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Academic Plagiarism and Cheating




Do colleges check for plagiarism in essays?

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Yes, colleges check all essays for plagiarism. Usually they use turnitin detecting tool. That’s why some academic writing services doesn’t use them:

Why we say NO to Turnitin

What Does The TurnItIn Service Offer?

Turnitin is an online plagiarism checker that is popular among schools, colleges and universities across the globe.

Why We Never Use Turnitin

We never use the Turnitin website because it stores all the papers you submit in a single database. This database is later used to detect plagiarism in students’ assignments. Essentially, if you write a paper and upload it to TurnItIn to check for plagiarism, it will be considered as plagiarized when your tutor verifies your paper again.

In other words, your paper can only be uploaded to Turnitin once. Otherwise, if it gets uploaded twice (by you and your professor), it wont be marked as unique.

8 Answers

Ella Garcia

Ella Garcia , Creative writer

Yes. And not only colleges, schools and universities, even private tutors. The vast majority of them uses Turnitin, some Writecheck, etc. I use Unplag plagiarism checker , which is the most convenient for me and for my students and it’s also very accurate.

Of course teachers can see plagiarism without checking, but now there are so much information in the internet, which students can use and not give credits, which means that they steal somebodys work, even if it’s accidental plagiarism. That’s why I insist my students check their papers on plagiarism before submitting.

Daniel Grey Myers

Daniel Grey Myers , Education consultant

Yes. And not only do they check, the repercussions for cheating are often very serious. Case in point: I know someone who plagiarized part of their senior thesis. They graduated and had moved on with their life when the school found out what had happened. His degree was revoked and he was expelled from the university. All of his hard work, money, time, etc. were all for naught, and he ended up losing his job as well. You might be able to get some minor things past the teacher, and in fact, you could probably get some larger things by too, but if the teacher suspects you didn’t produce the paper, they will check. You’ll have to decide if it’s worth the risk. In most cases, it probably isn’t.

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Richard Docc

Richard Docc , Academic and educational wiriter

Yes, It is necessary. I also provides students help on their assignment writing but its plagiarism free and quality essay. you can also visit my website:

Kiara Hanna Quinncilla

Kiara Hanna Quinncilla , studied Medical Sciences at Sebelas Maret University

Based on what institution you’re in. I go to med school which is crazy about plagiarism, and yes they check. There’s an app though where you can upload Docx or PDF or JPG (for scanned writings) to check if the work is copying something off of the internet.

Try to rephrase—you’re copying, but rewrite it in your own words. It may consume more time but it’s a lot safer.

Nathan John

Nathan John , former Former Academic Writer

APPLICANTS BEWARE: Colleges Are Now Running Your Admissions Essays Through Plagiarism Software. congregational via Flickr Turning, a software program thats used by colleges around the country to detect student plagiarism, is now a tool in the admissions process.

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David Hunch

David Hunch , consultant hacker at [email protected] (2011-present)

Of course , every institution of reputable standard would definitely check your essays for plagiarism and you most likely would pay a severe penalty for that. We cant be certain about the situation in third world countries and states but in America , most of Europe & as far as australia essays are often checked for that because your instructors themselves were once students and most likely asked this same question or made such attempt.

Plagiarism Essay

Plagiarism: A Pestilence in Education Essay

1840 Words | 8 Pages

Plagiarism: The Pestilence in Education

When I think of plagiarism, I imagine a person literally stealing from another individual. The term plagiarism is derived from the Latin word plagi rius, which essentially represents the felony of kidnapping. An individual who kidnaps anothers work is a felon. Obviously, this form of larceny is not as immoral as the form for which one can be imprisoned; however, most educators and honest students view plagiarism in this manner. Within education I conceive…

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Understanding Plagiarism Essay

1244 Words | 5 Pages

while the instructor is reviewing the final report is plagiarism. In regards to plagiarism there are six topics that I would like to cover on the topic. What is plagiarism? Why do students plagiarize? What is the difference between intentional and unintentional plagiarism? What is the importance of citing? What is citing, direct quoting, and paraphrasing? What is common knowledge? By understanding these areas in the context of plagiarism we as students can ensure that we will not be guilty…

