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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Persuasive essay – We should exercise and exercising is important to us.

        Why we should exercise and
why exercising is important to us? It is because exercising is one of the most
important things that we should and supposedly we do in our life. In Malaysia
for example, heart disease is number one killer which can easily be prevented
by doing exercise.  More than 1.6 billion
people in the world are either overweight or obese and Malaysia is one of the countries
that stated the highest rate of obesity. For your information, exercise not
only reduces your risk for health problems and several diseases, but it also
has an effect on overall appearance. Exercising can improve self-esteem and
confidence and it has been proved. The truth is when we are doing exercising, it
can be even fun and it has numerous benefits that we can that. It is important
for us to exercise so that we ca live in a healthy condition, live longer and
live more happy.

Let me tell you the reason why people should
exercise. For number one reason is because it will help you to keep fit and
healthy. As we can see, Malaysians are eating numerous amounts of fast foods
these days, so heart disease is becoming more and more common. One out of every
four Malaysians is suffering from some form of heart disease and it has become
silent killer in this country. Obesity is the main cause of this condition. The
more body fat that we have, the greater our risk for heart disease. However, we
can easily prevent this disease by doing exercises. Exercising makes the heart
muscles stronger.
Next is the second benefit to exercise. It can
improve self-esteem and your confident level. Most people think of exercising
as only being a physical activity but it is also a mental activity. There experts
has been studies and show the evidence that people who exercise have higher
self esteem and their confident level is higher that people who does not do
exercising. It also showed that active people are less likely to have
depression and anxiety. Not only that, exercise can give people more energy
which will help people to have positive outlooks on life and it helps to
relieve tension and stress. When we do exercise, our body releases endorphins,
which are chemicals that create a happy feeling in brain. Plus, when we are
exercising we will bring more oxygen into our lungs and our brain.

Next, it will help you to improve your brain
function and your memory. From my own opinion, the best reason why we need to
exercise is because it is really fun actually. I know that most people think
that exercising takes up a lot of time and it requires too much work. Actually,
when people take the time to try exercising, they will realize that it is an
enjoyable experience. It does not matter how you do the exercise but it depends
on as long as you are being active. Everyone enjoys different sports or
activities, so it is important to figure out which is the best for us to do it.
It is important because when we are having fun, we do not even realize that our
exercising and we will look forward to it every day. Setting goals and rewards
will help us stay motivated and consistent with exercising. We must know that,
there is no greater feeling better than achieving a weight lose goal and being
able to feel good and confident about our own body.

In conclusion, exercising is the key to making your
life healthier, longer, and happier. It is one of the most important things in
life and it’s one hundred percent beneficial. Many people come up with plenty
of excuses to not exercise; however, if you truly want to improve your mental
and physical health you will find the energy and time to exercise. Everyone
should take time out of their days to exercise, so they can improve their lives
in many ways. So next time you are deciding whether or not to exercise just
think of the benefits you will experience from it. It is extremely rewarding
and worthwhile.

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