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  • Wireless Routers

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  • Tag Archives: X-Men First Class Netflix

    Netflix Instant By Country Showdown #5: Jennifer Lawrence

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    Netflix Comparison by Country - US, UK, Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Canada

    Updated: July 2016

    Thanks to a few of our country-by-country Netflix showdowns know where to go for your Denzel Washington movies, your favorite American ’90s sitcoms , and how to find the top Netflix for superhero movies.

    But maybe it’s time we look at a more modern star, someone who only somewhat recently achieved superstar status. And who’s a bigger acting superstar right now than Jennifer Lawrence.

    Since breaking through with the stark, poetic Winters Bone (for which she received her first of three Oscar nominations), J-Law has been redefining the role of America’s sweetheart, demonstrating grit, brash humor, and unmistakable charisma in every role she takes. And she’s already won an Oscar at the young age of 24.

    So we figured that the verdict is in; everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence. Let’s help people stream her movies, no matter what country they’re in.

    Top Netflix Instant By Country – Jennifer Lawrence Movies

    Find out which country has the most Jennifer Lawrence Movies on Netflix

    Silver Linings Playbook – Jennifer Lawrence Movies on Netflix By Country

    (NOTE: Bolded movie title means exclusive to that country)

    Jennifer Lawrence Movies on Netflix Argentina – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, The Hunger Games, Like Crazy, House at the End of the StreetThe Burning Plain, The Poker House.

    Jennifer Lawrence Movies on Netflix Belgium – The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. 

    Jennifer Lawrence Movies on Netflix Brazil – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, The Hunger GamesHouse at the End of the Street, Like Crazy, The Burning Plain, The Poker House.

    Jennifer Lawrence Movies on Netflix Canada – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Hunger Games, X-Men: Days of Future PastHouse at the End of the Street, Dior and I.

    Which country has the most Jennifer Lawrence movies on Netflix Instant?

    X-Men – Jennifer Lawrence on Netflix Instant by Country

    Jennifer Lawrence Movies on Netflix Columbia – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, The Hunger Games, Like Crazy, House at the End of the StreetThe Burning Plain, The Poker House.

    Jennifer Lawrence Movies on Netflix Denmark – Winter’s Bone, House at the End of the Street.

    Jennifer Lawrence Movies on Netflix Finland – Winter’s Bone, House at the End of the Street.

    Jennifer Lawrence Movies on Netflix Ireland – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, Winter’s BoneLike Crazy, Dior and I, House at the End of the Street.

    Jennifer Lawrence Movies on Netflix Japan – American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook, Winter’s Bone, The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. 

    Jennifer Lawrence Movies on Netflix Mexico – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, The Hunger GamesLike Crazy, House at the End of the Street, The Burning Plain, The Poker House.

    Jennifer Lawrence Movies on Netflix UK – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, Winter’s BoneHouse at the End of the StreetLike Crazy, Dior and I, X-Men: Days of Future Past.

    Jennifer Lawrence Movies on Netflix US – SerenaSilver Linings Playbook, Dior and I .

    And the Winner Is…

    Well, let’s all sing the praises of the Western Hemisphere, because we have a five-way tie between Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, and Mexico!

    Of course, given Lawrence’s limited time shooting movies, it’s sort of inevitable that Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, and Mexico all share the same seven movies. Canada offers a little variety by virtue of having an X-Men movie, as well as all four Hunger Games movies. Pretty useful, as is Japan with its two David O. Russell movies. No Joy yet though.

    No sense in really talking too heavily about the countries with the least, since that’s an even bigger tie.

    How to Watch Your Favorite Jennifer Lawrence Movies From Anywhere

    Which country has the most Jennifer Lawrence movies on Netflix Instant?

    Winters Bone – Jennifer Lawrence on Netflix Instant by Country

    Given that there’s only one country with all 4 available Hunger Games movies as well as Silver Linings Playbook, and only one country (Canada) has an X-Men movie and all 4 Hunger Games movies but not American Hustle, you’re going to have to rely on more than one country’s Netflix Instant queues to get all of the J-Law movies you need.

    That’s where VPN s come in. The primary purpose of a VPN is to protect all of your sensitive online information, and in this they perform brilliantly, but they’re also quite useful for bypassing geographical web restrictions.