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Plagiarism Essay

1249 Words | 5 Pages


What is plagiarism? Obviously the word must be of some importance as I know it can greatly change ones future. From what I know, plagiarism can happen by careless mistakes, being uneducated of what plagiarism really means or just on purpose to save time for themselves. Some writers may not know the actual detail of how you give another writer full credit of their work. Another could be that some students are lazy, worried or in a rush to finish a paper and think plagiarizing is the…

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The Real Problem of Plagiarism

1168 Words | 5 Pages

In academic settings, there are systems in place which dictate how administration expects the students to behave. These codes can be different based upon the specific rules of the institution in question. Some have clothing rules, others rules about alcohol or drug use, but there are certain rules which are more universal and are found in almost all schools. Many schools have rules which dictate that students must behave in ways which the institution considers to be honorable. These honor…

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Plagiarism and the Internet Essay

683 Words | 3 Pages

Plagiarism and the Internet

A recent study of 500 middle and high school students by Dr. Donald L. McCabe, Rutgers professor and authority on academic dishonesty, revealed that half the students felt it was okay to have parents do their homework. Plagiarism is an extremely controversial issue, whether copying other students work in grade school or getting information from a document on the Internet, plagiarism plagues the minds of the youth of today. The question is how far will students take…

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Overcoming Plagiarism Essay

1247 Words | 5 Pages

Plagiarism is an ever-increasing problem throughout the world today, as the internet, along with technology such as Iphones and Tablets, has made accessing another person’s useful work as easy as typing a few words into a search bar. Pirating that work is then a simple matter of “cutting and pasting”. Similarly, advanced word processors have provided a stress-free way of integrating another’s writing into one’s own, or editing a plagiarized work so that it is more difficult to detect. However…

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Plagiarism in Online Education Essays

1923 Words | 8 Pages

and universities, the prevalence of plagiarism is on the rise. In a 2005 study conducted by the Center for Academic Integrity (, it was concluded that 40% of the 50,000 undergraduates asked admitted to having plagiarized from the internet. This is a very large jump over a span of six years, from only 10% in 1999 (Badke, 2007). It is becoming clear that educators, as well as students, need to become more familiar with what plagiarism is, what constitutes it, and how it…

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Citation and Plagiarism

1836 Words | 8 Pages

Plagiarism in an academic field is very unethical. There is no difference between stealing academic work that is not one’s own and going into a store to steal merchandise. The consequences for both offences are often harsh and life altering. One can lose credibility, lose a hard-earned reputation, be charged criminally, kicked out of school or be financially ruined by any judicial proceedings against them. The cost of saving a few hours of academic study is not worth it in the big picture of life…

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Causes of Plagiarism Essay

1476 Words | 6 Pages

Plagiarism has become a major issue among university students around the world. Academic misconduct has been a concern to those teaching at the universities. Hence, to prevent this from occurring the educational bodies have implemented measures to avoid plagiarism. Presently, the newly recruited students are informed of the consequences of plagiarism and that stern action is in place (Ashworth, Bannister, & Thorne,1997,p.1). However, plagiarism can be divided into two parts: deliberate and inadvertent…

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Plagiarism in the 21st Century Essay

1632 Words | 7 Pages

Plagiarism in the 21st Century

The problem of plagiarism has haunted the academic world for centuries. Plagiarism is defined as “taking ideas, passages, etc from an author and presenting them, unacknowledged, as one’s own”.[1] This problem was limited in the past by the lack of materials available to plagiarize, either in libraries, newspapers, magazines, or in academic files of campus organizations. With the birth of the Internet however, the ability to commit fraud through plagiarism…

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Johann Hari's Plagiarism

417 Words | 2 Pages

Johann Hari, a veteran journalist for the Independent, a respected British newspaper periodical, was accused of plagiarism in 2011. Specifically, Hari was accused of using other writers’ material in his articles without making reference to it. In his interviews with Gideon Levy and Hugo Chávez, Hari used quotes which had been given by those subjects to other journalists.
Hari was suspended last year pending an inquiry by the publications former editor Andreas Whittam Smith…

