My Free Blogging Course, Beginner Blogging, is Now Live!

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My Free Blogging Course, Beginner Blogging, is Now Live!

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Beginner BloggingA few weeks ago, I published a post here on Leaving Work Behind where I talked about the awesome opportunities that blogging gives us.

But the bad news was that I felt technical blogging guidance for absolute beginners is lacking. At the time I said:

…while there are endless resources relating to the creative side of blogging (my clear favorite being How to Start a Blog That Matters over at Fizzle ), I see far less comprehensive technical help available for complete beginners.

To clarify that point, while there are plenty of technical blogging tutorials spread across the web, I’ve never found a free blogging course that does a great job in showing a complete blogging newbie how to get their blog set up in the way they would like – covering everything from design to functionality and beyond.

So I decided to create that course myself.

Today, I am delighted to announce that the above-mentioned course, Beginner Blogging , is now available for you to access. Oh, and did I mention that it’s completely free?

Introducing Beginner Blogging

Beginner Blogging is a comprehensive online course for people who want to start a blog but aren’t sure how.

Through the duration of the course, it is assumed that your technical computing experience is limited to simple tasks such as web browsing, email and word processing – nothing more.

Like I said before, there are loads of courses out there relating to the creative side of blogging, so Beginner Blogging focuses entirely on the technical aspects of how to create a blog that you will love.

I’ve used the benefit of my years of blogging (and my specific experience with the  WordPress  blogging platform) to create this course from the ground up myself. It is exhaustive yet extremely easy to follow, with simple step-by-step instructions and screenshots galore.

Best of all, this course is tried and tested by people just like you, so you know that there is no stone left unturned in terms of teaching you what you need to know in a way that will make perfect sense

Beginner Blogging is broken up into seven sections:

  1. Creating Your WordPress Blog
  2. Getting to Know WordPress
  3. Setting Up Your WordPress Blog
  4. Creating Posts and Pages for Your WordPress Blog
  5. Choosing and Installing a WordPress Theme
  6. Installing and Configuring WordPress Plugins
  7. Creating Menus and Widgets for Your WordPress Blog

The course also includes vital complementary resources, such as an extensive glossary for unfamiliar terms and handpicked lists of free themes and plugins that you can use to take your blog to the next level. Much more is planned for the future too – we’ll soon be launching a blog where we’ll be publishing standalone tutorials created in response to common questions.

In short, Beginner Blogging leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that you have everything you need to create a beautiful and highly functional blog.

What Are You Waiting For?

Does this all seem too good to be true? In other words, why would I give this course away for free? After all, I could be selling this course for $50+.

The answer is simple: for every person who signs up for hosting through my Bluehost  link when completing Part 1 of the course, I get a commission. That’s how investing so much time and money into this course makes sense – I’m hoping that I’ll recoup my costs through commissions.

In this way, I can offer a valuable resource free of charge and make some money out of it. It’s a big win/win.

So if you’re ready to get started, you’ve got two options:

Option one is to head over to Beginner Blogging and dive straight in!

Option two is to sign up to the Beginner Blogging email list, where you’ll be guided through the course over the next five days. Just enter your email address below and we’ll get started:

If you have any questions or comments, please fire away below!


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  1. Hi Tom,
    Its so helpful and thoughtful of you to deliver this FREE course to newbies! Yes, it is a fabulous offer for anyone who wants to be blogger.

    I have no doubt that many that are interested in blogging with WordPress would find this course an invaluable resource. Personally, I will check up the course and share with friends!

    This post “kingged” or upvoted in where it was shared for bloggers,social marketers,and online marketers.

  2. I’ve had a blogger acct since 2006 & blog almost daily. In January I bought my own domain name for the blog – . I now want to get off of blogger, because I’m getting too much bot activity. Should I change to WordPress and can I move all my blogger posts over – lots of pictures?

    • Hey Carol,

      I would say definitely! WordPress has an import tool that you can use for this.



  3. Hi Tom,

    I’ve tried blogging on my own and quit. I just signed up for your course so I can begin at the beginning and hopefully find out what blogging is all about, what I need to put into it, and how to do it correctly.

  4. I can’t tell you how happy I was to find this. It was the most helpful information that I have gotten and I bought 3 books! I was overwhelmed but now I have my blog setup and I am feeling a little less stressed about it. Thank You!!!

    • You’re welcome Kay 🙂

  5. Hi Tom,

    I read your article, it is good for blogging beginners. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

    I have tried blogging on my own for my website traffic improvement but it did not work. even i did not know what was the issue, coild you please help me out.

  6. Between Blue Host India and Blue Host US which would u suggest for hosting a domain name and extension.

  7. Hi
    I started blogging 1 year back. But haven’t made a single penny from my blogs. Now I have started feeling that might be I am not writing on the right topics. I am writing on I have also posted text advertisements on my blogs. But I am unable to understand that how would I bring traffic to my blogs and how would I start earning from them.
    Can u help me in this?

  8. hi Best of all, this course is tried and tested by people just like you, so you know that there is no stone left upturned in terms of teaching you what you need to know in a way that will make perfect sense.


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