, possibly stimulating the economy or increasing the standard of living for those who live below the poverty line, when looking at the economic issue through a larger lens and placing it into its context, one finds that by increasing the minimum wage, not only is the State of Michigan not addressing the most critical…

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Abolishing Minimum Wage

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Abolishing the Minimum Wage
Many Americans think of the minimum wage as a means of raising the income of the working people. However, the minimum wage is not the best way to combat poverty. In fact, the minimum wage does more harm than good. The list of its negative effects is a long one: it causes unemployment; it prevents unskilled workers from getting the on-the-job training they need; it encourages teenagers to drop out of school; it promotes the hiring of illegal aliens; and it increases welfare…

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Minimum Wage and Poverty

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living below the poverty line due to low minimum wage (Gidfar). A child living in poverty can face serious problems in the future. Reducing poverty should not be charity work. As citizens of the world it should be a social responsibility to find a way in which poverty can no longer be a living status, especially for a developed country like America. It is one of the top countries before Mexico with the highest rate of child poverty (Gidfar). In context, minimum wage has a large impact on poverty within…

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Minimum Wage

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will give an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the minimum wage. There are many different opinions about whether a national minimum wage is a good or a bad thing for our economy and people individually and by looking into various different resources and researching thoroughly, a conclusion will be drawn to hopefully provide a fair and unbiased review.
In the UK, there are 3 different bands when it comes to minimum wage, if you are between 16 and 17 years old you are entitled to no less…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Minimum Wage

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The minimum wage has many positives and negatives. Some advantages are that it provides employees a minimum income to be able to pay bills and meet basic needs; it prevents companies from taking advantage of the labor market, and it makes sure companies share their wealth with the employees who assisted in generating it. Some disadvantages are that it leads to job outsourcing; it is harmful to non-profit organizations, and foreign companies have an advantage over domestic companies.
The first benefit…

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Should Minimum Wage Be Raised?

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Should Minimum Wage Be Raised?
Minimum wage has always been a controversial issue. Many politicians use the argument of minimum wage for their own political propaganda. Some may argue minimum wage should be raised, while others believe it will have detrimental effects on our economy if it is raised. Surprising to most people, minimum wage earners make up only a small percent of American workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, minimum wage workers make up about 2.8% of all workers…

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Raising the Minimum Wage Essay

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too. With the thought of that, in the United States today, millions of Americans are living on the federal minimum wage of $7.25. For this case, it is necessary that there is a need for an increase in the federal minimum wage because it would be much more beneficial to both the economy of the United States and to individual workers because more Americans need spending power, higher minimum wage will help close the wide gap between the wealthy and the poor, and the working poor need to protect themselves…

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Minimum Wage Rise Proposal

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Honorable (name of US Senator): I strongly recommend you support your “minimum wage rise proposal” on San Francisco’s evidence, which in 2004 enforce a 26% increase in minimum wages resulted in a “significant increase in wages and compressed wage inequality without create any detectable employment loss” . By reading this memo, you will found a resume of Dube et. at (2007) study underlying both: strong evidence that support wage rises in some contexts, and the more relevant advices respect the limitations…

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The Minimum Wage Change

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the topic of minimum wage. With president Obama’s increase in the minimum wage to 10.10$ per hour people, both economists and politicians alike, have been debating whether raising the bar is a smart idea. At a time when the country the country’s inflation continues to rise at a steady pace and Americans are constantly working to feed their families, some economists know that a raise in the minimum wage would help elevate some of the difficulty. The last time the federal minimum wage was raised was…

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Issue of Raising the Minimum Wage

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raise the minimum wage. The minimum wage is the lowest hourly salary an employer can pay an employee for their work. According to Williams (2013), “The minimum wage was signed into law by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1938”. The first minimum wage was 25 cents per hour. Since then, the minimum wage has been increasing as the last increase of Florida’s minimum wage was an increase of 14 cents on Jan. 1, 2014. This federal increase makes it 68 cents higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25.…

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Minimum Wage in Countries

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Minimum wage is the lowest wage permitted by law or a special agreement that can be applied for an employee. Governments set minimum wage on business for reduced poverty and increases in the standard of living. In 2009 from six dollar and fifty five cents to seven dollars and twenty five cents, minimum wage has increased and has been beneficial up to the minimum wage. In 2014 it will be a dollar up so it is going to be tough. The issue is whether to raise the minimum wage or not. For this reason…

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The Benefits of Raising the Federal Minimum Wage

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Picture this: You are a single parent of two, you work 40 hours a week plus occasional overtime at a minimum wage paying job, you struggle to put food on the table to feed your family, and then you receive a call from the bank saying that your home is being foreclosed. This is the situation faced by thousands of Americans every year due to low income and wealth inequality. The federal minimum wage (FMW) as of April 2014 is $7.25, which is not enough to keep a family of two above the poverty line.…