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The Internet Plagiarism Explosion Essay

1443 Words | 6 Pages

A great deal has been published in the media about the “explosion” of Internet plagiarism among high school and college students. Because the Internet is so young, there have been few studies conducted on the extent of Internet plagiarism. However, existing studies do show that the Internet is an extremely popular tool students use to cheat on written assignments. In any group of students, some will choose the path of academic dishonesty and copy the words or ideas of another person without giving…

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Plagiarism Should NOT be Tolerated Essay

1361 Words | 6 Pages

Plagiarism Should NOT be Tolerated

The internet has made plagiarism a big issue in education today. Finding a term paper on the internet is just as easy as finding the weather for your area on the internet. Being able to produce papers without doing any work has students looking for the easy way out. With so many sources to find papers its hard to not look up a paper, print it out, put your name on it, and call it your own. But along with all the web sights that you can get term papers, there…

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Taking a Look at Plagiarism

591 Words | 2 Pages

Innovative is the most pronounced word now-a-days. Any place, whether it is school, college, work place innovation is of utmost importance. We are expected to complete home work or a assignment by our own thinking or thought process.
With the development of technology such as internet, communication devices ideas regardless of subject are shared and studied, at least viewed by numerous people…

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Plagiarism Problems for Educators

1365 Words | 6 Pages

it is come to plagiarism, university writing educators are pessimistic about successfully eradicating this problem. It is difficult for them to find ways of promoting academic integrity so as to prevent university students from committing this academic fraud. Moreover, most of them just end up employing punitive enforcement or merely punishing students who plagiarize. Scott Jaschik, an editor of Inside Higher Ed, addresses this issue in “Winning Hearts and Minds in War on Plagiarism”. This article…

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2189 Words | 9 Pages

Plagiarism: Why it Continues to Occur?

Darian Camacho
English 111, Section 11
Professor Coulter
March 21, 2013

Plagiarism: Why it Continues to Occur?
The increase in plagiarism has gained the attention of many institutions, administrators and educators, as well as researchers and the public. This increase has brought to attention the concern of why plagiarism continues to occur. In order to debate this concern we should first understand the definition and background of plagiarism, the…

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Essay on Plagiarism

1301 Words | 6 Pages

code of conduct at Clarion University plagiarism is “the use of another’s words without attribution and without enclosing the words in quotation marks. Plagiarism may also be defined as the act of taking the ideas or expressions of ideas of another person and representing them as one’s own–even if the original paper has been paraphrased or otherwise modified.” (“Department of Nursing” ) A lot of people, including myself have been confused of what plagiarism really means. Through my research I found…

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What is Plagiarism?

544 Words | 2 Pages

Activities of plagiarism are indeed happening in the academic scenario whether it is done consciously or not. It also can occur either intentional or not. (Eng, 1995), university students in particular and academia in general sometimes do not realize that what they do can be considered as plagiarism. Statistic shows that the percentages of plagiarism among students are increasing each year. According to The Centre for Academic Integrity Studies, almost 80% of the universities students are admit to…

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Essay on Cyber-plagiarism

1469 Words | 6 Pages


It’s two o’clock in the morning, you’re just one page into a 10-page term paper that’s due at eight o’clock. A few years ago, that would have been it: You would have submitted the paper late, if at all, and dealt with the consequences. But this is 2005, and so, in your most desperate hour, you try a desperate ploy. You log on to the Internet, enter “term papers” into an online search engine, and find your way to There you find a paper that fits the assignment…

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The Reasons of Plagiarism

1907 Words | 8 Pages

from academic sources

Part 1

Plagiarism is the act of using another’s work without appropriate acknowledgement, is often grouped with other cheating behaviour such as taking notes into an exam, fabricating a bibliography, lying about personal circumstances to get special consideration and other similar actions. There is a significant and growing body of literature on plagiarism in higher education( Park, C. 2003)

