Sample Essay About Using Mobile Phones While Driving

Texting And Driving Essay Examples

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The Issue of Texting While Driving in United States

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The Danger of Distracted Driving

512 words
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A Report to Raising Awareness on the Dangers on Texting While Driving

1,271 words
3 pages
The Problem and Impact of Texting While Driving in the United States

1,002 words
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Should Drivers be Prohibited from Using Cell Phones?

875 words
2 pages
The Dangers of Texting and Driving: Why Its Against the Law

830 words
2 pages
Texting and Driving is a Huge Problem

1,174 words
3 pages
The Risks and Dangers of Texting While Driving

962 words
2 pages
The Texting and Driving Problems in the United States

1,034 words
2 pages
The Laws and Programs Intended to Prevent Texting While Driving

1,254 words
3 pages


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Cell-phones while driving argumentative essay


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Everyday people die in car accidents because they use cell phones while driving. According to research cell phones are leading factors that cause accidents. Studies show that a cell phone put drivers at a four time greater risk of a crush. Despite of a danger, people still use cell phones because they want to be always available and keep in touch with other people. Also, they think that hand-free set is safe because they can drive using two hands. Moreover, they use arguments that cell phones are necessary in emergency situations. Although some people support using cell phones while driving, there are evidences that they are dangerous and people should avoid talking while driving.

Opponents whose work depends on a cell phone like lawyers or businessmen say that they always have to be available to answer the phone to keep their business running. However, because of their habits, they can create dangerous and hazardous situations like a collision or an accident. Business issues can be stressful and dangerous while driving because it can cause emotional reactions that can lead to tragedy. Because of the conversation they might get upset and this can lower their driving ability that can lead to lose control over the car. So if people don’t make a decision to put away their cell phones their routine can harm innocent people.

Opponents say that hands-free set is safety because people can drive using two hands. However, hands-free devices don’t eliminate the risk of causing an accident and even may it worsen by suggesting that the behavior is safe. Researches show that using headset can be as dangerous as holding a phone because the conversations distracts drivers from focusing on the road. Scientists had proven that people talking over the phone image person who they talking to and that doesn’t interfere with driving. The problem is when a car swerves unexpectedly or pedestrian step into traffic, and the mind lacks the processing power to react in time. So the problem isn’t in holding the wheel and cell phone at the same time what may cause an accident because of lack man oeuvre, it is because of conversation and lack of reaction at the particularly time.

Opponents say that cell phones are good because they give an opportunity to make a call in case of emergency.

However, it is illusion of safety because when people need it the most either they can’t find it or reach it because they are stuck in car. People shouldn’t fully depend on cell phones because they are not reliable, and the trusty solution for the difficult situation is OnStar. OnStar is a service that in case of accident or an emergency will contact you. If you are not able to answer, they will contact police department, hospital and fire service giving them your exact GPS location. Therefore, nowadays cell phones are unnecessary devices because they are unreliable in emergency situations while On Star is always prepare to help you in an accident.

Concluding, if people don’t give up cell-phones the number of fatalities on the roads will still increase. It is people responsibility to not incur their own and others people lives.

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