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Essay on The Politics of Minimum Wage

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The federally mandated minimum wage has been a divisive political issue in American politics since it first came into effect in 1938 under the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR advocated for the minimum wage with the argument that “all but the hopelessly reactionary will agree that to conserve our primary resources of manpower, government must have some control over maximum hours, minimum wages, the evil of child labor, and the exploitation of unorganized labor” (Greene 2013). This idea led…

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Minimum Wage vs. Slavery

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Le’Sean Marks
English 102; Civil War Term Paper
March 21, 2013

In a time like today, everyone who has ever received minimum wage could agree that it is not ideal, nor is it fair in most cases. However, to compare the brutality of minimum wage to that of slavery is preposterous! In slavery, especially the slavery that occurred in America, human beings lacked more than just proper compensation for their labor. Along with not being fairly rewarded: families were ripped…

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Taking a Look at Minimum Wage

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is to decrease non-wage benefits. For instance, medical care, paid sick leave, fitness, tuition for children, safe working condition, and paid vacation time. Although, most of non-wage benefits are not required, employees would be happier and safer with their working environment. For huge businesses, non-wage benefits could cost a significant amount of money; for example, fitness requires an area for equipment, electricity, and staffs. As a result, to decrease or limit non-wage benefits would reduce…

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Essay The Importance of Increasing the Minimum Wage

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An adult supporting themselves on minimum wage is hard enough, but to support a family as well can send a person plummeting below the poverty line. The set minimum wage of $7.25 is not the minimum wage we think it is. Minimum wage workers are not just teenagers taking your orders at a fast food restaurant, they are people of any and all ages trying to earn enough money to put bread on the table. The causes of the inflation of minimum wage are a conglomerate of selfish political leaders, lack…

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Minimum Wage Persuasive Essay

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Persuasive Essay

$7.25 equals two gallons of gas, one fast food meal, or a simple school supply. With the minimum wage at the current rate you must work one hour to earn the seven dollars and twenty-five cents that only supply you with small necessities for everyday living. This problem was encountered before and was resolved with the agreement to higher the minimum wage from $5.85 to the current $7.25. Although that was a big increase in salaries, was it truly enough? This controversy…

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Essay on Pros and Cons of Minimum Wage

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and Cons of Minimum Wage

The argument for minimum wage has remained remake consistent over the years. Some people are against minimum wage and the other think minimum wage can help you in a certain way. In the midst of the Great Depression, the Unites States federal government passed the Fair Labor Standards Act. The law has been amended almost every year to expand coverage of the wage floor and to increase the wage itself. Many of the fifty states have enacted their own minimum wage laws, some…

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The Increasing of the Minimum Wage

1140 Words | 5 Pages

they look for the increasing every single day. One of the most political issues that are noticeable in 2014 is the idea of the increasing of minimum wage. An article that was written by a group of journalists in the Governing the State and Localities discusses this issue. They say that President Obama talked about increasing the minimum wage. The minimum wage is 7.5, and he wants to increase this number to be around 9 dollars. There is no doubt this news could bring a lot of happiness to huge number…

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Minimum Wage and the American Dream

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Achieving the American Dream while earning minimum wage may take a person longer but it is still attainable. Through higher education or hard work individuals can achieve a higher standard of living.
What is minimum wage? Minimum wage is the lowest hourly rate (dollars per hour) that employers can pay their employees. According to Minnesota’s minnimum wage is $7.25 per hour but will be getting raised to $9.00 per hour. Minnesota’s minimum wage is a common rate among many states such…

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The Economic Impact of Raising the Minimum Wage

1474 Words | 6 Pages

with it a national minimum wage. Echoes of that speech are still heard today. Senator Edward Kennedy (1989: S14707), in his criticism of the most recent increases in the minimum wage, declared:
The minimum wage was, as it should be, a living wage, for working men and women … who are attempting to provide for their families, feed and clothe their children, heat their homes, [and] pay their mortgages. The cost-of-living inflation adjustment since 1981 would put the minimum wage at $4.79 today, instead…

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Poverty, Social Security & Minimum Wage

3111 Words | 13 Pages

Security system and the Minimum wage in eradicating poverty in Hong Kong.