    When you log into your VPN, all of your online information is tunneled through encrypted servers set up all over the world. After you pick your server, you’re given an IP address in the country housing the server, making your internet-capable device think it’s in that very country.

    Therefore, if you want to watch X-Men: Days of Future Past on Netflix Instant, log into your VPN, pick a Canadian server, and you’re all set. And if you’re in Canada looking to watch the first American Hustle, just log into your VPN, and pick a server in Japan. It’s that simple.

    At FlashRouters, we have VPN recommendations a-plenty. You can start by looking at our official supported provider list to get the full picture of all of the VPNs our routers support.

    Best Netflix Instant VPNs

    1. PureVPN – A server in each of these Netflix covered plus virtual US & UK servers via Brazil for top speeds and top Jennifer Lawrence access.
    2. ExpressVPN – Based in the British Virgin Islands, with servers in 75+ countries across the globe.
    3. HideMyAss  – Most IP Addresses in the Netflix countries listed.
    4. IPVanish  – Most servers in Brazil but no Colombia.

    Top Netflix Instant Streaming Routers

    Our DD-WRT and Tomato routers make Netflix Instant streaming an absolute breeze with their intimidating combination of speed, strength, and versatility.

    We offer a variety of routers across a variety of price ranges from the intensely powerful (like the Netgear R8000 x6 DDWRT and the Asus RT-AC87U ), to excellent, thoroughly affordable home-networking devices like the Asus AC-56U . Again, we’d direct you to our list of the best DD-WRT routers of 2016 , to get a sense of which FlashRouters are customer favorites or we have a little shortcut for you. Here’s our current list of the most popular Netflix VPN routers.

    Netgear R7800 DD-WRT Linksys WRT3200ACM DD-WRT Linksys WRT1900ACv2 DD-WRT
    1.7 Ghz Broadcom Processor, 4 Ports, 4 Ext Antennas1.8 Ghz Marvell Processor, 4 Ext Antennas800 Mhz Broadcom, Wireless-AC, USB 3.0
    Top Router Processor for Gaming & StreamingPremium Tri-Band Router for Maximum PerformancePopular for High Speed in Smaller Homes

    Where to Stream or Watch the Tennis US Open Live 2014

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    The calendar has turned to August, so if you are a Tennis fan, you most likely have the US Open on your mind.If you are a TV viewer in the United States, you probably have a good idea of how you will go about watching this year’s matches.

    However, for cord-cutters, figuring out a way to watch the tennis US Open live might be a pain Let us help you take away the agita and show you how to watch the Tennis US Open live from August 25 to September 8th.

    Where to Watch the Tennis US Open Live

    US Open Tennis in the USA

    In the past few years, the US Open site has served as the central source to watch the Tennis US Open live, providing great streaming content on nearly every aspect of the tournament. Covering live feeds from 7 courts, USOpen.org will have the most coverage available online for Tennis fanatics.

    CBS Sports – For the 47th consecutive year, broadcasting nearly 40 hours of coverage including Finals Weekend, from the Women’s singles semifinals on Friday, Sept. 5 through the Men’s Singles Final on Monday, Sept. 8.

    CBS Sports will also broadcast Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day for the 19th straight year, on Sunday, Aug. 24, and CBS Sports Network will televise the US Open Qualifying Tournament from Aug. 19-22 and offer more than 15 hours of coverage during Labor Day Weekend.

    How to Watch US Open Tennis Tournament for Free on USOpen.Org

    WatchESPN – ESPN’s online streaming video hub will certainly be a good source for streaming the US Open (if you have access) showing nearly 100 hours of live action during the tournament, including weekday afternoon coverage and exclusive weekday prime-time broadcasts.

    ESPN’s coverage ends with the Men’s Doubles Final so you won’t get access to watching the finals. However, to use the WatchESPN service, you must also be a subscriber to a US-based provider, which are listed here .

    Tennis Channel – Broadcasting 250+ hours of coverage including nearly 70 hours of live coverage along with daily US Open preview and highlight shows and extensive encore programming. The Tennis Channel is another official partner of the US Open that will host live streaming, but much like WatchESPN, you will need to be subscribed to a participating provider.

    So if you are in the United States, use USOpen.org or CBSSports are available to anyone especially cord-cutters or use WatchESPN or The Tennis Channel if you subscribe to one of the supported cable providers. Outside of the United States, streaming the US Open Tennis tournament gets a bit more complicated.

