What are the best resume writing service in Canada?

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What are the best resume writing service in Canada?

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12 Answers

Bethzy Brown

Bethzy Brown , Blogger & Career Counsellor


Your struggle to find the right resume writing partner will end by reading this answer.

Read it till the end.

5 out of 7 candidates in Canada never get an interview call back from their dream company, not because of the lack of skill or talent but purely because of their resume.

A great resume should tell a great story. In my experience, I have seen candidates using very long resume formats, miss out a lot on using right keywords (ATS optimisation) and candidates not customising their resume as per the job description.

First thing that you must look for during selecting a resume writing service, is their expertise in building resume for Canadian job market.

Second thing that matters is your Linkedin profile. Every recruiter these days look for Linkedin profile. Your resume writing service should offer Linkedin profile review service.

Third important thing is your Cover Letter. Before even looking at your resume, recruiters take a look at your cover letter and an appealing cover letter can improve the chances of your resume getting shortlisted even if you are not the most talented person in your field.

Specifically, speaking of Canada, the job market is very different from rest of the world as immigrants form a large part of the work force and none of the resume writing service have dedicated writers from Canada.

I personally recommend hiring Resumeble for writing resume. These guys have many writers from Canada and they even offer 30 day interview guarantee.

Pro Tip for Improving Shortlisting Chances: Get your Linkedin profile reviewed as well as many employers do look for it. Also when you apply from various job portals, keep visiting each one of them on a daily basis and login. Keep your profile fresh, make minor changes to your profile or skills. Inactive profiles are automatically pushed downwards in the list thus negatively affecting your chances of getting shortlisted.
 Annual job opening in Canada (in hundred thousand)

Other resume writing services like Resume Genius, Top resume are good options too but they do not guarantee interview in 30 days and they are expensive in comparison with Resumeble which is why I am not keeping them as my first recommendation.

Please upvote my answer if it helped.

Go and Get your Dream Job.

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Take a look at Docdoctor.ca ( Resume Writing Services ). The package includes:

  • Background research on your prospective employer
  • Review of work history, education, experience, and other qualifications
  • Prompting for additional information as needed to ensure completeness
  • Categorization of assets to suit a particular job application
  • Complete revision of spelling, grammar, syntax, and consistency of formatting
  • Personalized layout, font selection, and basic graphics design work
  • Unlimited revisions, as needed, within first month after delivery

“In the past year, we have produced documents for clients applying to organizations including Goldman Sachs, the International Criminal Court, the International Finance Corporation, the Office of the New York State Attorney General, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Boston Consulting Group, Apple, top-tier universities, and a host of major firms in areas of government, law, engineering, software development, and private space exploration.”

PO Box 35107 Westgate | Ottawa, Ontario | K1Z 1A2
Phone (613) 627-3019 | Fax (866) 366-4121 | [email protected]

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Adhrit Dutt

Adhrit Dutt , former Worked With Canadians


With my experience with the Canadians, I think most of the people who are looking for resume writing services in Canada must look for a city wise resume writing service.

In Canada, every city prefers a different kind of resume writing service which a resume that is good for Toronto won’t be good for Vancouver.

I have spent almost 6–7 years in Canada and whenever I have been with the HR, I have looked how they are rejecting the resume since the format is no more easy to read and even the HR rejects it within few seconds

I was in Toronto, I have seen them doing it.

So, I will be suggesting to go for resume writing service toronto , if you are in toronto. You can give it a read, they are very helpful.

Similarly, you can look for resume writing service Calgary and resume writing service Vancouver .

Give them a read!! They are helpful. Here you can get location wise resume writing service.

I think they even give suggestions which resume writing service to opt for and why.

They have coupon codes available on their websites.

Trust this helps!! 🙂

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Mario Lazutti

Mario Lazutti , It Manager

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Mark Sobo

Mark Sobo , IT Manager

I prefer PaperHelp (Custom Writing Services)

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Think PaperHelp is just a website? Well, it can seem so at first sight. But behind the scenes you can read the story about two ambitious partners who 7 years ago came up with an idea to make the lives of busy students easier.

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Our founders understood these pains and came up with a solution that has grown into the Paper Help Empire. They created a platform to connect students, who do not have enough time, with writers, who after years of academic success may end up working in retail and not using the knowledge earned at all. Our service helps both students and writers.