This essay will show the reasons why students plagiarism and state different argument…

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The Problem of Plagiarism Essay

1729 Words | 7 Pages

researching topics and sharing ideas, these same students are faced with the temptation to simply copy and paste information as they find it. Instances of plagiarism are on the rise, yet teachers are in a position where they cannot discontinue this type of assessment. Therefore, teachers face the question: How can we stop the rise of plagiarism among students?
Since teachers have given assessments of any kind, students have attempted to find ways to cheat. Whether they were looking at another…

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The Different Types of Plagiarism Essay

967 Words | 4 Pages

Plagiarism is very frequently talked about in all types of settings. Plagiarism is considered a fraud or a scam in most cases. Plagiarism is most commonly heard about and mentioned in a school environment. Since plagiarism is pretty must defined as copying somebody else’s words or ideas as their own without giving credit to the proper author or writer, it makes this issue more commonly widespread than rare in all school settings. The demand of paper work and writing assignments can be overwhelming…

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Plagiarism On The Increase Essay

1236 Words | 5 Pages

Plagiarism seems to be an increasing problem in today’s society, especially on college and university campuses, with the immense resources presently available to people. Previously, individuals were restricted to finding information in resources such as books, magazines, journals, encyclopedias and newspapers, but with the technology and the growth and popularity of the Internet, plagiarism has truly become an issue. There seems to be a direct correlation with the increasing use of the Internet…

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Students and Plagiarism

587 Words | 2 Pages

to avoid plagiarism. In some cases, plagiarism is unintentional because students were never taught proper methods for researching and writing papers. In other cases, students feel so pressured balancing coursework with the demands of a job or family perhaps both that they resort to plagiarism in order to complete their assignments. Some students excuse plagiarism with the claim that “everyone does it,” and it is a matter of keeping up with peers. None of these scenarios makes plagiarism acceptable…

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The Problem of Plagiarism Literature Review

2696 Words | 11 Pages

The Problem of Plagiarism:
Literature Review Selection
Melinda “Mindy” L. Boucher
Lower Columbia College

The Problem
Students routinely hand in papers in which the writing is so complex and the vocabulary so sophisticated that there is doubt that they were written in the students’ own words. When samples of the writing are typed into a Google search engine, sentences and whole paragraphs are found to be a match. Students are confronted with the plagiarism and given information…

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Plagiarism Must Stop

658 Words | 3 Pages

Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and using them as one’s own. It seems simple and not hard to comprehend, but some students do not realize when they plagiarize. Students do not know that copying from Wikipedia, which may contain no author, is plagiarizing if the work is not cited. With the use of technology and easy access to answers or completed essays, original work sounds too complicated for students who would rather spend their time doing more enjoyable things…

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The Silent Harm of Plagiarism Essay

1009 Words | 5 Pages

mind when we think about plagiarism, many people may think of theft or the act of stealing intellectual property. According to Webster-Merriams’ dictionary, plagiarism is “the act stealing and passing off (the ideas and words of others) as one’s own” (Webster-Merriam). Webster seems to have left a little something out. Plagiarism is not just the act of stealing one’s work. It is also the result of ethical deterioration of academic integrity. In the discussion of plagiarism, a controversial issue is…

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Plagiarism Essay

1189 Words | 5 Pages


For many, many years schools have been trying to stop students from plagiarizing materials. Detecting this plagiarism used to be easy because students only had access to books in the library, magazines, and encyclopedias. However, as the popularity of the Internet increased, so did the number of essays and papers being plagiarized. Students can easily go onto the internet and in no time at all find and essay on their topic of choice. For a certain fee they can buy the essay and…

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Internet Plagiarism Essay

1563 Words | 7 Pages

Internet Plagiarism

Plagiarism used to be easy to catch. It always took real work for a student to try to pass off someone else’s work as his or her own. Different sources of plagiarizing included copying texts from the library and buying old papers off of other students. There were not many resources to choose from where a student’s topic was contained. That has now changed. There is a little thing called the Internet. It has revolutionized the plagiarism world and made it a little more difficult…