    US Open Tennis Coverage Outside the USA


    The 2014 US Open is scheduled to be broadcast in more than 200 countries around the world. However, these streaming options and channels are limited to subscribers of these various services holding their rights.

    UK – Skysports

    Canada – TSN

    Australia – Fox Sports

    Japan – WOWOW

    China – CCTV

    Indian subcontinent – Ten Sports

    Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America – ESPN International

    54 countries in Europe & 14 in Asia including Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy & Russia – Eurosport

    Free US Open Streaming Options from Outside of the United States

    To watch the Tennis US Open live inside the US, you will need unblocked access to the US Open or CBS Sports websites. So how do you get that US-based IP address to watch all of the last tennis major of 2014?

    Both CBS Sports and US Open can be unblocked outside of the United States via a VPN or SmartDNS service.

    SmartDNS differs from VPN as it does not change your IP or add encryption but unblocks many popular streaming video sites. It offers access and speed but not the same speed as VPN service. Read more about the difference on our recent blog post, What is the difference between VPN and SmartDNS ?

    Our top recommended providers for users looking for the fastest US servers are:

    1. Overplay – Easiest to use and includes free SmartDNS service with subscription.
    2. HideMyAss  – Highest server count and IP address count.
    3. PrivateInternetAccess – Most popular budget provider with yearly accounts under $40.
    4. SmartDNSProxy – 14 Day Trial & 2 year subscriptions are under $50! A trial just long enough to watch the whole tournament.
    5. IPVanish – Own and maintain their own servers with a large amount of servers based through the US.

    Using a VPN will allow you to have your IP address appear as if you are in the United States, which is beneficial if you are in the United Kingdom, Spain, Serbia or Australia and are looking to watch highlights of the US Open via CBS Sports.

    Paid Streaming Tennis Outside of the United States

    TennisTV is a very good option for tennis fans, offering full coverage of the ATP World Tour and the WTA tournament. TennisTV is a subscription based service that offers 16 months for the standard 1 year price of $129.95, a $9.99 day pass, and $20.99 for the standard monthly rate.

    While many of the tournaments available on TennisTV have location restrictions, using a VPN service subscription will allow you to encrypt your IP address and have access to all the matches streaming on TennisTV as well.

    Best Routers for Live Streaming Tennis Video

    Asus RT-AC68U

    Watch the Tennis US Open Live with a FlashRouter

    If you are streaming TennisTV or WatchESPN with a VPN on a streaming media player, using a FlashRouter will make the process even easier.

    A FlashRouter is a router implemented with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, and therefore fully capable of being used to create a VPN network. Once you have a VPN network, you can allow yourself full access to channels like TennisTV on a myriad of devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, and Android smartphones.

    A FlashRouter like the powerhouse Asus RT-AC68U can also lend a hand to those in the United States wanting high quality streaming video from sports to movies through the year.

    Possesses an 800 MHz processor and three adjustable external antennas, the  Asus RT-AC68U DD_WRT is primed for high streaming quality and strong range. Plus, the DD-WRT firmware the RT-AC68U is flashed with allows for many new capabilities, including advanced QoS, privacy settings, access restrictions, and bandwidth monitoring.

    These features are also available on various economy line routers like the Netgear WNDR4000 . No matter your setup, a FlashRouter will certainly make integrating your unblocking desire and security/privacy needs a reality.

    FlashRouters Blog

    Recent Posts

    • Why Streaming Services Block VPNsWhy Streaming Services Block VPNs  How To Bypass VPN Blocks
    • Why Would You Need A FlashRouter Without A VPNTop Reasons You Need A FlashRouter Even Without A VPN
    • FlashRouters VPN Privacy AppComparing A VPN Router To A VPN App: Why A VPN Router Is Better
    • How Does A VPN Work?How Does A VPN Work  Why Do I Need One? (FlashRouters FAQ)
    • European Football Season Begins: Best VPNs For Football Streaming

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    X-Men: First Class


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    X-Men: First Class (2011)

    X-Men: First Class

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    • Top Critics



    Average Rating:
    Reviews Counted: 281

    Critics Consensus:
    With a strong script, stylish direction, and powerful performances from its well-rounded cast, X-Men: First Class is a welcome return to form for the franchise.