Poverty has been a hot issue in Hong Kong for several years. Several policies developed form the Social Security system have been adopted by the government for soothing this problem, such as the CSSA scheme and the MPF fund. Nevertheless, it seems that the poverty problem is getting worse. Voices of demanding the government to help the poor have become fiercer. Recently, the minimum wage is also called for guaranteeing…

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Effects of Increasing Minimum Wage

794 Words | 3 Pages

a federal minimum wage is a good one. The idea is to protect low and unskilled workers and allow workers to earn a living wage. The recent debate on the floor, though, is whether or not to raise the minimum wage from the current $7.25 per hour up to $10.10. President Barack Obama made this proposal during his annual State of the Union Address, and after this there were many hot debates about it. The debates focused not only on the pro side and the con side of increasing the minimum wage, but also…

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Essay The Effects of a Change in the Minimum Wage

1431 Words | 6 Pages

The Effects of a Change in the Minimum Wage

In 1938, the Fair Labor Standards Act was passed and ever since, the United States has required that all firms that do at least $500,000 worth of business per year pay their workers a minimum wage (“Handy” n.pag.). Because it affects so many workers in so many different aspects of the economy, the minimum wage plays a big part in the cost of labor and how firms deal with those costs. A change in the minimum wage, which would seemingly affect only…

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Essay on Minimum Wage is The Bare Minimum

1018 Words | 5 Pages

Minimum Wage: The Bare Minimum

“They work hard every day; they stock our store shelves, wash dishes at our restaurants, clean our offices at night, care for our kids during the day…They have in common the minimum wage. And they need a raise, and as you saw, they deserve a raise” (Clinton). President Clinton made this speech on the south lawn of the White House at 10:30 a.m. on the 8th of March 2000. He argued for the minimum wage hike to go into effect. He argued for the population…

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Minimum Wage Legislation Essay

958 Words | 4 Pages

Minimum Wage Legislation

I am going to pose the question to you the students of Sir Sandford Fleming
College, do you really want the minimum wage legislation left in affect? As
college students you are not benefiting or gaining anything from minimum wage
legislation. The minimum wage legislation requires all employees to be paid at
least some fixed given dollar amount per hour. This sounds good, but it isn’t
all that it seems!

Minimum wage is an example of government intervention. The government…

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Should Minimum Wage Be Increased? Essay

963 Words | 4 Pages

to the reference (Issues Surrounding the Minimum Wage Debate REVISION 2- Bruce D. Philips,NFIB Research Foundation, 11/30/05) increasing the minimum wage hurts low-skill employees. Most economists agree that increasing the minimum wage destroys jobs. This job loss is concentrated on the least skilled employees in the economy. Research from Duke University, the University of Wisconsin, and Michigan State University indicates that increases in the minimum wage hurt low-skill employees. Cornell University…

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The Minimum Wage Debate

1637 Words | 7 Pages

The minimum wage debate brings about a range of reactions from different people. There are those who believe that there shouldn’t even be a minimum wage and that wages should be determined by the markets. On the other hand, we have those who vigorously argue for increasing the wage minimum citing inflation, the poverty line and worker productivity. Regardless, we do have a federal minimum wage rate in the United States at $7.25 per hour, with some states having a higher minimum wage than the federal…

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Minimum Wage and Its Implications

763 Words | 3 Pages

Minimum wage affects everyone. The current minimum wage is at $7.25 and President Obama announced that he wished to see a change in the minimum wage, he wants to raise the hourly wage to $10.10. A rise in the income of those who are employed will also raise the cost of hiring unskilled labor and can potentially reduce the number of people hired by businesses. Also, if minimum wage is raised then the price of the products that the companies are making might increase which will continue the cycle of…

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Minimum Wage

971 Words | 4 Pages

The concept of minimum wage is to ensure that employers do not pay wages below the mandated level. However this does not always happen instead this policy ends up hurting these workers and the economy in terms of lower job opportunities. This is because the increase of labor costs keeping all other things constant would eat into the net profits of the company. Therefore in order to offset the decrease in profits, the need for low skilled labor decreases and companies look for higher productivity…

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Minimum Wage Essay

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the impact of the National Minimum Wage on employment. This is an area we have had to familiarise ourselves with more and more throughout the last ten years because of the controversial effect of its instalment in April 1999 and its ever increasing minimum wage amount which causes most concern.
The application of a few statistics should help summarise the ever increasing minimum wage and the sheer scale of people affected by its introduction. The national minimum wage has increased by a staggering…

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Minimum Wage Should Be Raised

1145 Words | 5 Pages

The current minimum wage is $7.25, which equals two gallons of milk, one fast food meal or two gallons of gas. Can you imagine yourself working 12-hours a day and only having enough money to pay for rent and put food on the table for your family? With working all those long hours, you can barely afford to pay your utility bills and after that you don’t have enough money or time for luxuries like clothing or vacation. You have no savings as matter of fact, you are in a huge debt and you are living…

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The Federal Minimum Wage Essay