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Plagiarism: Discussion Questions

1079 Words | 4 Pages


Define plagiarism in your own words. What do you think plagiarism means? Illustrate your discussion with hypothetical examples. Why is plagiarism a serious problem? What is your opinion of the impact of the Internet and all its resources on academic integrity? How can plagiarism be avoided? One definition of plagiarism is that it is “theft of intellectual property.” Do you agree with this assessment? Why or why not? What suggestions would you offer to eliminate both inadvertent and deliberate…

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Essay on Plagiarism

1832 Words | 8 Pages

“Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal” – TS Eliot
Plagiarism is, as defined by the Council of Writing Program Administrators, is “in an instructional setting, plagiarism occurs when a writer deliberately uses someone else’s language, ideas or other original (not common-knowledge) without acknowledging its source.” Plagiarism is a nice word for cheating. [1]
Analyzing that sentence, “deliberately” and “without acknowledging its source” are the keywords that cause a lot of confusion in the…

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Cheating and Plagiarism – The Plague of Plagiarism Essay

1024 Words | 5 Pages

The Plague of Plagiarism

Simply defined, the word plagiarism means “the unauthorized use of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own” (“Plagiarism”). While many students understand and comprehend the first clause of this definition, many encounter problems with the second part – the thoughts part. Many students in today’s educational system are frequently unable to develop their own thoughts, opinions, and ideas relating to the subject…

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Plagiarism and the Internet Essay

603 Words | 3 Pages

Plagiarism and the Internet

Plagiarism is a major problem in colleges around the world. In a study by the Psychological Record, it was found that at least thirty six percent of undergraduates have confessed to plagiarism (Statistics, 1). Plagiarism is the unethical act of stealing ideas, thoughts, and feelings from others without giving the author proper credit. Today, it has become such a serious issue that there are resources available for teachers to identify plagiarism and…

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Plagiarism: A Serious Crime Essay

664 Words | 3 Pages

Plagiarism: A Serious Crime

Plagiarism is a serious crime and should be treated seriously by anyone who chooses to plagiarize. Plagiarism should not be treated lightly and is something that needs to be thought about thoroughly before anyone decides that he or she wants to plagiarize. It is nothing needs to be ignored or brushed off like itðs nothing and the person can get away with it.

People spend too much time thinking, writing, experimenting or working for someone…

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The Problems of Plagiarism Essay

1199 Words | 5 Pages

Plagiarism is an academic misconduct in which students use someone’s ideas or information in their work without proper referencing. While western culture insists that sources of words, ideas, images, sounds be documented for academic purposes, “plagiarism is now recognized as a serious problem especially in university where students are just copying words from web sites or someone else’s work” (The Owl At Purdue, 2007 ). According to East (2006, p.16), “many Australian universities are now developing…

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Internet Plagiarism Essay

1355 Words | 6 Pages

Internet Plagiarism, the problems affect on teachers and students as well as solutions to detect this problem.

II. Definition of Internet Plagiarism

What Internet Plagiarism is

Internet Plagiarism hasn¡¦t been easy as it is today . Before the Internet age , resources were limited so when students used to plagiarize the risk of detection was very high and they used to be caught easily and either asked to rewrite the research paper or they get no mark for it.
Internet Plagiarism is defined…

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How to Beat Online Plagiarism

1462 Words | 6 Pages

How to Beat Online Plagiarism

Plagiarism is best described as copying someone else’s work and putting your name on it without giving the original author any credit for his or her work. It is a problem that has existed in academia for centuries, since the creation of text documents. Original methods of plagiarism were limited, however, to copying by hand the work of another person from sources found in libraries and other books and magazines. This form of plagiarism, while it still existed was…

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How to Avoid Plagiarism Essay

911 Words | 4 Pages

Plagiarism, conventionally defined as literary theft, is the stealing and replication of the original ideas of another person without requesting for consent or crediting the author of a recorded or authored work (Heath 4). It may take several forms, for example, presenting an idea as original even though it has been derived from an existing source, or even neglecting to put quotation marks when quoting a sentence from borrowed work. In as much as plagiarism is widely regarded as a bad…