    Average Rating:
    Reviews Counted: 48

    Critics Consensus:
    With a strong script, stylish direction, and powerful performances from its well-rounded cast, X-Men: First Class is a welcome return to form for the franchise.


    liked it

    Average Rating:
    User Ratings:

    Critic Consensus:
    With a strong script, stylish direction, and powerful performances from its well-rounded cast, X-Men: First Class is a welcome return to form for the franchise.

    X-Men: First Class Videos

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    X-Men: First Class Photos

    View All Photos (48)

    Movie Info

    X-Men: First Class unveils the epic beginning of the X-Men saga – and a secret history of the Cold War and our world at the brink of nuclear Armageddon. As the first class discovers, harnesses, and comes to terms with their formidable powers, alliances are formed that will shape the eternal war between the heroes and villains of the X-Men universe. — (C) Fox
    • Rating:
      PG-13 (for intense sequences of action and violence, some sexual content including brief partial nudity and language)
    • Genre:

      Action & Adventure ,
      Drama ,
      Science Fiction & Fantasy

    • Directed By:
      Matthew Vaughn
    • Written By:
      Jane Goldman , Ashley Edward Miller , Zack Stentz , Matthew Vaughn
    • In Theaters:

    • On Disc/Streaming:
    • Box Office:
    • Runtime:
    • Studio:
      20th Century Fox

    Watch it now

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    James McAvoy

    as Charles Xavier/Professor X

    Michael Fassbender

    as Erik Lensherr/Magneto

    Kevin Bacon

    as Sebastian Shaw

    Caleb Landry Jones

    as Sean Cassidy/Banshee

    Nicholas Hoult

    as Hank McCoy/Beast

    January Jones

    as Emma Frost

    Lucas Till

    as Alex Summers/Havok

    Rose Byrne

    as Dr. Moira MacTaggert

    Jennifer Lawrence

    as Raven Darkholme/Mystique

    Oliver Platt

    as Man in Black

    Alex González

    as Janos Quested/Riptide

    Edi Gathegi

    as Armando Munoz/Darwin

    Jason Flemyng

    as Azazel

    Zoë Kravitz

    as Angel Salvadore

    Laurence Belcher

    as Charles Xavier (12 Years)

    Bill Milner

    as Young Erik

    Morgan Lily

    as Young Raven (10 Years)

    Beth Goddard

    as Mrs. Xavier

    Corey Johnson

    as Chief Warden

    Demitri Goritsas

    as Levene

    Glenn Morshower

    as Colonel Hendry

    Don Creech

    as William Stryker

    Matt Craven

    as CIA Director McCone

    James Remar

    as US General

    Ludger Pistor

    as 1st German/Pig Farmer

    Wilfried Hochholdinger

    as 2nd German/Tailor

    Greg Kolpakchi

    as Russian Soldier No. 1

    Andrei Zayats

    as Russian Soldier No. 2

    Rade Serbedzija

    as Russian General

    Ray Wise

    as Secretary of State

    Michael Medeiros

    as Political Officer

    Olek Krupa

    as Soviet Captain

    Yuri Naumkin

    as Soviet Fire Control

    Gene Farber

    as Soviet Radioman

    David Agranov

    as Soviet NCO

    Katrine De Candole

    as Swiss Receptionist

    James Faulkner

    as Swiss Bank Manager

    Eva Magyar

    as Edie Lensherr

    Annabelle Wallis

    as Co-Ed

    Juan Herrera

    as Airport Worker

    Greg Savage

    as Coastguard

    Jarid Faubel

    as U.S. Fire Control Officer

    Gregory Cox

    as Dr. Leigh

    Josh Cohen

    as Junior Agent No. 1

    David Crow

    as Weasley Agent

    Kieran Patrick Campbell

    as Little Boy

    Sasha Pieterse

    as Teenage Girl

    Brendan Fehr

    as Communications Officer

    Michael Ironside

    as Captain

    Jason Begh

    as XO

    Veniamin Manzyuk

    as Lt. Commander

    Tony Curran

    as Man in Black Suit Agent

    Randall Batinkoff

    as Man in Black Suit Agent

    Peter Stark

    as Storm Trooper No. 1

    Leonard Redlich

    as Storm Trooper No. 2

    Carlos Besse Peres

    as German Bartender

    Sean Brown

    as Russian Chopper Pilot

    Neil Fingleton

    as Russian General’s Bodyguard 1


    as Russian General’s Bodyguard 2

    Georg Nikoloff

    as Mr. Lensherr (Erik’s Dad)