1035 Words | 5 Pages

the minimum wage, to poverty. According to the United States Department of Labor, “The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour” (“Wage and Hour Division”). Some people believe that a solution to this problem is to raise the minimum wage; however, doing so would ultimately result in a negative effect on the United States economy, businesses, and people.
Two groups are affected directly by a change in the minimum wage: the company and the worker. Those in favor for increasing the minimum wage insist…

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Minimum Wage in the United States

1244 Words | 5 Pages

WASHINGTON D.C. President Barack Obama has shouted on Congress to raise the combined minimum wage, the centerpiece proposition at the State of the Coalition address that concentrated on commercial inequality in America. Pointing out that the present minimum of $7.25 is nearly 20% lower in real paying manipulation than it was 25 years ago, he impelled legislators to prop a bill that should hold the nationwide rate to $10.10. We additionally have to do extra to safeguard our economy distinctions…

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The Benefits Of Raising The Minimum Wage

706 Words | 3 Pages

Minimum wage is a difficult number to decide on because it affects different income earning citizens in different ways. According to Principles of Microeconomics, by N. Gregory Mankiw, minimum wage is a law that establishes the lowest price for labor that and employer may pay (Mankiw 6-1b). Currently, the minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 per hour. For many years politicians and citizens have argued on what should be the minimum wage that would benefit the economy and society in general…

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The Minimum Wage Debacle

1320 Words | 6 Pages

The Minimum Wage Debacle
“I could be easily replaced by someone tomorrow for less money.” What a dispiriting statement. I was told this from a coworker in October of last year. This coworker has worked for the same grocery store for over twenty years. His remark caused me to formulate many questions about the ethics of business. More specifically though is the question of how this can be a bigger problem than I had originally thought. I have worked many low end jobs, and have seen first…

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The Pros and Cons of Abolishing Minimum Wage

954 Words | 4 Pages

Abolishing Minimum Wage

Increase, decrease or abolish minimum wage; which is best for our citizens and our economy? Minimum wage was implemented to help unskilled workers to make a living wage but as time goes on the value of minimum wage has plummet. In my research paper I will provide knowledge about minimum wage such as the history, purpose, benefits and the results. I will also present the pros and cons of abolishing the minimum wage and the increase/decrease of minimum.

The minimum wage was originally…

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Minimum Wage Essay

Submitted By peaches902
Words: 804
Pages: 4

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08 December 2010
ENG 1101
Minimum Wage
Increasing the minimum wage has sparked a debate across the nation. To raise the minimum wage or to keep it as is, is the question that has been raised. Many people propose that increasing the minimum wage will benefit the economy, but this does not prove to be necessarily true. Increasing the minimum wage has, in fact, cost this nation more than it is benefiting it. One must not overlook the various effects increasing the minimum wage has on the economy. Yes, there will be some who have more money in their pockets, but many lower class Americans will suffer. The minimum wage should not be increased because it is detrimental to the U.S. economy.
Increasing the minimum wage has caused greater unemployment rates. Surprisingly, this goes unknown to many Americans. The only thing that is apparent to them is that they do a considerable amount of work for little pay. When the minimum wage is increased, they feel more confident in that they are getting the salary that they deserve. So, how are so many Americans suffering when their wages have been increased? The answer can be seen in the soaring unemployment rates. While the government may be increasing the minimum wages, they are also decreasing the number of jobs available to people. The government then has to compensate for the increase of wages. In return, fewer jobs are available. Those who were once eager for an increase of minimum wage, suddenly find themselves unemployed.
Companies will not be able to hire people simply because they can not afford to do so. This will lead to even longer lines at the cash register and longer waiting periods at popular restaurants. Dan Mitchell researched the effects on increasing the minimum wage stating, “A new study shows that this pernicious policy has destroyed more than 500,000 part-time jobs.” He also points out that before this policy was implemented, the economy had fewer problems concerning employment rates. That is, until President Bush signed an increase of minimum wage into action. Ever since then, unemployment rates have been a problem for this nation (Mitchell).
Another reason why the minimum wage should not be increased is because the cost of living will rise. In states that have relatively high minimum wages, the cost of living is higher. This will have the same effect on states with regular minimum wages when it is increased. Consumers will find that the costs of their groceries have increased. They will no longer be able to spend two dollars for a carton of milk; instead, they now have to pay three dollars. Even the price of gas will rise, which many Americans are already struggling to pay for now. Once again, lower-class Americans will be struggling to pay for their basic necessities.
In addition, smaller businesses are only allotted a certain amount of money each year to pay for their companies. This money is spent on bills, appliances, products, and, of course, employee salary. When minimum wage is raised, smaller businesses have to increase the prices of their goods so that they can meet the basic requirements to maintain…

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