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Using a Plagiarism Checker

716 Words | 3 Pages

To use this plagiarism checker, please copy and paste your content in the box below, and then click on the big green button that says “Check for plagiarism!” then sit back and watch as your article is scanned for duplicated content. To use this plagiarism checker, please copy and paste your content in the box below, and then click on the big green button that says “Check for plagiarism!” then sit back and watch as your article is scanned for duplicated content.To use this plagiarism checker, please…

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Plagiarism and Citation Essay

949 Words | 4 Pages


Writing can be a difficult task for some people. For those people, before they start writing, the first thing they do is probably idea gathering, maybe looking for relate article on newspaper or magazine, look up some definition in the dictionary, check the World Wide Web, or even take a trip to the library. Often, they found what they are looking for, and before they know it, they start copying it, maybe a couple of word, few sentence, other people¡¦s idea, or they even copy the…

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Plagiarism in an Academic Environment

2501 Words | 11 Pages

Plagiarism in an Academic environment

In the Academic world today, the rising incidences of plagiarism are putting more schools and universities on high alert, and zeroing in on how to detect and prevent it. Academic institution’s often have a Student Code of Academic Integrity. Students, whom are caught cheating, can be given warnings, bad grades or even expelled out of school. Today, information is flowing freely and with ease through the Internet. Having this option would make students…

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Turnitin Whitepaper Plagiarism Web

2440 Words | 10 Pages

WHITE PAPER Plagiarism and the Web: Myths and Realities
An Analytical Study on Where Students Find Unoriginal Content on the Internet

Prevent Plagiarism. Engage Students.

Table of Contents

1.0 Summary ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 3 2.0 Introduction …………………………………………………………………………………………………… 4 3.0 Popular Content…

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Reflections on Library Tour and Plagiarism

703 Words | 3 Pages

Reflections on Library Tour and Plagiarism

Plagiarism is seen everywhere in the world today. It is not just in educational settings across the countries of the world but also recognized in the workplace when stealing ideas or original plans. This is now noticed as the fastest and sometimes most efficient thing to do among the students in enrolled in high level classes and even college classes, but, it is the students and workers who should be blamed for this newly recognized strategy…

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Plagiarism in Research Writing Essay

1052 Words | 5 Pages

Plagiarism comes about when a person uses words or ideas from another person’s work but fails to credit the source of the ideas or words. Scholarly work of any nature mainly requires the writing of dissertations, treatises or term papers in the world of academia. Students in institutions of higher learning, as part of the course work, carry out research and present their results in the form of dissertations or term papers. The assignments’ formatting usually follows standards namely the American…

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Plagiarism Essay

2916 Words | 12 Pages


When we have an idea or insight, rarely is it the first time it has ever occurred to an individual. Furthermore, what we learn through formal education, dialogue, and reading (for those who pay attention) becomes an integral part of our thought–we assimilate the ideas of others. Thus, what we may think and say is not necessarily of our own origin, but rather it is a conglomeration of the ideas of others in conjunction with our own native thoughts and understanding–such is human nature…

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Plagiarism Essay

1731 Words | 7 Pages

missing works cited

Plagiarism is a distinguished sounding word. One would almost think that it sounds like some lofty philosophical ideal named for the great Greek teacher Plagiarus, something to be aspired to. This is not so. Plagiarism is in fact a moral misdemeanor, and an academic felony. By definition, plagiarism is “a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work.” Socrates, Plato and Aristotle would have frowned on such a practice…

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Plagiarism: Adjusting the Consequence Essay

1032 Words | 5 Pages

1 Most universities believe students should be expelled immediately due to the acts of plagiarism. But is it really safe to jump to such an extreme conclusion for an action that in most cases, require some sort of investigation or trial? For many years, universities have battled students on this particular subject. Plagiarism has levels that should be dealt with by first locating the cause, examining the evidence, and determining whether it was purposely planned or not. Students, just like their…

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Essay on How to Avoid Plagiarism

1228 Words | 5 Pages

Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a growing problem in universities (Matheson & Starr 2013) and becoming too common in the scientific world (Ober et al. 2012). Hence it is important for students as well as researchers to know how to avoid plagiarism. Before discussing the ways to avoid plagiarism, this paper discusses the definition, the types and reasons for plagiarism.