    Arthur Darbinyan

    as Aral Sea Captain

    Hugh Jackman

    as Logan/Wolverine

    View All

    News & Interviews for X-Men: First Class

    Jennifer Lawrence’s 10 Best Movies

    5 Ways Marvel Fans Win with Disney-Fox Deal

    Rank Michael Fassbender’s 10 Best Movies

    View All X-Men: First Class News

    Critic Reviews for X-Men: First Class

    All Critics (281)
    | Top Critics (48)
    | Fresh (241)
    | Rotten (40)
    | DVD (4)

    Why be so harsh and long-winded about a superhero movie? Because it’s an ambitious superhero movie.

    July 13, 2015 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…

    Matthew Lickona
    San Diego Reader
    Top Critic

    The climax is the biggest letdown, a giant hash of crosscutting and unremarkable (in an era in which we’ve seen everything) CGI.

    August 3, 2013 | Full Review…

    David Edelstein
    New York Magazine/Vulture
    Top Critic

    As X-Men films go, this one gets the job done and is certainly better than Last Stand or Wolverine. But there are still just too darn many X-Men.

    October 7, 2011 | Full Review…

    Leah Rozen
    Top Critic

    Looks and feels like a very cheesy Cold War-era B movie…

    June 27, 2011

    David Denby
    New Yorker
    Top Critic

    It uses the themes of the previous movies to build an intelligent, fast-paced, and highly entertaining prequel.

    June 3, 2011 | Rating: A- | Full Review…

    Eric D. Snider
    Top Critic

    This blazing “pre-boot” breathes new life into the sagging franchise

    June 3, 2011 | Rating: 4.5/5 | Full Review…

    Richard Roeper
    Richard Roeper.com
    Top Critic

    What if women could only contribute to the plot while in their underwear?

    August 29, 2018 | Full Review…

    Leona Laurie
    Geek Girl Authority

    Add in some spectacular battle sequences and crisp characters, and it makes one of the best superhero movies in years.

    March 21, 2018 | Full Review…

    Rebecca Cusey

    Good actors make you care, even if the story doesn’t.

    October 23, 2017 | Full Review…

    Sarah Marrs

    If you didn’t see the previous movies, you may not be able to appreciate some of the subtle references, but that won’t make you enjoy the movie any less. Check it out.

    September 8, 2017 | Rating: B | Full Review…

    Candice Frederick
    Reel Talk Online

    Ultimately, Hollywood has once again proven it has a power all its own: the ability to suck the life out of what was once a reasonably entertaining franchise.

    August 25, 2017 | Full Review…

    Eleanor Ringel Cater
    Saporta Report (Atlanta)

    X-Men doesn’t really know what it wants to be: a camp-fest, a super gay love story, a celebration of ’60s comic book style, or a semi-solemn treatise on learning how to accept and celebrate diversity.

    August 21, 2017 | Full Review…

    Dorothy Woodend
    The Tyee (British Columbia)
    View All Critic Reviews (281)

    Audience Reviews for X-Men: First Class


    The greatest achievement of this film is how it makes us care so much about its characters even though we know beforehand that they are not going to die – the big curse of prequels -, while balancing a lot of action and an intelligent social commentary with absolute perfection.

    Carlos Magalhães
    Carlos Magalhães

    Super Reviewer


    Just when people were beginning to lose faith prequels, along comes “X-Men: First Class.” In one of the best prequels ever made (not just by comic book standards), we follow Professor Charles Xavier at the peak of his knowledge, while Eric is a troubled man who only wants to hunt down the man who killed his mother. Realizing there are many more people like them out there, they decide to form a team of young recruits, whom will eventually help them form a team to face the evil their most fear, while also having to deal with the humans thinking of these mutants as threats.

    Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) is the central antagonist of this story, and while all he wants is to harness his powers and find as many mutants to follow him as possible, his past comes back to haunt him in Eric. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender share amazing on-screen chemistry. I truly believe that this is some of the best bonding/friendship I have seen in a very, very long time, especially for comic book films. They grow as personalities throughout this film, bringing a whole other layer to the characters of Professor X and Magneto.

    Twentieth Century Fox has never been known for their streak of great films, but rather a very bumpy balance between good and bad. Of the last decade or so, I definitely think “X-Men: First Class” shows that they will always eventually have something up their sleeves, even if they do not know it yet. After travesties such as “X-Men: The Last Stand” or “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” they really had to up their game in terms of reviving this franchise, and they did so with flying colors.