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PaperHelp >> Custom Paper Writing Help Online

Stefanie Kruger

Stefanie Kruger

Unfortunately, without a well – written, readable, clear and appealing resume some professionals are not able to get the job they are looking for. The issue, sometimes, is not connected to the level of their expertise, but to the actual resume itself. Therefore, it is best to find top resume writing services canada to help with resume writing.

The job search and application will become much easier with a key -word reach resume and cover letter. This will put the candidate as the top one, setting him aside from others.

A professional writer should be a master of this field. He should always be aware of modern trends in job market, as well as possess skills and experience to strengthen the applicant skills and abilities aiming to fill the applicant calendar with job interviews.

When deciding if you need a professional writer to create your resume, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you lacking time to creating an appealing, eye – catching resume?
  • Do your resume have key words that would past it through the applicant tracking software?
  • Does it clearly state all your accomplishments?
  • Does it set you apart from other candidates?

If the answer is no, then the professional writer’s help is definitely needed.

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How can I market my Resume writing and Business Plan development services?

User Avatar

Christianah Adesida Veteran

U.S. Army, Sergeant First Class (15 years served)

Fayetteville, NC

Hello my name is Christianah, but you can call me Chris, I am a SFC in the Army, stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. My goal…



Christianah Adesida

Fayetteville, NC

U.S. Army, Sergeant First Class ⋅ 15 years served

I am an expert resume and business plan developer but I want to know how I can better market my services to the transitioning military members.


30 October 2014
12 replies

Resumes & Cover Letters


User Avatar

Frank Tripi Advisor

Duxbury, MA

I have been in the telecommunications industry since 1965 and did get my basic telecommunications knowledge and training while serving in the U.S. Navy as…


Frank Tripi

Duxbury, MA

Business Resource Inc (professional recruiter) ⋅ 45 years experience

You may want to consider joining LinkedIn – it is the most popular business networking website. It is used by recruiters and candidates to network in their attempts to find career opportunities. It provides profiles of companies, candidates and recruiters and positions available.

Good luck

1 November 2014
Helpful answer

User Avatar

Wesley Calhoun Advisor

New York, NY

2009 WKU grad and established Finance and Accounting recruiter with premier recruitment agency in Times Square, Manhattan.



Wesley Calhoun

New York, NY

The Bachrach Group ⋅ 5 years experience

Frank is absolutely correct– LinkedIn is definitely the route you want to take. I would even go one further and suggest you create a group. Once you have created your profile (if you havent already done so) you should drop the word LION (all caps) into your profile anywhere, even your name. LION stands for "LinkedIn Open Networking" and means you will connect with anybody who sends you a request. Its an excellent way to connect with like-minded folks and grow your network. Once you have 500+ connections you will be seen as an expert, and people will be more likely to check out your resume services. Hope this helped!

6 November 2014
Helpful answer

User Avatar

Scena Webb Veteran

U.S. Navy, Chief Petty Officer (21 years served)

Carrollton, TX

I transitioned out of the Navy in 2005. I worked as a high school teacher for a few years before returning to the federal government as…



Scena Webb

Carrollton, TX

U.S. Navy, Chief Petty Officer ⋅ 21 years served

Hi Chris,

Check out VWISE. This is a partnership with Syracuse University and SBA to help women veterans with their small business development. The conference is normally held over a weekend and free of charge. You will pay for your travel but it is well worth the visit. Please check out their website VWISE. You will be impressed.


15 February 2015

User Avatar

Palani Kumar Advisor

I am not an American, and have nothing to do with US army or other civil sectors. But i specialize in Business development, Internet, SEO,…


Palani Kumar

Integra Global Solutions Corp ⋅ 6 years experience

Christianah Adesida, first kindly accept my respect for your defense service.

And now trying answer your question. There are a lots of means to promote (or Market) your skills (that is to gain access to more clients).

1. Linkedin: One of the best place for you to focus and the reasons are plenty. LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the largest professional portal and hence you can find your potential clients (people who want their resume written professionally) with ease. Add more friends and ensure your network expands constantly. Also start helping people by offering free or very low price services to create a profile and name for yourself, in the long run this will help increase your business reach.

2. Other social Media Sites: Facebook and Google + together can bring amazing amount of leads if handled well. But it all depends on your way of approach to begin with start spreading information to help your potential customers and build a base, coz you cannot promote anything if you dont have enough audience. Later it will work perfectly, one key here is to ask your existing and old clients to like your page. This will surely help you reach their friends when they engage (like, share or comment).

