Options in English, Short Course

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The text 'Instructional Approaches' alongside an illustration of the silhouette of a head with an assortment of gears connected inside.

Explore instructional approaches used by MIT faculty.

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  • Assessment
  • Teaching Communication
  • Design Process
  • Problem Solving
  • Digital Tools
  • Real-World Contexts
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Professor Catherine Drennan talks about teaching chemistry in an interview.

MIT faculty talk about teaching.

Professor Catherine Drennan on creating a space for students to discover their passion for chemistry in 5.111SC Principles of Chemical Science .

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Options in English, Short Course

Options in English, Short Course

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Harvard Summer School , Harvard University

University rank #1 (ARWU) Cambridge , MA, United States | Online

Harvard Summer School offers several open-enrollment courses, specialized in English, such as “The Bible in the Humanities and the Arts”, “Medieval Literature: Epic and Romance” and “Leadership Lessons from History and Literature”.