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Using Cellular Phones While Driving Essay

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An issue that has been of some concern to the telecommunication industry in recent old ages is that of cellular phone usage while runing a motor vehicle. This issue has been the topic of much argument among consumer. industry and authorities stakeholders. Most consumer stakeholders. such as the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety. hold that cell phone usage while driving is an insecure and risky distraction. while others feel that it is a new luxury provided by the progresss in telecommunication. For industry stakeholders. this issue provides added markets for technological progresss. For illustration. the sale of “hands-free” cellular phone devices has increased net incomes for many cell phone distributers. Another industry stakeholder. the Cellular Telecommunications  A ; Internet Association ( CTIA ) . uses the issue of “phoning and driving” as a opportunity to educate and inform the populace on the advantages of motorised cellular phone usage.

The Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety represents a consumer stakeholder because it is an confederation comprised of consumer. wellness and safety groups and insurance companies that work together to do the roads safer in America. They encourage the acceptance of federal and province Torahs sing driver safety. Their stance on the usage of cellular phone usage while driving is limit driver distraction. They propose that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( NHTSA ) should “develop human factors standards and determine demands for driver attending and utilize this research as the footing for modulating the proliferation of in-vehicle shows and other in-vehicle engineering that divert driver attention” ( World Wide Web. savvymotoring. com ) . This wide limitation besides includes restrictions on cell phone usage. Their consumer surveies and statistics show that 76 per centum of Americans favor statute law that would curtail the usage of cell phones while driving and 83 per centum want more attending paid to the issue of cell phone usage by drivers.

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An industry stakeholder. the Cellular Telecommunications  A ; Internet Association ( CTIA ) . represents several companies in a run to advance responsible usage of radio phones. They put a different spin on the surveies done by consumer stakeholders. Alternatively of turn toing the distractions cell
phones may do to drivers. CTIA points out that there are several much more distractive activities that a driver could prosecute in while driving. For illustration. one statistic shows that far more drivers admit that feeding is their figure one distraction when drive. Another alibi is that cell phone drivers are really rare and merely “44 per centum of drivers admit to utilizing a cell phone” ( World Wide Web. drivingtoday. com ) . CTIA besides notes that cell phones are good to drivers. non unsafe. Having a cell phone can be utile in instance of an exigency. dislocation or traffic accident.

Ultimately. CTIA’s place is that before legislators move frontward on cell phone drive limitations. they should see CTIA’s three-pronged attack. That 1. ) extra information aggregation is necessary. Before Torahs are passed. the authorities must first turn out that cell phone usage while driving is harmful. Besides. legislators should foremost 2. ) enforce bing Torahs that prohibit insecure driving due to driver inattention or distraction. because statistically. cell phone usage is non the biggest drive distraction. Finally. CTIA addresses that 3. ) instruction is key- so the drivers themselves are foremost educated on how to at the same time pull off their vehicles and cell phones safely before the authorities bans motorized cell phone usage wholly ( www. wow-com. com ) .

Through my experience as a automobilist every bit good as a cell phone user. I have welcomed the ability to pass on via cell phone while in theodolite. Technology has provided the universe with a convenience that has changed our manner of life. Everything is going portable and easy accessible. Pay phones will shortly be disused. However. with this new luxury comes duty. I must acknowledge. I often use my cell phone while driving. but if it in any manner becomes excessively much of a distraction. I turn it off. I’m non a large speaker. I don’t like to jog on the phone- it’s unneeded and it wastes proceedingss. I believe that moderate usage of cell phones while driving is acceptable. but merely for pressing calls and exigencies. but there is no manner to modulate that. Before any Torahs are passed. I’m traveling to hold to hold with CTIA’s place on the issue. To first roll up informations on the issue. implement bing Torahs and educate the populace.

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