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Class timetables

Class timetables

You can access a personalised timetable at the start of each semester with the location, time and duration of all your tutorials, lectures and labs.

  1. Collect your timetable

  2. Viewing your timetable

  3. Customise your timetable

  4. Clashes and troubleshooting

  5. Assistance with your timetable

Collect your timetable

Each semester we will allocate you a personal timetable based on the units of study you have selected. This will be available on the  personal timetable website .

    Event or deadlineDate

    Some units of study may not be centrally timetabled, meaning they are scheduled by your school or department and can’t be accessed through the personal timetable website. You can contact your unit of study coordinator (listed in the unit of study descriptions in  your handbook ) for assistance.

    Before timetables are released

    If you need to plan ahead, you can use our central timetable to get an idea of where and when classes might be scheduled.

    Search using the unit of study code . Class times and days are subject to change until the release of your personal timetable.

    If your timetable needs to accommodate a student disability requirement, please contact  Disability Services  before the start of each semester.

    Enter class preferences

    Before timetables are released, you can enter preferences for your timetable through the personal timetable website . These preferences can’t be guaranteed but will be taken into account when assigning you to classes.

    Login and select ‘Enter preferences for next semester’. Here you can:

    1. Choose times to keep free to block off periods where you’d prefer not to have a class.
    2. Choose preferred classes to allocate your preferred times to attend each class.

    How preferences work

    When you select a class as a preference, a small weighting is added to that class. This will increase the chance that you are assigned to this class.

    If you block off times, the weighting for any classes during that time is reduced by a small amount, to make it less likely you’ll be allocated to that class.

    When timetables are allocated, the system will first prioritise:

    1. Minimising clashes. You won’t be placed in a class that causes a clash if there is an alternative class without a clash.
    2. Keeping class numbers balanced. You won’t be placed in a class that is full if there is an alternative class that isn’t full.

    Your preferences will then be taken into account.

    All preferences entered by the deadline are treated equally, however, it is not possible for all students to get their preferences. You may not be assigned to your preferred class if it will cause clashes on other students’ timetables, or many students have selected that class as a preference and there isn’t room for everyone to be placed in the class.

    Access your timetable

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    Student Centre

    • 1800 SYD UNI ( 1800 793 864 )
      or +61 2 8627 1444
    • Level 3, Jane Foss Russell Building, Darlington Campus


    Make an enquiry

    Opening hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

    Extended in person opening hours first two weeks of semester and during exams.

    Viewing your timetable


    Last updated: 19 July 2018

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    • Avoid posting information that could be used to locate or identify you
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    Public Safety

    Emergency? Call 518-244-3177

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    Main Office
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    Satellite Office
    John Paine Building, 1st Floor
    Troy Campus

    In the event of a power outage and Sage campus phones do not work, call:
    518-272-2405 or 518-858-2381

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