    Matthew Vaughn at the helm as director was just the icing on the cake here. He takes care in his projects. Focusing on slow scenes to further develop the characters we already know, placing side characters in the forefront, and showcasing everyone equally, leaving out fan favorites, instead of adding in moments to a film that did not need any further assistance. With a terrific screenplay, tasteful direction, and cast that elevates this film even more, “X-Men: First Class” is easily one of the best films in the franchise, and some may even argue that it is the best.

    What this film is at it’s core, is a loose prequel to the stories we know, which also acts as a springboard for stories that can be told between the two timelines. This is a very smart film and I can not wait to see where the filmmakers take it from here. The future looks pretty bright for this franchise if this pace can be kept up. This film is definitely substance over style, and for a superhero film, that is all that can be asked. “X-Men: First Class” is wonderful entertainment.

    KJ Proulx
    KJ Proulx

    Super Reviewer

    Brings credibility back to the X-Men franchise thanks mainly to Michael Fassbender’s excellent portrayal of a young Magneto. James McAvoy does a good job too as Xavier, but he and everyone else surrenders the screen as soon as Michael Fassbender steps in. The chemistry and bond between the two characters drives the movie and although the story is going places already shown in later films of the series, it’s still nice to see it all happen and done in a manner that it’s still exciting and suspenseful. This is the best installment since X-2. Sometimes taking a step back really is the way to move forward.

    Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis

    Super Reviewer


    I was expecting a solid movie. Matthew Vaughn is easily one of my favorite directors. The cast is loaded from top to bottom with a good group of actors even if you have not heard of many of them. After two hours of solid fun I was ready for more. If any movie deserves sequels its this one. Keep Vaughn and Singer on board and the cast and you will have money. Easily in the top two of all the X-Men films. I am not an X-Men fanboy. I could care less about the five hundred zillion reboots retcons and who knows what else that happens in comics. Sorry. I do like the characters though and they did a wonderful job of bringing this group to the screen.

    John Manard
    John Manard

    Super Reviewer

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    X-Men: First Class Quotes

    Charles Xavier/Professor X:Youre not alone.

    Raven Darkholme/Mystique:Mutant and proud.

    Logan/Wolverine:Go fuck yourself.

    Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto:Lets just say Im Frankensteins monster… and Im looking for my creator

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    Is X-Men: First Class the Best X-Men Movie? (and 24 Other Urgent Questions)

    • Mike Ryan


    *James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender as Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr. Courtesy of IMDb.*The X-Men go back to their roots in the new prequel X-Men: First Class. Set primarily in 1962, First Class tells the story of how the uncanny team of mutants came to be—setting forth a course of events that will eventually lead us to the four previous X-Men films. How do the X-Men become an uncanny team of mutants? Does X-Men: First Class make up for the poorly received (yet financially successful) X-Men: Last Stand and the downright abysmal X-Men Origins: Wolverine? As a service, we answer every question that you could possibly have about X-Men: First Class.
    Q: Do I have to be a comic-book nerd to enjoy X-Men: First Class?
    A: Absolutely not.

    Q: What is an X-Men?

    A: The X-Men are a team of human beings who all have a genetic mutation that makes them social outcasts but gives each a unique ability or power.

    Q: What is an example of a genetic mutation in X-Men: First Class?

    A: Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) is a telepathic who has the ability to both read minds and control the decisions of others. Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) can control the properties of metal.

    Q: Do all of the mutations lead to such useful abilities? Let’s say my mutation was the ability to secrete spicy mustard from my ears, could I be a member of the X-Men?

    A: Probably not, but you would become my new best friend.

    Q: I think your handy parenthetical listing of each actor is wrong. I was under the impression that Patrick Stewart played Xavier and that Ian McKellen played Lehnsherr.

    A: Stewart and McKellen do play those characters in the films that were released from 2000 to 2006. X-Men: First Class is a prequel and takes place primarily in 1962, so different, young actors play those same characters.

    Q: How does X-Men: First Class begin?

    A: The film begins at a Nazi concentration camp in 1944 Poland. Young Erik Lehnsherr is separated from his family and in a fit of rage he uses his powers to destroy the metal gates of the camp.

    Q: Isn’t that how the original X-Men film begins?