“Copying’ or “borrowing” someone else’s words or ideas may perhaps be the more inoffensive way of explaining plagiarism. However…

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Plagiarism in College Writing

1077 Words | 5 Pages

Plagiarism in College Writing

Plagiarism occurs in many forms. Self-plagiarism and inadvertent plagiarism are two forms of plagiarism. Students plagiarize for many reasons. Self-plagiarism is a form of plagiarism that is difficult to detect and often over looked. Inadvertent plagiarism is often caused by sloppy work and poor citation preparation skills. Proper education and practicing citations along with the use of online tools will assist the student in…

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738 Words | 3 Pages

Avoiding Plagiarism

Many people think of plagiarism as intentional cheating, and believe that someone must be intending to steal someone else’s work and take credit for it as his own in order to be plagiarizing that material. However, the reality is that plagiarism is both more complex and simpler than that definition. Plagiarism is using someone else’s work and representing it as one’s own, but it is a more serious offense than simply copying from another person. Borrowing someone’s words or…

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  • The Spcialist
  • Academic Dishonesty
  • Copyright Laws and the Protection of Intellectual Properties
  • How the Slowdown in Chinese Economy Growth Impacted New Zealand New Zealand
  • The Internet Plagiarism Explosion
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  • Academic Honesty and Its Value in a Student's Life
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  • Managerial Economics
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  • Hire Purchase Agreement
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  • Leadership
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  • Downloading Music with and without Permission
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  • Marketing Principles
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  • Plagiarism Must Stop
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  • Introduction to Leadership
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  • Cheating With Technology
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  • Impact of the Internet on Education
  • Plagiarism: a Social Problem
  • Nature VS Nurture – Are Criminals Born or Made?
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  • Copyright and the Internet
  • Business Admin
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  • The Impact of Globalization on the Retail Industry in South Africa
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  • Plagiarism: A Serious Crime
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  • Educational Beliefs and Mission Statement of an Education Administration Leader
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  • Jason vs Odysseus
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  • Subjective or Objective Morality on Campus
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  • How to Beat Online Plagiarism
  • Evaluate Different Techniques for Sampling Evidence
  • The Negative Aspects of Easy Information Access in Students Shall Not Download, Yeah, Sure by Zernike
  • How Do Presidential Systems Differ from Parliamentary Systems? Which System Does South Africa Use?
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  • Wikipedia is an Evolving, Online Encyclopedia Website
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  • Explain the Role of Computer Systems in Different Environments
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  • Scavenger Hunt
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  • course outline
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  • The Effects of Software Piracy on Society and the Economy
  • Explain Why It Is Both Necessary and Helpful to Study the Context of Prior History, Especially the Experiences of the Participants in That History, in Order to Understand What Is Valued by These Participants. Also, What
  • Sbux Essay
  • Research Proposal
  • Mmk227
  • Acc 543
  • Theories of Capital Structure
  • Prewriting, Writing, Revising
  • Assessment Methods in Assessing Vocational Achievement
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  • Effect of Marine Pollution
  • Comparison in Information System Management Programs
  • Internet's Adverse Effects on Teenagers
  • Project Management Techniques to Practice Problem Solutions
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  • Marcia Langton's Study of the Aborigines of Australia
  • Using Technology to Cheat
  • Economic Development
  • Case Studies on Academic Integrity
  • Neville, C2010, The Complete Guide to Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism, 2nd edn, Open University Press, Berksire, England Outline
  • Does the Internet Make You Dumber
  • Contract Law and Music Copyright
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  • Plagiarism in Research Writing
  • Gen 200 – Academic Integrity Paper
  • Importance & Impact of Ethical Communication in Today’s Business
  • Is There a Solution?
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  • Plagiarism Comprehension: A Self Assessment
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