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Personal Statement: Examples and Templates of Personal Statement – What to include in Personal Statement Writing?

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by Muhammad Yousaf
Personal Statement Examples and Templates of Personal Statement – What to include in Personal Statement Writing
Written by Muhammad Yousaf

A personal statement is a well laid out extension essay about you during an application. It can be used in CV’s or when applying for University entry or even in workplaces.  The primary objective of the statement of purpose is selling you to the reader for the purpose of winning whatever your application talks about. The aim of writing a personal statement is to differentiate you from other people in a similar application category leaving the reader with a great impression increasing your chances of getting what you want. It is a platform where you can flaunt your impeccable achievements, strengths or even share your aspirations in cases of careers without being cliché or filling clutter.

It is the same case with students who apply for vacancies in different courses. Students can perfectly express their thoughts, show their skills and experiences and stand out when the admissions tutors go through their personal statements.  Whatever is written there determines who got the chance and ho misses. However, there are certain guidelines that you need to follow to come up with a perfect personal statement.

10 things you must have in your Personal Statement:

  1. Give reasons for wanting to take a particular course

You are expected to be straightforward and specific from the word go. You should write about what motivates you to take the chosen course at the university level.  Talk about the growth of your interest in that particular field, the inspiration you draw from your current studies and what you doing or have done to pursue it. It is vital to show enthusiasm and be reasonable not to deviate from the main subject.

  1. Give valid reason showing the course is right for you

Here, you are required to provide evidence that illustrates that you are fit for the course. Also, it’s time to show your prowess in research by making the admission tutor understand that other than meeting the selection criteria, you have done a prior research of the course and understands the involvements of the course. It is similar when it comes to a profession. You apply the same tactics and understand what is required and what the profession entails.

  1. Show your achievements outside the class

Explaining how far you have gone to pursue interests in your chosen course beyond your syllabus increases your award chances. It could be further readings you have taken on the subject. Writing a list won’t give you extra points and therefore giving reflective opinions and critical views really count. Your source of information could be websites, journals, documentaries, films, books, periodicals, newspapers, radio programmes, lectures, and blogs among other channels. It is necessary to avoid the obvious kind of reading because everyone else will have it mentioned.

  1. Show relevance to your course

Here, you have to reflect on past experiences. You have to explain what you have gained from m them and how helpful they have been in nurturing your interest in the given subject. Whatever the experiences, they don’t have to be overly fancy. They could be volunteering activities, theatre or gallery visits, math’s challenge, work experience, outreach programmes, summer schools, travel, and university taster sessions, local courts visits, archaeological digs or museums.

  1. Show relevance to your chosen profession

Reflecting on relevant observations and experiences is necessary for various professional courses where in some cases you are as well expected to apply for a career course.  A mere description is not enough; therefore, you have to reflect on your experiences in depth. Explain the relevant skills the ):not([type='checkbox']):not([type='range']),.content-5b9206be3429b .cp-form-container textarea:focus,.content-5b9206be3429b .cp-form-container .cp-form-field button,.content-5b9206be3429b .cp-form-container .cp-form-field input,.content-5b9206be3429b .cp-form-container .cp-form-field select,.content-5b9206be3429b .cp-form-container .cp-form-field textareatext-align:left;font-size:15px;font-family:;color:rgb(153,153,153);background-color:rgb(255,255,255);border-color:rgb(191,190,190);padding-top:10px;padding-bottom:10px;padding-left:15px;padding-right:15px;border-radius:1px.content-5b9206be3429b .cp-form-container .cp-form-field .cp-labeltext-align:left;font-size:15px;font-family:;color:rgb(153,153,153);padding-top:10px;padding-bottom:10px;border-radius:1px.content-5b9206be3429b .cp-form-container .cp-submitpadding-top:5px;padding-bottom:5px;padding-left:10px;padding-right:10px.content-5b9206be3429b .cp-form-container .cp-submit.cp-btn-gradientborder-radius:8px;border:none;background:-webkit-linear-gradient(#4df7d5,#00aa88);background:-o-linear-gradient(#4df7d5,#00aa88);background:-moz-linear-gradient(#4df7d5,#00aa88);background:linear-gradient(#4df7d5,#00aa88).content-5b9206be3429b .cp-form-container .cp-submit.cp-btn-gradient:hoverbackground:#0a8.content-5b9206be3429b .cp-form-field.cp-enable-box-shadow>divborder-radius:1px

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