    A: The scene is similar, but it’s soon expanded upon. Erik is brought in to meet the scientist Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), who is very interested in Erik’s talents. Erik is asked to move a coin on command, but fails. Shaw then shoots Erik’s mother, which results in Erik’s power being unleashed through anger.

    Q: Do we also meet Charles Xavier in 1944?

    A: Yes, as a young boy, Charles wakes up to find a blue girl named Raven, also a shape shifter, stealing food from the kitchen in his Westchester home.

    Q: Does Raven shoot Charles’s mother?

    A: No, Charles befriends Raven and she moves in with him. He later begins to introduce Raven as his sister.

    Q: Wait, I thought this movie takes place in 1962?

    A: After the events of 1944, we jump to 1962 and join Erik traveling the world in an effort to find Shaw and avenge his mother’s death. At the same time, a C.I.A. agent named MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) has discovered a group of evil mutants—led by Shaw (also a mutant)—who are trying to start World War I.I.I.

    Q: Why would mutants want to start World War I.I.I.?

    A: Because (a) a nuclear war would eradicate humans and (b) the radiation would make mutants even stronger.

    Q: What is the mutant plan to start World War I.I.I.?

    A: The evil mutants plan to bribe a U.S. colonel into placing missiles in Turkey. This will cause the Soviet Union to respond by placing nuclear missiles in Cuba.

    Q: So in the Hollywood version of the Kennedy administration, it was the mutants who were responsible for the Cuban Missile Crisis?

    A: Not only that! After seeing 20 minutes of Transformers: Dark of the Moon footage on Thursday, I learned that Kennedy also approved the U.S. moon landing in an effort to find a crashed Autobot spaceship. Between the X-Men and Transformers, no wonder Kennedy was taking so much medication.

    Q: How many Tony Award winners are in X-Men: First Class?

    A: One.

    Q: So when do the X-Men get involved?

    A: At this point, there are no X-Men. MacTaggert locates a recently graduated genetics expert/party boy named Charles Xavier and convinces him—and his “sister” Raven (later known as Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence)—to help.

    Q: Party boy?

    A: Charles isn’t afraid to down a yard glass full of beer at his favorite pub.

    Q: How do Charles and Erik meet?

    A: They’re both looking for the same man, so it’s only a matter of time before their paths cross. The two soon start a mutual-admiration society.

    Q: How does the rest of the team form?

    A: Under the supervision of MacTaggert and another agent, played by Oliver Platt, a team of mutants is assembled. Among these include: Havoc, Banshee, and Darwin.

    Q: Who are those guys? Why aren’t some better-known X-Men characters used?

    A: Unfortunately, other than the young versions of characters that appeared in the other movies, First Class has to scrape the bottom of the barrel a bit for characters. Due in part to X-Men: Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine using approximately 10,000 of the X-Men characters. (Note: 10,000 is a rough estimate. The actual figure is likely much greater.)

    Q: Isn’t Havoc supposed to be Cyclops’s (from the first film set in 2000) younger brother? How is that possible?

    A: Andy Summers, who goes by Havoc, is the younger brother of Scott Summer (Cyclops) in the comic books. Their relationship is not explained in X-Men: First Class.

    Q: Is X-Men: First Class the best of the five X-Men movies?

    A: Yes, and it is, at this point, the best film of the summer movie season.

    Q: Will X-Men: First Class make me forget about the atrocity that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

    A: No, but it’s a good first step to healing that wound.

    Q: What makes X-Men: First Class so good?

    A: Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy—they just ooze charisma, charm, and chemistry. I’m not convinced that this movie would work at all without them. Some of the other acting in the film is questionable (rhymes with “Fanuary Bones”)—but when the film focuses on Fassbender and/or McAvoy, which is often, it’s mesmerizing. If this weren’t an X-Men movie, I might just assume that there’s more depth to this relationship than we’re being led to believe.

    Q: What’s the best scene in X-Men: First Class?

    A: It happens near the end of the film, so describing it would be a spoiler. But let’s just say that in an age of “bigger is better” when it comes to summer blockbusters, the minimalist way in which an important scene was handled was a welcome surprise.

    Q: Is there a scene after the credits of X-Men: First Class that reveals the father of January Jones’s baby?

    A: No.

    Mike Ryan is a frequent contributor to vanityfair.com. You can contact him directly on Twitter .

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