5 December 2014

User Avatar

Todd Nisbet Advisor

Columbia, TN

Todd M. Nisbet is a Principal with the North Highland Company where he is the global leader of the firm’s Chief Sales Officer Expertise…



Todd Nisbet

Columbia, TN

North Highland ⋅ 26 years experience

Try signing up at Guru.com. There are a number of folks out there seeking freelancers to write business plans.

12 November 2014

User Avatar

Tom White Veteran

U.S. Air Force, Captain (23 years served)

Patriot, OH

Served 23 years in the United States Air Force in Communications field. Past Vice President of the Society of Telecommunication Consultants. Was a past Director for…



Tom White

Patriot, OH

U.S. Air Force, Captain ⋅ 23 years served

Hi Chris,

All the answers above are good, LinkedIn is great. While your searching dont overlook joining local networking groups, Jaycees, Kiwanis, etc.. Your local Chamber of Commerce is constantly looking for new members (several are local start ups) that require a good Business Plan.

11 November 2014

User Avatar

Bruce Jones Advisor

Ocala, FL

I am an engineer currently working as a consultant in the SAP and Analytics space for IBM.


Bruce Jones

Ocala, FL

IBM ⋅ 28 years experience

As mentioned previously, content is king. Perhaps start a blog, or two, discussing the topics. People searching for information could read your blog, then try out your services. You could have sections of the blog discussing job searches, new business venture successes, failures, lessons learned, what is working, etc.

11 November 2014

User Avatar

Sandra Jesse Veteran

U.S. Army, Sergeant First Class (13 years served)

Lawrenceville, GA

SFC, US Army, 5 years Personnel Service Center, 8 years Army Recruiting Command – Honorably discharged Sept 1996.



Sandra Jesse

Lawrenceville, GA

U.S. Army, Sergeant First Class ⋅ 13 years served

My preference is definitely LinkedIn over Facebook. I have quite a few connections that I have established during my time on this site (660 to be exact) as the result of networking and interest groups. I hope I can find you on LinkedIn and share my personal information with you. I would like to inquire about your resume service and potentially refer you to a good friend that will require within days who is also in the Bragg/Fayetteville area.

10 November 2014

User Avatar

henry briggs Veteran

U.S. Army, Private (4 years served)

Saint Louis, MO

Hello, my name is Hen and I am a Solar Engineer, my field of study is Solar…I have been into Solar so long that…



henry briggs

Saint Louis, MO

U.S. Army, Private ⋅ 4 years served

Hello, my name is Henry Briggs and I need a business plan for my startup.

9 November 2014

User Avatar

Ted Mittelstaedt Advisor

Portland, OR

Married, 2 kids, self employed for the last 3 years, 17 years prior to that in the IT business, I own an IT consulting company.



Ted Mittelstaedt

Portland, OR

Portlandia IT LLC ⋅ 20 years experience

Hi Chris,

Facebook is what you want. LinkedIn is used by professionals but it has 2 major drawbacks. First, its jam packed full of linkedin spammers. Ive been on Linkedin for years and I never saw a LinkedIn profile with 500 connections that wasnt obtained via linkedin spamming. Secondly, LinkedIn is mainly useful for business-to-business sales. You want business to consumer sales which is what Facebook is all about. Most people buying Resume writing services are individuals they arent companies. And many are unemployed and Facebook is free while LinkedIn costs money, so they are going to go to the free stuff first.

9 November 2014

User Avatar

Timothy Blodgett Advisor

El Paso, TX

Masters in Education and a Masters in Business Administration. Working for the Department of Veterans Affairs, VHA, El Paso Health Care System as the facility’s…


Timothy Blodgett

El Paso, TX

Dept of VA ⋅ 10 years experience

The federal government is a great place to work with many opportunities for advancement. Federal Government jobs are at www.usajobs.gov .

2 November 2014

User Avatar

Kathryn Thies Advisor

Chicago, IL

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies (Emphasis in public speaking and Interpersonal Communication) in 2009 from Stephen F Austin State University and my Master’s…



Kathryn Thies

Chicago, IL

Loyola University Chicago ⋅ 3 years experience

Hi Chris,

A great place to do freelance Resume Writing, etc is www.elance.com . ODesk is another great site.

30 October 2014

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